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Do You Know About Industrial Product Design Industrial product design can be defined as the art and science of creating inventive products. Product designers do not focus entirely on parts that make a product function, like the motor, gears and circuits, but instead work to improve the overall functionality, physical appearance and value of a product. Working closely with engineers, industrial product designers specialize in both the inventive and marketing design aspects. They assist engineering firms in producing products that are more interesting and profitable by pinpointing and addressing customer needs, wants and expectations. A lot of products that are presently available aren't completely new products; they are old products that have been given an enhanced appearance and improved function. A kitchen mixer is an excellent instance of a product whose marketability increased after its visual appeal was improved. This product was designed back in 1937 yet it has seen an increase in sales over recent years because of its improved physical appearance. Mixers now are available in many different fun colors like pink, green and blue which consumers can emotionally connect with. The wide range of colors allows consumers to pick a mixer color that matches their kitchen design. Some companies have created kitchen mixers in specific colors and types in support of various charitable organizations hoping that this will help to increase sales and provide extra funds that can be donated to these charitable causes. This may not be something you would think would be linked with industrial product design, but it is. Altering the color of the kitchen mixer and teaming up with a good cause has a two-fold result; more kitchen mixers are being sold and this increase is increasing the quality of life for numerous deserving people. Manufacturers of cars utilize the same principle of enhancing the appearance and function of cars. Cars have been around for some time now, but year after year, more makes and models of cars are available. Product designers are constantly developing ways to make cars much more comfortable by providing softer seats, better air circulation, and input capacities for electronic devices. Cars also are being produced that get better gas mileage and are more light weight. Designers are also creating cars that have a modern look which is achieved with smoother edges and far better paint quality. This is the work of both engineers and product designers who team together to make products that meet the wants and needs of consumers as well as boost marketability for producers. There are lots of design teams available to help your firm in creating the most modern products in the marketplace. When selecting a design team, ensure that they have a mission statement and that your organization matches their mission statement. You will also want to make sure that they have appropriate experience in the design field. Their designers do not necessarily have to be older to have experience. There are plenty of young designers that can come up with creative ideas to improve function, design and look of your products. It is also wise to pay attention to referrals from design teams before you decide to use them. Professional quality work and a solid list of well-known clients that they have worked with are good signs. You should make certain that the design team is capable and can take care of your industry's specific needs, so ask around. The addition of product designers to your engineering team will help you create products that are more innovative. Increase the marketability of your firm’s products by using industrial product design with a design team today. JDID

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Do You Know About Industrial Product Design

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Do You Know About Industrial Product Design