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THE CELTICS GUIDE Who will be the champions this year?

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With 17 chapionship titles, can the Boston Celtics make 2012-13 season number 18? Can they pull the team together for a common desire?

BOSTON CELTICS A team preview for the 2012-2013 season...

Boston are hoping to come back strong this year after leaving the playoffs in the semi-finals last year, but many think it may be harder than before. The deparure of Ray Allen to Miami Heat may hit very hard. Ray Allen had been a part of the team since .... and was a much loved player, being one of the “Big Three”. However the Celtics are putting their focus onto their new members of the team, such as Jason Terry, who came from the Dallas Mavericks. Avery Bradley, a

2011 draft pick, is set to make his big comeback this season, after being out injured for most of last year. He is one of the most promising members of the team, being drafted straight out of the University of Texas. Keving Garnett stated recently is that the team are putting their attention to making sure the new players settle in well with the team and everybody is comfortable playing together. A lot of critics think that the team will find it hard to get used to playing together. The “Big Three” were

Doc Rivers: “I still don’t like our urgency. I don’t like how we’re approaching the games. Until we fix that were going to struggle. It’s early.”

the drive of the previous team, and now that has been broken, with the departure of Ray Allen. Both the players and the fans will have to become acccustomed the a whole new team. In a promo video for the new 2012-13 season, Paul Pierce says “We are not here to talk about history, we are here to make it.”

Doc Rivers: “We missed a lot of open 3s, open jump shots. But then we pressed after that. We’ve just got to trust what we’re doing.”

SEASON SCORES: 31/10 Celtics 107 120 Heat 02/11 Bucks 99 88 Celtics 03/11 Celtics 89 86 Wizards 08/11 Wizards 94 100 Celtics 10/11 76ers 106 100 Celtics 11/11 Celtics 96 92 Bucks

PLAYER PREVIEWS: “This is a competitive group of guys and they want to find a way to win,” - Doc Rivers

“Boston acquired Terry, a former Sixth Man of the Year, to provide scoring off the bench.” - Miami Hearald

# 12 Leandro Barbosa # 30 Brandon Bass # 0 Avery Bradley # 98 Jason Collins # 5 Kevin Garnett # 8 Jeff Green # 3 Kris Joseph # 99 Darko Milicic “It appears we’re in # 34 Paul Pierce the midst of a rejuve- # 9 Rajon Rondo nation of the Rajon # 7 Jared Sullinger Rondo-to-Kevin Gar- # 4 Jason Terry nett alley-oop.” - Jeff # 44 Chris Wilcox Hanisch

“Guys did a great job of hanging in there, fighting and scratching. I told them that’s what they have to do on the road to be successful.” - Tyrone Corbin “This team has yet to play the role of the powerhouse they were thought to be.” - Dan Favale

“Doc Rivers has experimented with his starting lineup but hopes his current one will stick for the Boston Celtics.”

“For the Celtics to prove themselves as an elite team, they need better play from a few players.” - Patric Buscone

“Rondo is starting to get comfortable with the players that are out there on the floor and what plays he can call with them there.” - Doc Rivers

The Celtics Guide  
The Celtics Guide  

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