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INT. SMALL HOME. DAY A FATHER and his son, HARRY, are sitting in the living room of a small house. The FATHER is newly divorced and you can see its had a real effect on him. Depressed, the only thing he has left is his son and alcohol. His face is pale white not a single bit of colour in his cheeks. His hair gets more grey by the day and he is rapidly losing weight. His hair grows longer and longer by the day and his beard is the longest it has ever been. In nothing but his boxers with a bottle of beer and a packet of crisps, FATHER is watching countdown. Bottles of beer and whiskey are skattered over the floor and the whole house is littered with rubbish and empty crisp packets. On the walls are pictures of HARRY playing football and various other sports. Awards and trophies are sat on the mantelpiece. It’s almost shrine like. You get the feeling that HARRY’s father is very proud of his son and all his accomplishments. HARRY who is in his mid 20s, tall, slim and well groomed for your average male. His hair is perfect, not a hair out of place and his eyebrows are perfectly shaped. Everything about his appearence is spotless. Wearing a suit and tie looking like he has just popped round after work. A business man who has done well for himself. The latest BMW is sat on the drive and a suit that looks to be worth around £3000 HARRY has got a good life. HARRY is slightly on edge, sitting on the edge of the sofa unable to relax like he normally can, beads of sweat start to drip down from his forehead. FATHER doesn’t notice as his eyes are fixated on the television. HARRY finally plucks up the corage to speak to his father. HARRY You still watch this shit then? His FATHER remains silent. HARRY Look dad I know you’ve had a rough time but you cant live like this. His Father again remains silent and keeps his eyes glued to the television screen. HARRY I’ve come round to see you and you havent said a word to me, not a single bloody word. Father still looking at the television screen FATHER Hello.




HARRY wipes the sweat from his brow, he looks up at all the photos of him as a child and teenager and takes a deep breathe. HARRY Look dad i’ve come round to tell you something. I might not be something you want to hear but FATHER (Interrupting) You’re gay. HARRY What? FATHER I know harry, i’ve known for years. I just hoped you would have grown out of it or is was a phase. His FATHERS eyes never leaving the television screen. HARRY This doesn’t change who i am dad. im still harry Again his FATHER remains silent and continues to watch his programme. HARRY Dad? FATHER shakes his head in disagrement. There is a long pause before HARRY stands up and begins to leave. HARRY I’ll errm. I’ll see you next week then yeah? Not saying a word or moving a muscle, FATHER keeps his eyes on the television. HARRY leaves and slams the door behind him creating a huge bang that echos throughout the house. FATHER buries his face in his hands and begins to cry.

Practice Screenplay  

Small screenplay about a son telling his father he is gay. Exercise on learning to write dialogue.