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Logitech USB QuickCam for Notebooks w/Built-in Microphone

Looking for a high quality visual connection with friends and families while traveling? Then, this Logitech 960-000010 USB QuickCam for Notebooks is just what you need! The QuickCam also features a built-in microphone with RightSound technology--to ensure that your audience can hear you as well as they see you. RightSound makes headset-free conversations a reality by canceling unwanted echoes that can occur during video calls. You can talk naturally to your friends and family without tangled wires getting in the way! The built-in snapshot button captures still images fast and easy and the adjustable clip easily and securely attaches to the notebook screen!

Products Feature 1. 640 x 480 pixel resolution 2. Notebook web camera 3. USB interface (30-inch cable length, approximate) 4. Built-in microphone 5. RightSound technology Get Discount - Click Now!

Logitech USB QuickCam for Notebooks wBuilt-in Microphone