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Key Elements For Website Design In this era of the Internet, web-presence has become a point of initiating and building the relationships between various large and small businesses and their corresponding customers. A professionally created and perfectly crafted website accompanying terrific web designing features go a long way in your business endeavor.

Thirty seconds or less - this much amount of time your website has to do all the essential things that convey your message to the site visitor. It includes some very important aspects of customer engagement by influencing through strong and memorable web designs. Besides a good design, a visitor at the same time, should get full information necessary for his needs. Your website's overall design should involve the visitor to further know and research about your products. It must encourage the user's interest in your services. A perfect website designing strategy should incorporate several crucial points like graphics, multimedia usage, navigation and page layout.

1 . Lighter designs :

Flash Java script usage influences a major functionality of your website. It is not prudent to overuse Java scripts of Flash. Visitors search for their needful information on your website. It may annoy your audience if this crucial information is accessible only through flash animations or by using Java script. A web design should use a textual form of information while elaborating its crucial services or products for easy access and user readability. 2 . Color combinations :

Your website designs should seem comfortable to visitor's eyes. Using poor color combinations will make the visitors tired of your web page designs. It will be pleasant if the background color of the web page is far lighter than the color used for the text present over it.

3 . Navigation :

A perfect navigation of a website makes it convenient for the user to reach your multiple web pages. It also tells visitors about on which page he is scrolling at present and how he can go to other web pages through user friendly menu options or menu bars. Text based menus and navigation bars are preferred over flash and Java script dependent navigation. CSS3 designing also helps in creating nice navigation menus. For more info visit us at Web Crayons

Key elements for website design by web crayons