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ď ś An Free Website Builder

About  Webbzer is an intuitively designed website builder  Users can simply log on to and create a website

 The builder does not require a user to have any computer knowledge

 Users can create a website for themselves in minutes

Features  Drag-n-drop functionality  Add media (songs, videos etc)  Customizable templates  Free web-hosting  Attach your own domain  Create multiple websites

Templates ď‚— Webbzer has a collection of over 50 customizable templates

ď‚— Templates present under categories like business, design, photography, restaurant, music and artists

ď‚— All templates are editable as HTML5 templates producing a responsively designed website

New on Webbzer  E-commerce websites (coming soon)  Hire a pro designer  Website SEO services  Webbzer infographics (coming soon)  WebSite:-

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Free website builder  
Free website builder  

Free Website Builder - Webbzer is the simplest platform to build and maintain your own website. You do not require any additional technical...