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HighRes Proof Digital Asset Manager - Admin. User Guide

How To Set Up E-mail Notifications Within The D.A.M.

Requirements: To set up e-mail notifications for other users, you must have a user role that includes the Manage Access right. You can be notified and receive email messages about certain types of events that occur in the D.A.M.Notifications enble you to stay informed about what is happening in a particular Library without having to logon. D.A.M. notifications are not associtated with the notifications provided through the Project Workflow. •

On the Overview page, within the top menu bar, click Administration or Manage > Customer Administration.

Click on Manage Projects & Library Access.

In the list of the customers users, find and click on the user name to actively hightlight. The users information appears at the bottom of the page. All the roles assigned to the user as an individual and as a member of a group are listed.

Click the envelope icon that role.

For each event type for which you want the user to recive notifications, select the check box in the Email or Digest column

above the name of a role to view the notification settings for

Email: Sends notifications about the event type in an individual email message

Digest: Sends notifications in a digest format once a day. The digest format is an email message that summarizes all events of a given typr for the past 24 hours.

Click Apply.

Generating History Event Reports Requirements: You must have a role that includes the Modify Customer/Library user right. An event and site report summarizes the activity for one or more selected types of events, during a specific time period, within one of more selected Libraries. You can generate a report on all events that have occurred in all Libraries or in a specific Library. •

To gererate an site history report for all site activity. From the Customer menu, select Customer > Generate Customer Report.

To gererate an event report for all the Libraries. From the Customer menu, select Customer > Generate Event Report.

To gererate an event report for a specific Library, select the Library, and from the Library menu, select Library > Generate Event Report. 6

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