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Global Studies & International Affairs Petros Vamvakas, Ph.D. Director

The major in global studies consists of 13 courses. At least two courses in the major must be taken at the 3000-level. Students should choose all their courses in consultation with their advisors, in order to pursue their particular interests and arrange their programs to broaden and deepen their knowledge. Global Studies & International Affairs faculty advisors can recommend specific course selections for majors who wish to pursue the study of world resources, diplomacy and war and peace, international culture and ideology, or a particular region. Students with a particular interest in Latin America or Peace Studies are advised to consider the minors described below.

Learning Goals and Outcomes At the completion of the Global Studies & International Affairs degree, the student will: • Demonstrate an understanding of the broad-based foundation of the major in world history, culture, politics, and economics. • Understand how international relations, conflict and change, and a heightened sensitivity to diverse cultures defines global studies. • Demonstrate a practical application of concepts and theories of the discipline of global studies and international affairs. • Be able to orally communicate effectively. • Develop a distinct understanding of non-Western governments. • Develop an understanding of the interactions in the international arena.

The Capstone Experience The culminating experience for all Global Studies and International Affairs majors is the Global Studies Senior Seminar (GLST4100). This course is completed in the spring semester of the student’s final year of study. The course includes an internship component and students must complete the Pre-Internship and Career Development course (INT1001) before beginning the internship. For the capstone course, students write and present a senior thesis paper to demonstrate their achievement of the goals of the major program. Student achievement is evaluated by the capstone instructor and presentations are shared with Global Studies department faculty.

2012-2013 Academic Catalog

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The Global Studies & International Affairs program is an interdisciplinary major designed to prepare students for work and life in an increasingly interconnected world. The program provides a broad-based foundation in world history, culture, politics and economics. Students will gain in-depth understanding of international relations, conflict and change, and a heightened sensitivity to diverse cultures. The major is well-suited to students interested in a career in such rapidly growing sectors as international business, law, media, and governmental and non-governmental organizations concerned with diplomacy, policymaking, public health, peace, relief operations, immigration and the environment.

NEW 2012-2013 Academic Catalog  

NEW 2012-2013 Academic Catalog

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