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courses. I would like to expand these opportunities in addition to growing study abroad semester programs by more effectively partnering with the Colleges of the Fenway and other area colleges, and initiating new student exchange relationships with countries around the world. Based on the location of Emmanuel in the heart of a college city like Boston, we have a unique opportunity to partner with colleges and universities from countries including Spain, Greece, Sweden, Australia, England and Italy for formal student-faculty collaborations. t –MOLLY HONAN

One of only two current international students in Emmanuel’s Graduate and Professional Programs (GPP) in

Research Administration, he studies in the quiet early hours before going to his job as the Business Official in the Research and Sponsored Projects Office (RSPO) at Moi University, a public institution of over 22,000 students that emphasizes science and technology in Eldoret, Kenya. The RSPO is a joint venture between the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH), Moi University School of Medicine (MUSOM), and their collaborators from the United States, Indiana University. A Certified Public Accountant, Rono was working as a senior accountant at MTRH, supervising the hospital’s budget, revenue, salaries and expenses, and had obtained an MBA to ensure that he had the academic certification to take on higher-level responsibilities. In 2003, he was selected to extend his accounting position and be part of the founding team that established the sponsored projects office at Moi University. The office manages all extramural grants and contracts awarded to MTRH/MUSOM and develops and strengthens institutional and faculty collaborations with universities, communities and other organizations in the conduct of research, teaching and service programs. Today, the RSPO has a robust staff of 30 that administers over 90 research and service grants and manages an annual budget of over $18 million. “You will rarely encounter an office like this in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Rono said. Rono oversees all financial aspects of donor-funded projects, taking particular enjoyment in building a grant budget from scratch as the proposal is being developed by researchers. He gets great satisfaction in seeing a completed, submitted, funded and finally implemented research project. He also assists the grants manager in identifying funding opportunities, developing and submitting proposals, reviewing pre- and post-awards,

*For more information on Dr. De Leo’s background, please visit the College’s website or see the announcement in the spring 2011 issue of Emmanuel Magazine.

Robert Rono in his office at Moi University

negotiating contracts, and ensuring compliance. In 2009, he was the Co-Principal Investigator on the International Extramural Associates Research Development Award (IEARDA), a five-year grant under the National Institutes of Health, which allowed the university to enhance its existing infrastructure to improve solicitation and administration of continued on page 20

Winter 2012

EM: What are your goals for expanding this focus here at Emmanuel? JD: Currently, Emmanuel has strong travel


obert Rono is a morning person.


ing global studies and experiences into the education of all of our students. The basis of a broad liberal arts education must include understanding diverse cultures, economies and societies. As someone who personally experienced living in another country, I strongly believe that an exposure beyond one’s neighborhood builds tolerance and perspectives that can lead to positive personal and societal changes. Thomas Friedman expertly articulated the social and economic interrelationships among countries in his book, The World is Flat. U.S. colleges and universities need to recognize this relationship in order to educate our graduates for competitive global careers and vocations. Global studies are a cornerstone of our mission and history; the more I read and learn about the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and St. Julie Billiart, the more I realize the importance of this to Emmanuel. Our interest in a global perspective does not just respond to our current society and economy, but builds on our living history and provides the context for conversation, relevance and excellence for the future.

Emmanuel Graduate and Professional Programs Welcomes First Students from Kenya

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EM: You have spoken about the importance of global perspective in a liberal arts and sciences education. Can you tell us more about that? JD: I am a passionate advocate for integrat-


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