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HighRes Proof Digital Asset Manager - Admin. User Guide

How To View File Information In Smart Review

You can view information about the file that is displayed in Smart Review, including the image dimensions, color target and resolution. •

At the top menu bar, click Window, then click Page Info.

Information about the currently displayed page appears, such as the image dimensions, trim lines, color target and resolution (of raster images). Measurements appear in the unit of measure that is set in your Smart Review preferences.

When you view two files at the same time (in Reader Spread or Compare mode), information appears about both pages.

How To Change To A Different File Or Page In Smart Review •

Click the element that you want to view under the FILES listing

If the file is a multipage file, the thumbnail icon within the FILES listing views shows additional pages

To display each page of the multipage file, click the name or thumbnail icon of the file.

To return to the list of all files, click the arrown next to the file name

If you are viewing multiple elements or a page from a multipage file, click Previous to display the file before the one currently displayed or click Next to display the file after the one currently displayed.

How To Change To A Different Revision In Smart Review When a file has multiple revisions, you can change the revision that you are viewing in Smart Review. Note: In a group review session, only the session controller can change the revision that is displayed. •

Open the file in Smart Review. If the file has multiple revisions, a selection arrow next to the image name is displayed. Select the arrow next to the image name to view revision(s)

In the list, select the revision that you want to view.

How To Check Color Density In Smart Review Color density readings are revision-specific. If you take a reading in one revision of a file, the reading will not appear in any other revisions of the file. Note: In a group review session, only the session controller can check the color density. •

Click the Densitometer tool and position the cursor where you want to measure the color and click.

The densities of the C, M, Y , K and spot colors in that position appear. Spot colors are listed in the same order as in the Separations dialog box. If you are checking the color density in Reader Spread mode, the colors common to both pages are listed first, followed by the unique colors for each page. 17

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