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For staff, the College’s Performance Appraisal Program offers opportunities for: · · · ·

increasing job satisfaction; training/professional development; promoting a sense of ownership and self-direction; improving job performance.

For supervisors, effective performance appraisals of staff can: · · · · · ·

yield better teamwork and cooperation; set clearer expectations; produce better departmental performance; clarify roles as supervisor and mentor; improve job performance; develop the supervisor as a leader.

For the College, effective performance evaluations contribute to: · · · · ·


better service to students and other members of the community; staff alignment with strategic goals; enhancement of a climate that values all employees; an overall improvement in work performance; and, engaged employees who go above and beyond individual job requirements to contribute to the success of the College.

Perfromance Appraisal Employee  
Perfromance Appraisal Employee  

Perfromance Appraisal Employee