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“There were plains and mountains, forests and gorges plants and flowers, springs and wells there were trees bearing fruits and flowers, cool meadows And pastures with many shepherds...” “The beaches were shining, the sea was sleeping you could hear the melody coming from the trees and the waters” Vitsentzos Kornaros “Erotokritos”

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Introduction Dear friends guests, The hoteliers association of former Itanos Municipality welcomes you to the land of beauty, history and culture. If you are looking for your accommodation, authentic Cretan hospitality at affordable prices, but with all the necessary facilities and amenities, then the perfect choice for you is the capping region of eastern Crete. Our club is activated in the wider region and its base is in Palekastro, which is the largest village in the municipality of Sitia. Here are the most hotels, apartments, restaurants and shopping centers. Palekastro is also the ideal location and starting point for your visits to the area attractions. The special natural sides of historical, archaeological and cultural beauty of the area challenge you to explore them all. Vai: Εxotic beauty adornment and trademark of Crete. The only palm-forest of Greece and the largest in Europe with the endemic Cretan Palm-tree. (Phoenix Theophrastii). Itanos/Ermoupolis: Beautiful beaches with clear-crystal waters combined with glorious history, with imposing ruins which are remnants of prehistoric times. Walking through the ancient Itanos with the great longitudinal antiquities, the acropolis, the ruins of temples, the inscriptions and magnificent natural environment is a unique experience. Monastery of Toplou: historical monastery of the 15th century, fully restored and renovated captivates the visitors with its splendor’s beauty. Archaeological sites of Palekastro: Minoan settlement of the most important in Crete. Here , a few years ago, was discovered the Kouros of Palekastro, which is a gold and ivory statue , masterpiece of Minoan art , with amazing anatomical details, which you can admire in the archaeological museums of Sitia.

The Bay of Kouremenos: long sandy beach near Palekastro. Here, the sea is suitable for windsurfing, one of the best in Europe. Here there are tourist apartments, taverns and a small harbor. Chiona: ideal beach for the whole family next to the archaeological site of Palekastro, flanked by picturesque taverns. Maridatis: small picturesque beach, the sheer natural beauty and tranquility for those who seek it. Zakros and Kato Zakros: The European path E4, after the above site of Zakros, the picturesque village with beautiful springs and the remarkable “Canyon f the Dead” , ends at the valley of “Kato Zakros” , where King Minus 4.000 years ago built one of his palaces. Here except the sea, you can not only enjoy the local food at the taverns but also the relaxing accommodation in tourist compartments. Xerokampos: Seaside resort, an ideal place for holidays in conditions of utmost peace and tranquility. The great particularity of the place is the lacy beaches and the diversity of the coastline, which stretches for about five kilometers with coves and small bays that will offer you unique experiences and unforgettable holidays. All the above and many more attractions in combinations with the many hidden beauties are waiting for you to discover them. We welcome you to the easternmost and most “non-injured” site of Crete. Here people always smile and still pick herbs and flowers from the fields “ drunk” with their scents, sounds and flavours that this blessed land generously continues to share. Hoteliers Association of Itanos

The area of Itanos The former Itanos municipality, local apartment of Sitia today lies at the easternmost end of Crete, covering an area of 197 square kilometres. At the last census (2001) it had 2,498 inhabitants. The local economy is mainly based on agriculture, especially olive growing, while the inhabitants also engage in animal husbandry, bee-keeping, fishing and commerce. The hot, dry climate and the local landscape of low mountains suitable for walkers and climbers, covered in endemic plants, scents and rare herbs scattered in the scrubby vegetation, wild gorges of unique biodiversity running down to solitary shores, vast sandy beaches, among the loveliest in Crete; all this could not fail to move foreign visitors. They come back again and again, providing the other major source of local income, tourism. Apart from its natural beauty, however, our municipality has two advantages which make our area so desirable, attracting thousands of visitors every year. In no other part of Greece will you find so many archaeological treasures, so many Minoan, Archaic, Hellenistic and Byzantine monuments, scattered over such a small area. The world’s museums, including those of Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos and Sitia, bear witness to the glory of the past and the huge cultural value of Itanos. The other advantage is the palm forest of Vai, the largest in Europe and the only one in the world composed of Phoenix theophrastii, the Cretan date palm. More than 5,000 palm trees, their origins lost in the mists of time, cover an area of 25 hectares, running down to a wonderful beach of fine white sand, one of the most beautiful in the world. Palaikastro or Palekastro is the largest village not only in Itanos Municipality but in the whole of Sitia Province, with approximately 1,300 permanent residents. It is the municipal seat and lies 17 km from Sitia. Its name, meaning “old castle�, is derived from the ancient fortress which stood on the hill of Kastri in the Early and Late Minoan period. At Palaikastro, visitors come into contact with a different way of life, in a land where smiling people with a warm sense of hospitality live in an atmosphere of harmony and freedom. The semi-tropical climate with long periods of sunshine, mild winters and hot summers cooled by the northerly Etesian winds or meltemia, create ideal conditions hard to find in other parts of Greece. There are many sights worth visiting around Palaikastro.

Bentalaki beach

The gorge of Hochlakies

The visitor will never get bored in our place. The nature endowed this area with a rare wild beauty, bare rocks and mountains full of herbs and spices. With virgin beaches and golden sand, with canyons and mystic caves, with archaeological sites marked by history and glory, with the lost civilizations that passed the myth and made the history.

Pelekita cave

Ancient Itanos


Vai - an oasis in Crete A beautiful sandy beach surrounded by the palm tree forest, situated in a valley next to the ancient city of of Itanos. It is 28 km away from Sitia, 8 km from Palaikastro and 6km from the monastery “Toplou”. It covers 200 hectares and it consists of agrestal Phoenix Theofrasti palm trees. It is a unique in size forest, not only in Greece but also in Europe. There are many legends around the origin of the palm tree forest. It is said that it was created by the Phoenicians who, according to a theory, first inhabited the area of Itanos. According to other legends, the palm tree was created by the seeds of dates consumed by the Epyptian soldiers of Ptolemeos or of the King of Pontus, Mithridatis, who in the framework of alliances had settled in the area, or by Saracen pirates. Whatever the cause of its creation, the sure thing is that the palm tree forest of Vai is preserved by the dry and warm climate, as well as the underground water of the valley. Palm trees existed in Crete since antiquity, according to the testimonies of Theofrastos and Plinios and considering their representation on coins and vessels. Clusters of palm trees are also found at the beach of Itanos. Apart from palm trees, other kinds of African vegetation grow in the area, making it a place of unique biodiversity. The area is also a passage of migrating birds. The landscape is adorned with the pale lines on the horizon, the harmonious interchange of hills and lowlands, the vineyards and the olive plantations, the exotic colors and the dazzling light, while the existence of ancient cities and the “Toplou” monastery assign a unique historical and cultural importance to the region. Due to its unique value and beauty, Vai is protected by the Greek state, the European community and by international conventions.

The picturesque beach and the valley of Maridatis

Monastery Toplou Cretan traditional music and dances

The church of St. Anthony and in the background the pic-

The olives and the olive oil is the main product of our vil-

turesque village Agathias

lages economy


Agnanti Apts Apts

Akti Villas


Ac c ommodati on in Pa l ai ka stro


Agnanti Apartments consists of 3 fully self-contained apartments. All apartments created with taste and furnished with enough taste to offer the best possible comfort to you and your family at very affordable prices. The first apartment can accommodate 3 people and has one bedroom with a double bed and the living room sofa which can be a bed. George Ailamakis Tel. +30 6936504617 - Mob. +30 6936504617 e-mail:


Villa Amalia

The complex is located in a quiet and picturesque area in Kouremenos, 2 km far away from Palekastro, eastern Crete. It is ideal for couples and families looking for quality and ultimately relaxing holidays away from the mudding crowds. Akti Villas is built to offer a comfortable and friendly environment for ideal summer vacations. It lays only 30m from the sea surrounded by a green area of olive trees and the beauty completes a nice swimming pool. George Kounelakis Tel : +30 28430 61065 - 61227 Mob. +30 6974469380 e-mail:


Amalia and George invite you to join them at Villa Amalia for your summer holiday. We have six self catering apartments that sleep 4 persons and rooms that sleep two, set in private gardens with sunbeds, BBQ and a fantastic panoramic view of Kouremenos Bay, a short distance away. Our apartments are admist the olive groves near the traditional village of Palekastro. We offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere making Villa Amalia a perfect getaway destination. Amalia and George Katsikalakis. Tel: +30 28430-61047 e-mail: 10

Our rooms are in the traditional village Agathias near Palekastro, with view to the sea and in a distance 500m. from the beach. With 24 hours service, quiet, family and friendly environment. Private parking. Chrissa Mastoraki Tel: +30 28430 61115 - 28430 61292 Mob: 6947559103 e-mail: Casa Di Mare Apts

Casa di Mare apartments located just 70m from the sandy beach of Kouremenos. Casa di Mare consists of two groups, Christina and Voula. Voula group consists of three ground floor apartments of 40sqm each suitable for 2-4 people with swimming pool. All apartments have TV, A/C,WIFI, balcony and full equipped kitchen. Voula & Nikos Ailamakis Tel. +30 28430 61178 Mob: 6973987579 Cavo Plako Apts

Cavo Plako is a newly built hotel of 10 studios in witch we managed to combine the traditional Greek and the modern European style. Our hotel is located in the eastern part of Crete, nearby the traditional village of Palaikastro. Katerina Kakouraki Tel: +30 28430 22116 Mob. : +30 6972425412, +30 6945558879 e-mail: 11

Esperides Houses

Villa Dretaki Apts


These three houses are located outside the town of Palekastro and wonderfully situated on a slope, which allows fantastic views of the sea, the bay of Kouremenos (500m) and the surrounding countryside. In addition to the many beaches, which this region offers, there is the palm beach of Vai, 6 km away. Shopping facilities and tavernas can be found in 2, 5 km.

Esperides are traditional stone houses design and built in stone, according to the traditional Cretan architecture with swimming pool and sea view. The complex is four maisonette and one studio, the main room upstairs with a w.c and a balcony, downstairs, there is the kitchen which is very well equipped with full utensils, a bathroom with shower, the living room with two sofas, one of which turns in 2 single beds. Use for a family of 4 persons. Isabelle Tiengou. Tel. +30 28430 61433 Mob. +30 6945 255243 e-mail:

Dretakis Giorgos Tel & Fax: +30 28430 61049, Mob. +30 6973048379 e-mail: Flamingo Apts

Elia Studios Apts

The Elia Studio consist of 6 units - apartments of 26- 28 m2, situated on the slope of a hill, near the traditional settlements of Agathias and Palekastro. This exceptional location offers its guests superb views of the sea, the village and the surrounding mountains. The Studios are located in an unspoiled environment, offering a panoramic view of the marvelous beaches of Hiona and Kouremenos, the latter is an ideal place for windsurfing. Giannis Tsimitakis Τel. +30 28430 61001 Fax. +30 28430 61027 e-mail: Aeolos Apts

Studios & Apts

Eight studios and two apts fully equipped, with balcony and view to the sea with two, three and four beds, with fire place, in the traditional village Agathias. 1km from the beach, 8km from Vai. Facilities: Daily room service, sat TV, telephone, WI-FI A/C, parking, reception. Kostas Koxarakis Tel: +30 28430 61369 Fax: 28430 61030 Mob: 6974640974 e-mail: Fotini Apts



Aeolos apartments are a relaxation oasis within a green olive garden, very close to the famous beaches of Chiona and Kouremenos. The crystal clear swimming pool and the privacy offered by the appartments ensure a really relaxing and enjoyable holiday time to everyone who chooses Eastern Crete as vacation place. Kostas Amanakis Tel. +30 28430 61282, +30 28430 61228. Fax. +30 28430 61053 e-mail: 12

The apartments are built close to the sandy beach and offers in the visitors easy access in the beach. It is constituted from 5 spacious and luxurious rooms and it provides a peaceful and particularly elegant environment. The hotel operates from March to November Karanikos Ioannis Tel. +30 6973337791 e-mail: 13

Galini Apts

Golden Suites


Suites & Apts

Just 400m from the beach with view to Kouremenos gulf. Full equiped apartments with A/C, WiFi, parking, garden with barbecue and small swimming pool.

Villas and holidays houses to rent in Kouremenos region, 200m far from the beach and 1,5km far from Palekastro Village, east Crete. Kostas Amanakis. Tel. +30 28430 61282, +30 28430 61228. Fax. +30 28430 61053 Email:

Efi & George Voutirakis. Tel.: +30 28430 61302 (Summer) & +30 28430 61504 (Winter) Mobile: +30 6945 413597 email: Grandes Apts

Georgia Apts



Grandes apartments are located at Kouremenos beach only 20 meters from the sea and will provide you a very friendly and comfortable accommodation in a quiet environment during your holidays.

Georgia’s apartments are 4 new apartments that are each decorated with their own individual style. They can house up to 5 people and are perfect for a family holiday. The apartments are located in Kouremenos, a long sandy beach near Palaikastro (1,5 km). The sea is ideal for windsurfing and one of the best in Europe.

Kostas Agelakis Tel: +30 28430 61496 Fax: +30 28430 61048 e-mail:

Georgia Mastoraki Tel. +30 28430 61570 or +30 6978887439 e-mail: Glaros Apts

Hiona Studio


Glaros complex is composed from twelve picturesque apartments just in front of the famous Kouremenos Beach. In the same area there is a tavern with traditional Greek cuisine and a small beach bar, making the complex ideal for relaxing family holiday, but also an ideal base for the many more adventurous options offered by the region. Maria & Manolis Amanakis Tel +30 28430 61282, +30 28430 61228. Fax +30 28430 61053 e-mail: 14


Hiona Studio is located at the most popular spot of eastern Crete, on the famous beach of Hiona. Just a breath away from the sandy beach, you can relax and enjoy your holidays. The traditional old house is made by stone. Anna Relaki Tel: +30 28430 29623 Fax: 28430 29624 e-mail: 15

Hiona Studio

House Margot



Hiona Cottage is a unique little house, idyllically placed at the water’s edge, overlooking the peaceful beach of Hiona at the extreme eastern end of Crete.

Located amongst lush gardens in Palekastro, the family-run House Margot is 2 km from the beaches of Kouremenos and Hiona. Each room is equipped with a fan or air conditioning, free WiFi, fridge a big private bathroom with shower and a furnished balcony overlooking the mountains and the village. Breakfast is served in the sunny dining room that overlooks the mountains and the garden. The multilingual staff can offer any information. Manos Papadakis Tel: +30 28430 61277 Mob: +30 6937844557 e-mail:

George Relakis tel: +30 28430 61284 Fax: +30 28430 61285 e-mail: Hotel Hellas

Katerina Rooms


Hotel Hellas is in Palekastro and is open the whole year. Each room has balcony, private shower, air condition, refrigerator, telephone, sat TV, radio and through reception fax use - receive email.


Our small family home offers the opportunity to rent one of the three recently renovated rooms with private bathroom and a communal kitchen at ground floor. Upstairs, we offer 2 studios, also renovated, with independent access that can be turned into one large family suite. Each studio, ideal for couples, sleeps up to 3 people. Katerina Masouraki Tel: +30 28430 61386 - Mob: +30 6983269551 e-mail:

Maria Skarmalioraki Tel: +30 28430 61240 Fax: +30 28430 61340 e-mail: House Eva

Knossos Rooms

Rooms & Apts

Our apartments are in the most central place near the square in 100m distance. We have two spacious apartments which can host 5 persons with private bathroom and large kitchen, and three rooms with private bathroom which can host three persons . All rooms are fully equipped with traditional style.


We welcome you at Knossos rooms. We are in Palekastro, 200m from the square. With us you will enjoy your stay in a calm and friendly environment. (9 rooms, A/C, TV, fridge, bathroom, parking). Litsa Anogianaki Tel: +30 28430 61000 Mob: +30 6942208094 e-mail:

Eva Stavrakaki Tel: +30 28430 61388 Mob. +30 6957210337 e-mail: 16


Kouremenos Beach Apts

Liostasi Houses

Our apartments are situated on Kouremenos beach,10m from the beach. You’ll enjoy your vacation in our fully furnished and equipped apartments while your children can play on our large verandas.


Hatzidakis Nikos Tel: +30 6932356825 & 6944840250 Tel/Fax: +30 28430 61577 e-mail:

Our houses are located in a quiet and picturesque area, one of the most beautiful places in Crete, close to Palekastro. They are 3 km away from the village and are built in the heart of the olive grooves of the area from where they took the name of “Liostasi”. Stamatia Skarmalioraki Tel-fax: +30 28430 61358 Mob: +30 6977250010 e-mail:

Maridatis Apts

Kouremenos Villas Apts


The three comfortable 1-bedroom and the two 2-bedrooms villas arranged in a single-story terrace are only 5 minutes drive from Palekastro. Kouremenos Villas: 2 to 5 people - swimming pool - air-conditioning - Free internet access in every room.

150 m from the beach Maridatis, a real hermitage, there are Maridatis apartments which consist in 4 high quality apartments from 45 to 72 m2, all of them fully furnished, air conditioned, free WIFI and equiped for comfortable holidays. For those who choose quiet, simplicity, peace and tranquility, away from city noises.

Aspasia Katsikalaki Tel. +30 28430 61370 - Fax +30 28430 61391 e-mail:

Manolis Tsantakis Tel.+30 2843061055 Fax.+30 2843061196 e-mail: Hotel Marina Village

Lagos Apts



The newly built “Lagos Apartments” are located 200m outside Palekastro village and just 1km from “kouremenos” beach, one of the most renowned surf beaches in Europe. Hiona beach is also 1km from there and “Vai” beach the unique world famous natural palmtree forest just 5km away. Zaharakis Nikos Tel. +30 28430 61126 Fax. +30 28430 61127 Mob. +30 6973436935 e-mail: 18

Hotel Marina Village is situated in the heart of the east coast of Crete, in the olive grove of Palaikastro, two kilometers far from the village and eight hundred meters from the picturesque bays of Hiona and Kouremenos. Unspoilt landscape, clean natural beaches and the mild climate of Eastern Crete make the hidden in nature Marina Village, an ideal place for relaxing holidays. George Relakis tel: +30 28430 61284 Fax: +30 28430 61285 e-mail: 19

Nikos Apts

Olga Beach Villas



Olga Beach furnished apartments, newly built at Kouremenos bay, can offer you sea view, just 20 meters from the crystal blue water and the sandy beach. There are spacious rooms with equipped kitchen, A/C, phone, cable TV, swimming pool and a parking area.

Apartments ‘Nikos’ roomed three to five persons, fully equipped, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, private parking. Distance 200m from the square and 2 km from beach. Niki Spanoudaki Tel. +30 28430 61123 e-mail:

Nikos Kounelakis Tel: +30 28430 61227 Mob: +30 6974724739 e-mail:

Nikos Rooms

Olive Coast Suites


Rent A Room ‘Nikos’ Located in Palekastro 150m from the square and 2km from the beach. Each room includes shower, air conditioning, fridge, balcony and Private Parking


Olive Coast Suites represent a concept of outstanding comfort and class, ample spaces and thorough tranquillity. Let your glance rest on the lush olive groves and the deep blue of the sea and enjoy easy access to East Crete’s most divine beaches! OLIVE COAST SUITES is where Cretan authenticity/tradition and contemporary facilities harmoniously coexist. Kapi Linardaki, Agathias, Palekastro, 72300, Crete. Office + 30 28430 28953 Mobile + 30 6999928953 (UAE) Fax: + 30 28430 28953 e-mail:

Steri Spanoudaki Tel. +30 28430 61480

Olive Garden Apts

“Olive Garden Apartments” is constituted from four independent and completely equipped apartments. One of them, with its 2 bedrooms and the dining room furnished with 2 sofas, can accommodate up to six persons. The other three are smaller with however big and comfortable spaces and they can accommodate up to four persons. They have a bedroom and salon with two sofas. Irini Markantonaki Tel. 6976705097 e -mail:

Wind surfing in Kouremenos beach 20


Pegasus Rooms

Hotel Palaikastro



Our facilities consist of 5 rooms and 1 apartment. There are double and triple rooms (double bed) with their own bathrooms. The apartment comprise of a bedroom furnished with 3 single beds and a living area able to sleep up to 5 more persons. All our rooms are large and naturally ventilated from the windows and the floor to ceiling doors. Giannis Kekeridis Tel: +30 28430 61479 Mob : +30 6948 898 980 e-mail:

Hotel Palaikastro. It feels like home. A quite, cozy, family-run hotel to make your vacations unforgettable! We provide fresh fruits and vegetables from our croft, and we embrace you with the maximum hospitality. It is a 2-minute walking distance from the center and approximately a 7-minute one from the beach. TV, air-conditionig, internet provided. Maria Spanoudaki Tel. +30 28430 61235 - Mob. 6980861584 e-mail: Porto Heli Apts

Panorama Apts Apts

Panorama Apartments 2-5 persons are luxe construction, located above in the top of the hill with panoramic Kouremenos Bay view. The owners Yiannis and Aspasia have their own apartment near by Panorama, speak English and are happy to offer advice to any of their guests. Panorama Apartments: 2 to 5 people - swimming pool - air-conditioning - TV - Free internet access in every room. Giannis Katsikalakis Tel. +30 2843061370 - Fax. +30 28430 61391 e-mail:


The Porto Heli apartments are situated at the north-east coast of Crete with a breathtaking view of the beautiful Cretan sea. Just 750m away from the beautiful beach Kouremenos, where the adventurer shall find Windsurf-Clubs and the gourmet shall enjoy the famous Cretan cuisine, the local wine and, of course, fresh fish in the nearby restaurants. Santimpantaki Vasiliki Τel: +30 28430 61424 +30 28430 61275 Mob: 6974764619 Fax.: +30 28430 61424 e-mail: Roussolakos Apts

Philoxenia Hotel



Outside of the village Palekastro at the traditional settlement of Agathias there is a complex with fully furnished rooms and view to the sea. Each room has TV, A/C, refrigerator. George Milidakis Tel: +30 28430 61615 e-mail:


“Roussolako” apartments near Hiona Beach - Palekastro This complex is situated five minutes from the beautiful beach of Hiona. An ideal beach for children and famous for its fish taverns. “Roussolakos” apartments are built in 2005 and are very comfortable with satellite TV, big verandas, ac/ed rooms, with kitchen. Hatzidakis Nikos Rousolakos pool-apartments Tel. +30 6932356825 - Fax.+30 28430 61577 Mob: 6944840250 e-mail: 23

Thalassa Apts

Sirines Apts Apts


In a verdurous olive grove at the edge of the traditional settlement of Agathias close to the village of Palekastro and very close to the famous beach of Hiona, we have created SIRINES, a small family block of 4 apartments (45m2).

Thalassa apartments offer charming self catering accommodation for your holidays in Palekastro, Kouremenos. They are extremely well situated for easy access to both the beautiful Kouremenos Beach (just 300 m far) and to its famous Palm Beach Vai (5 km far).

Christina Mastoraki Tel. +30 28430 61473 Mob. +30 697338 5036 e-mail:

Kostas Ailamakis Tel: +30 28430 61080 Fax : +30 28430 61091 Mob: +30 6974350180 e-mail:

Schรถner Blick

Vai Rooms



In the picturesque village of Agathias and just 800 meters from the beach Hiona are located the rooms of Schรถner blick. Within a clean and calm environment, priority is given to customer service and an enjoyable stay. The owner of pension Mr.Roza is always there to give any information you need and make your stay as pleasant as possible. Papadaki Smaro Tel. +30 28430 61293 Mob.+30 6949169394 e-mail:

Family operated accommodation in Palekastro Village. 8 rooms with balconies and private bathrooms, 300 m far from the center of Palekastro Village. We are open from March to November Lefteris Giapitzakis Tel: +30 28430 61624 Mob : 6973682622

Sunrise Apts Apts

Full furnished apartments just outside the village Palekastro on the road to vai, in the middle an olive field, equipped with all the modern comforts that the customers demands for their stay, A/C-WIFI, flat LCD TV, and all the necessary equipment for one pleasant stay.. At Sunrise Apartments you will enjoy the real meaning of Cretan hospitality !! George Masourakis Tel-fax. +30 28430 61122 - Mob. 6930954914 24

The famous palmbeach of Vai

The beach of Itanos


Vrachos Studios Studios

Live a different lifestyle in the ECO - traditional Vrachos studios. Our aim is to combine ecology with tradition to offer you an unforgettable experience: a return to a traditional and tranquil way of life, away from the perpetual pace of today. We focus on quality and hospitality, offering you days of relaxation in the most unspoilt area of Crete, the region of Lassithi. Giorgos Apostolakis Tel: +30 28430 61020 Mob: +30 6947432406 e-mail:

Hiona lake in the winter

Right page: The beach of Kouremenos



Zakros - Kato Zakros - Xerokampos Zakros. It is a village within a green environment in the eastern edge of Crete, 38 km away from Sitia. Archaeological sites have been traced in many of this area as well as a temple on the peak of Traostalos. On the road to Kato Zakros at the village limits, the archaeologist professor N. Platon excavated a Minoan mansion with a stone winepress and murals with plant topics of various colors and a large jar with characters of the linear. At the upper part of the village, are the big and renowned springs of Zakros and in the village there are many water mills which were recently restored for the foundation of the Water Museum. Pictures of Zakros

Kato Zakros. It is a coastal area with a little seaside settlement 8 km away from Zakros at a magnificent bay, with sandy and pebbly beach. Kato Zakros, is the most tranquil and friendly place to visit, hidden away in the southeast corner of Crete, behind a beautiful tamarisk-fringed beach. The European trekking trail E4 that is passing through the impressive “Gorge of the deads ’’ends next to the ancient Minoan palace, where the Minoans lived 4000 years ago. The fertile valley with the olives trees and the vegetable gardens, the impressive mountains with plenty walking trails and caves, the calm bay with the crystal water and the fishing boats, the local taverns on the waterfront and the traditional hospitality, will be the canvas, on which you will paint the most colorful memories of your unforgotten vacations. Xerokampos. Ιs a small sea resort between Zakros and Goudoura 10km far from Zakros village and 28km far from Palekastro, in a place of natural beauty. At Farmakokefalo, Nikos Papadakis excavated a small but significant settlement of the Hellenistic period which may be Ancient Ampelos. Sophisticated artistic items were found, pots, statuettes, coins, stone tools and many finds made of copper, lead and steel – a possible area of smelting. On the small islands of Kavalli near Xerokampos traces of ancient habitation were found. On these rocky islands there are nests of many pairs of Eleanor’s falcon. The area is a crossroad of migrating birds. Xerokampos used to be infertile and dry but after water drillings the area was covered by olive groves. It attracts many tourists due to the African, exotic colour, the beautiful sandy beaches, and the clear sea.

Kato Zakros

The gorge of Zakros

The picturesque church of Afentis Christos in Zakros


Bayview Rooms

Ac c o m m o d ati o n i n Za k r o s - K ato Za k r o s


Hotel Zakros

Ten quiet rooms with beautiful view, located on the hill between Zakros and Kato Zakros, near the entrance of the gorge of the “dead” . Near by is a farm with wild birds. Very reasonable prices.


At the square of Zakros is situated the hospitable Hotel Zakros. It has 10 rooms with bath, balcony, refrigerator, TV and air-condition. It’s also equipped with cafe-restaurant, bar, parking, and mini bus. Our hotel is situated on the way to the E4 path and close to the A entrance of the gorge. Markos Daskalakis Tel. +30 28430 93203 Fax: +30 28430 93379 Mob. 6982911051 e-mail:

Kostas Platanakis Tel - fax: +30 28430 26887 e-mail:

Coral Rooms



Rooms & Apts

Apts/Rooms to let with color TV, cooker and air conditioning. Traditional tavern with a view to the sea. Quiet, comfortable environment. Large car park. Marianna and Vasilia Tzouanaki Tel: +30 6972221924 & +30 69777 41423 e-mail: Faragi Rooms


In this gorgeous landscape with the natural beauty of Kato Zakros that we selected in order to provide you the traditional rooms “CORAL”, ready to welcome you for your vacations, the whole year. Rooms CORAL are found precisely next to the beach of Kato Zakros, with the splendid view of the immense light blue. The rooms have qualitative models for your pleasant stay. Nikos Perakis Tel: +30 28430 26893 Fax: 28430 26894 - Mob. 0030 6974656617 e-mail:



In a breathing distance from the waves (only 20m) with view to the immense light blue of the sea with the transparently crystal waters of the fascinating waterside, it has rooms invested at the walls with natural stones with mirrors between them and roofs from timber.

Our rooms “Faragi” concists of 4 rooms with toilet at the entrance of the gorge of Zakros (Gorge of the Dead) with shared kitchen, air conditioner, washing machine and Wi-Fi ideal for relaxing and peaceful summer holiday. Manolis Konstantakis Tel: +30 28430 93144 Mob. +30 6973322915 & 6987172606 e-mail:

Nikos Perakis Tel: +30 28430 26893 Fax: 28430 26894 Mob. 6974656617 e-mail: 30


Kato Zakros Palace




Fotini Apartment on the beach. One bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Fully equipped and air-conditioned. Great view to the sea.

The owners George and Haroula Platanakis take great pleasure in informing you that they have built a small family tourist complex in Kato Zakros. The complex is located at the top of a hill offering a panoramic view onto the plain, the Minoan Palace and to the sea.

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Villa Kalliopi




Katerina Apts

Surrounded by a lush grove of 27 acres just 3 km from the Zakros and 6 km from Xerokampos you will find Villa Kalliopi. Villa Kalliopi is a traditional stone cottage that combines perfectly the luxury accommodation with tradition. It belongs to the family of Manolis Achladianakis and it’s made with love, care and respect for the nature and the environment.

The rooms “Melina” consists of 2 rooms with kitchen, backyard, air conditioning, 10 meters from the sea on the beach of Kato Zakros

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Stella’s Traditional Studios


It is a new small group scrambled in the side of the hill that dominates next to the entry of the “Gorge of Deads” of Kato Zakros. We offer two maisonettes and two apartments with all the modern comforts, with intense the traditional stone architecture. In each maisonette they can be entertained 2-4 individuals with completely equipped kitchen, with foldaway seats in the beds. As far as the above floor of each maisonette, roof and floor are made exclusively from timber. Katerina Semertzaki Tel: +30 28430 26893 Fax: 28430 26894 - Mob. +30 6974656617 e-mail: 32

Studios with cretan character, beautifull details, surrounding by a lush garden and hammocks, are promising a great accommodation. It will be your secret small paradise… Ilias Pagiannidis Tel: +30 28430 23739 mob: +30 6976719461 Fax: +30 28430 26883 33

Terra Minoika Villas Apts

Terra Minoika Villas are stone builded apartments, lying on a side of a hill with a fabulous view to the wild dead’s gorge,the Minoan palace and the calm and cozy Kato Zakros bay. They are offering a luxurious and very comfortable accommodation for guests who are looking for something extraordinary…. Stella Ailamaki Tel +30 28430 23739 mob: +30 6976719461 Fax. +30 28430 26883 e-mail: http:// Yiannis Retreat Studios

Yiannis Retreat Studios is a complex of five renovated stone houses, situated in the wonderful green valley of Kato Zakros, surrounded by olive trees, garden plants and bushes, all there for you to enjoy the magnificent view and the blue and clear waters of Kato Zakros bay. Yiannis – Katerina Ailamaki. Tel. +30 28430 25726 - home 28430 93142 - Mob: +30 6974314083 e-mail:

The beach of Karoumes

Rigt page: The ruins of the Minoan Palace in Kato Zakros



Villa Almira

Krinakia Villas

Ac c o m m o d ati o n i n Xe r o k am o s


KRINAKIA VILLAS indepedent maisonettes and villas located at Xerocampos 150 m of a magnifisant sundy beach. Self-catering accomodation, fully equipped, big terraces with unobstructed Libyan sea view, garden, bbq etc. Quite, safe, ideal for family vacation and not only. Nikos Orfanoudakis Telephone: +30 28430 20430, +30 2810 239956, +30 2810 229304 Mobile: +30 6944714986 e-mail:


Villa Ambelos

Villa Almira is placed on a terraced land located on the first hills that overlook the bay of Amatu, about two hundred meters from the beautiful and long beach named Megaliparalia. The two comfortable detached villas proposed are built in local stone and traditional Cretan style, very well finished both in the indoors and outdoors, and are suitable for relaxing holidays even for periods other than summer. Efi Marazaki Tel. +30 6932703608 e-mail:


Among in a beautiful natural environment with green gardens in Xerokampos Sitia, just 800 m from the sea lies VILLA AMPELOS who belong to Kekeridis familly. We offer rooms, double and triple rooms and a 80 sqm apartment with three bedrooms (7 beds) Aspa Tzouanakis Tel. +30 28430 26721 Mob: 6972426926 e-mail:

Liviko view Apts

400m far from the golden beach of Xerokambos, Liviko Apts of 4-5 people look in the spectacular view of the blue sea. Fully equipped with a parking lot and a traditional tavern, being successful because of its pure, natural ingredients. HatzΚdaki Aikaterini Tel: +30 28430 27000 fax : 28430 27001 Mob.: +30 6977 886414 e-mail:

Cavali Apts Apts

The Cavali holidays houses - Apartments, located 70 m far from the main Xerokambos beach. These newly built (60sqm) apartments are situated in a quiet area of Xerokambos, the small and beautiful region on the east coast of Crete. The friendly environment and the family atmosphere in combinations with the beauties of Xerokambos is a guarantee for unforgettable holidays. Manolis Voutirakis Tel: +30 28430 26314 Mob: +30 6977619370 e-mail: 36



Mare Mare Apts Apts

Mare Mare apts are three furnished apts in Xerokambos located only 50m from the main beach of Xerokampos. All the apartments of Mare Mare complex have: Parking, A/C, kitchen, refrigerator, coffee maker, balconies and offer comfortable, safe and pleasant accommodation. In Mare Mare apartments you can enjoy your holidays in Xerokampos, one of the most beautiful and quiet places of east Crete.

Natica Mare

Marios Aginarostahakis Mob. +30 6942 510 950


Natica Mare offers elegant villas of high standards accommodation. They feature free WiFi, hand made furniture, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, washing machine, BBQ, private parking, large terraces overlooking a unique view! Natica Mare Villas is an ideal place for relaxing holidays. It’s a small paradise with sandy beach and clear turquoise waters!

A beautiful small place with rich history and natural beauty that attracts every year hundreds of satisfied visitors who always return, considering Xerokampos a second home!

Ourania Orfanoudaki Tel.+30 6945983337 Villa Petrino Apts

In a beautiful garden made with love you will find VILLA PETRINO. It is a 6 studio complexion just 250 meters away from the beaches of Xerokampos. The endless sea the green olive groves and the wild mountains complete the scenery. The air-conditioned studios consist of a fully equipped kitchen which provides the ability to prepare meals, a sitting area, a double bed, a balcony with view to the sea, a w.c bathroom, free WI- FI and parking area. Michalis Theodorakis Tel. +30 2843026702 mob. 6974931046 e-mail: 38

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Itanos Accommodation Guide  
Itanos Accommodation Guide  

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