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10 Interesting Ways To Make Money On Your Lunchtime We waste our valuable time in various ways without even realizing that it could have been used in a fruitful manner. We have lunch breaks in our offices that we spend uselessly by chatting with our friends, going out for a walk at the nearby park, or browsing sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to see what our friends are doing. Nonetheless, you will be surprised to know that we can use our lunch breaks to make good money when we don’t have to do any real hard work for that. Making money online is easy when you have the Internet with you. Given below are 10 interesting techniques to achieve this objective.

Ten Interesting Techniques To Make Money On Your Lunchtime 1) Be a blogger If blogging enthuses you too much, then you can easily use your lunchtime to write one or two blogs of your interest. You can publish them on your own blog site or some other site and get some money for that. If you become a member of the Google Adsense affiliate program, then the potential for earning is even more. WordPress and Blogger are free blogging platforms that you can use.

2) Look for freelance work There are various freelance works available on the Internet which you can do during your lunch break of one hour, for example editing work, web designing, and coding. For doing this, you need to create your own website and start promoting it. Again, sites like Twitter and Freelancer can make your task simpler. If you are a freelance photographer, you can sell your photos on Flickr and Fotolia and earn good money.

3) Do online surveys There are plenty of companies that will pay money to you only for conducting online surveys and giving your valuable opinions. Despite the fact that the amount of money paid is not so big, it is still better than doing nothing. Obviously, stay away from sites that ask for a payment.

4) Sell articles You must have some articles in your home that you feel are needless and encumbering your living space. You can sell them off on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist, clear your home and make some money at the same time. You can sell antique goods, gadgets, paintings, mp3 players, digital cameras, old books, CDs and handicraft items in this way.

5) Get cash while shopping If you are an avid online shopper, then there are plenty of opportunities before you to earn money online from cashback websites. These sites offer cash when you purchase your favorite stuff through them online. Only for registering, they will offer you money. If you refer friends, you can earn more.

6) Rent out space and stuff you don’t require any more If you have a garage or car parking area which you don’t need, you can rent it out and make some cash. Give an advertisement on your local newspaper or online and people will start contacting you. The earning potential is quite high if your garage is located near the airport or the railhead. You can also rent your camera or soft toys with which your kids used to play. Some mobile manufacturers recycle mobile phones and you can sell your mobile to them against a good price.

7) Switch your insurer and telecom services provider You can use your lunchtime to negotiate with your utility and insurance service provider for reducing your rates. If they feel that they might lose you as an existing customer, they might be ready to offer a lower rate to you.

8) Pack your lunch from your home Of course, this has nothing to do with your one hour lunch break. However, if you pack your lunch and stop eating out, then you can save a substantial amount of money every year. In addition, you can use your lunch break to plan for your meals.

9) Use your lunchtime for creating budgets Obviously, it is essential for all of us to budget our incomes and expenditures. List all your incomes and expenses and then see how you can better your situation. Maintain a diary or excel sheet for this. Set some goals for your budget and try to achieve them. Only creating a budget will not do. You have to follow it sincerely.

10) Work as a pet sitter You can use your lunchtime for sitting pets and making some money. If you try, you will find many pet sitting job offers near your workplace. So, making money on lunchtime is not something impossible. You just need to apply your mind and remain patient.

10 interesting ways to make money on your lunchtime  

We waste our valuable time in various ways without even realizing that it could have been used in a fruitful manner. We have lunch breaks in...