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HighRes Proof Digital Asset Manager - Admin. User Guide

Troubleshooting / System Diagnostics

The first step in troubleshooting is to run System Diagnostics. Click System Diagnostics from the site log in page or, after you have logged in; the footer of the web browser. Connect will run a diagnostic check on your system and report on the following: Operating System - Indicates if the operating system version you are running is supported. Browser - Indicates if the browser version you are running is supported. Java Script, Cookies must be enabled. Pop-up Blocker - Ensure the pop-up blocker in your browser is either unchecked, or, within the pop-up blockers “Exceptions” list, has been entered. HTML5 must be enabled Web Browser varieties work differently with the various platforms and operating systems. Internet speed can vary for multiple factors. Including, amount of user traffic, time of day, service provider and system resources. Connection Speed - Click on the Test selection within the Diagnostics window to check your systems speed access performance

About HTML5 •

HTML5 is supported for uploading and downloading elements and files within the Digital Asset Management system

HTML5 is supported for the online proofing function called Smart Review, within the Digital Asset Management system

JAVA is no longer support within the Digital Asset Management system

* Please Note: In HTML5, the download destination folder cannot be changed during the download process. It is controlled by the browser, due to security reasons. The download destination can be located and set within the browsers Preferences, Settings, or Options location. By default, most internet browsers are set by default to go to your systems Downloads folder.

If you are still having issues after running system diagnostics, please switch browsers. Some browser versions run better than others for users. For some users Internet Explorer works better than Firefox. For some users, Firefox runs better than Safari. For some users, Safari runs better. Internet browsers and individual operating systems should be maintained and updated regularly


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