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HighRes Proof Digital Asset Manager - Admin. User Guide

How To Open An Element In Smart Review Requirements: You must have a role that includes the Smart Review right

To open Elements in Smart Review from the Elements Window view, double click on the elements thumbnail.

If the element has multiple revisions, the latest revision appears in the Smart Review window and a list of all the element’s revisions is available on the list above the image. If you are viewing a multipage element, the first page of the file appears in the Smart Review window. When you click the thumbnail of the first page, the list of pages appears in the Files list.

Annotation Tools

Navigation Tools

The annotation tools appear at the top of the screen when you open Smart Review. Blu highlighting indicates the tool is in use.

The navigation tools appear below the Smart Review screen, except when you are in Full Screen mode. To show the navigation tools in Full Screen mode, move the mouse.

Pan across the page

View a single page

Zoom in on an area of the page

View a reader spread

Rotate viewed element

Compare multiple files

Measure using a ruler

Best fit to screen

Measure a rectangle area

Fit the page to the screen width

Measure color density

Fit the page to the screen width Switch between Full Screen and Window mode Go to the previous file, the next file, or type file number


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