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MARKETING TECHNOLOGY Presented by Michelle R Bengermino


Marketing Technology Technology Services Streamline Marketing Program Operations WebbMason is a technology partner with over 500 companies and organizations and more than 1000 brands. We focus on solutions that provide marketing traction— in targeting, execution, channel effectiveness and in ongoing learning and performance improvement. WebbMason Real-Time All Channel Dashboards bring real-time perspective to any campaign. Data from every relevant source is brought together to give you the most complete picture of your campaign. WebbMason MarketingBench™ is the leading solution for managing, customizing and distributing marketing assets. Over 900 portals provide comprehensive marketing asset management for all media and all types of distribution channels. WebbMason Advanced Analytics and Segmentation Engine powers campaigns with the latest big data analytics. Compatible with all data warehouse and business intelligence solutions, the WebbMason Engine streamlines the process of analytics.


Maximum traction for your campaigns in their channels and more accurate tracking of investment return >

WebbMason’s Real-Time All Channel Dashboards bring the complete picture of your campaign’s performance to you in real-time. We gather data from the call center, from chat sessions on the website, from CRM—in addition to online, mail and direct mail responses. Our goal is to give you all of the intelligence you need to direct and improve the campaign.

Real-Time All Channel Dashboards Advertising, Websites, Landing Pages, Email, Call Center, Chat, Direct Mail, CRM Your campaigns need comprehensive reporting across every channel to guide performance improvements and to track total investment return accurately. WebbMason can cut lead times to automatically gather data from every relevant source. We provide the most complete picture—on your desktop—in real time. We instantly feed the data back to your company systems—CRM, data warehouse or business intelligence solutions. With WebbMason you have the intelligence to drive ongoing performance improvements.



MarketingBench streamlines the management, customization, and delivery of print, signage, promotional items and other marketing & operational materials, while providing self-service access when and where your team needs it.

WebbMason MarketingBench™ Asset Customization, Distribution & Management Enjoy more control over your marketing communications than ever. MarketingBench™ customizes, distributes and manages marketing assets for every type of distribution channel. We brand the system according to your standards and institute your business rules. •

Cataloged Digital and Physical Marketing Assets

Extensive Asset Customization Features

Outstanding Web to Print Capabilities

Real-Time Tracking and Billing

Over 900 Customer Sites

Over 1.75 Million Channel Users

17+ Years of Successful Experience

Feel confident knowing your campaigns are being executed flawlessly across your channels. Localization is easy—and brand guidelines are ensured. This maximizes your campaign effectiveness.


WebbMason Advanced Analytics & Segmentation Engine (above) profiles the key renewal attribute drivers in a churn model. The Engine simplifies data operations for marketing analytics, as well as operations. The system is cloud-based or it can run in your data center.

WebbMason Advanced Analytics & Segmentation Engine WebbMason’s solution is perfect for building, cost-effectively maintaining and operating data lakes, advanced analytics for campaigns and other big data missions. Compatible with all leading business intelligence solutions and data warehouses. This solution simplifies data operations for marketing or other functional areas. The system can be driven by secure cloud resources or operated in your data center. Shown above is an illustration of the relative importance of a variety of renewal likelihood drivers. This churn analysis produces a “Likelihood to Renew” score for every customer. By putting special focus on those customers who are “on-the fence,” marketing dollars can drive the highest ROI.


WebbMason provides the latest interactive tools for Sales Enablement. We can help you optimize the customer experience at every touchpoint.

Sales Enablement Sales Enablement is the art of empowering sales distribution networks and channels with sophisticated marketing tactics to consume, present and deploy throughout the sales process. Today 70%-90% of content for use throughout the sales process is never used, which is a direct result of the collaboration between marketing and sales, weak creative and antiquated technology. WebbMason has the creative, technology and passion to unify marketing and sales, while optimizing the customer experience at every touchpoint. Enablement opens doors, continues conversations and closes sales.

Connect Collaboration WebbMason Connect collaboration solution streamlines the preparation of marketing materials and preparation of marketing assets for production. The solution expedites proofing and can handle multiple file formats. Robust, customizable controls and tracking make this system a way to get more done, while maintaining complete control over your marketing assets and the processes of production preparation.



Every day more than 500 companies and organizations rely on WebbMason to execute their marketing strategies. Our growth is based on these longterm customer relationships and the customers who, over our 26 years in business, continue to ask us to extend their relationships to tackle more of their marketing challenges. Everything we do works to achieve a better business outcome for our customers.




We use every marketing tool. Today we are a full-service marketing provider with 21 offices and over 300 employees. We are fully independent and are accountable only to you.




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