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Why a website is important?? • With the growing penetration of internet all around the world, a website is an impor tant source to display and capture useful information.

• Websites help businesses or even individuals create a much-needed online identity for reaching out to a wider community.

What is a website builder?? These days, due to development in technology, creating a website for yourself is an extremely simple task. A website can be acquired in a multitude of ways. Hiring a web developer is the most widely used option, although it is the most expensive option. A better option for beginners would be to use a website builder to create a free website. Website builders allow users to choose an existing, pre-designed template and edit the relevant content. This makes the entire process of creating a website ef for tless and time ef fective.

How to build your own website?? All someone needs to do is sign up on a free website builder, choose a template to their liking and edit it by adding their images, text content, contact information and customizing the color scheme. The end product is as professional in terms of UI and looks as compared to any other website. Therefore, this option is a must for any beginner who wants a clean and professional looking website in a cost ef fective manner. Provided a user has their content and information ready, website builder tools guarantee that the time required to create a free website is a few hours.

Advantages of a website builder The best feature that these website builders provide is the ease of use. A user need not have any computer or technical know how to create a website using these tools. Anyone with a computer and internet access can use one of these tools to create a website of their choice within a day and without any outside help. This ease of use presents beginners with a lucrative option to create their website without any assistance or cost involved.

Added advantage of a website builder Another impor tant feature provided by these tools is the ease of website maintenance. All builders provide users with a dashboard which can be accessed anytime, thus allowing them to make changes to their website with ease. This makes maintaining a website ver y easy.

overview Fur thermore, using a free website templates has become a common solution for web designers who want to create more websites and not compromise on UI and functionality. More and more people are turning to this method as a solution for their website needs rather than the traditional model of contacting web designers and administrators and employing back and for th communication until the website is complete. This method is time and cost consuming and usually ends up with a product that is not completely satisfactor y.

Website builder advantage  

Free Website Builder - Webbzer is the simplest platform to build and maintain your own website. You do not require any additional technical...

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