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UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA ENGLISH DEPARTMENT PREVIOUS GRADUATE COURSES (2004-2007) 2006-2007 Winter 2007 ENG 6322: Geoff Rector. ‘The School of Letters’: Literary Theory and Literary Education from Late Antiquity to the Post-Medieval ENG 6357: Nicholas von Maltzahn. Restoration? Literature and its Discontents in the Reign of Charles ll ENG 6372: Ian Dennis. Three Long Poems of the Romantic Period ENG 6373: Ina Ferris. Romantic Literature: Books and Bookishness in Romantic Culture ENG 7300: Dominic Manganiello. Modern Literature I ENG 7312: Anne Raine. Modernity and the Primitive in American Modernist Culture ENG 7323: Janice Fiamengo. A Century of Canadian Woman Writers Fall 2006 ENG 6330: Victoria Burke. Manuscript, Print, and Early Modern Women’s Poetry ENG 6350: Jennifer Panek. Middleton, Jonson, and Early Modern Dramatic Satire ENG 7311: David Jarraway. ‘No Place Like Home’: House H(a)unting in Modernist American Fiction and Film. ENG 7320: Gerald Lynch. Canadian Short Story Cycles ENG 7321: Robert Stacey. Modern and Contemporary Canadian Fiction: The Historical Novel ENG 7322: John Moss. Canadian Literature: Genre Subversions ENG 7384: David Carlson. The Death of The Author in Foucault Summer 2006 ENG 6371: Ina Ferris. Romantic Fiction and The ‘Subterraneous’ Past Spring 2006

ENG 6363: Frans De Bruyn. Reading-Eighteenth Century Culture through Samuel Johnson 2005-2006 Winter 2006 ENG 6342: Irene Makaryk. Hamlet and the Traditions of Renaissance Tragedy ENG 6361: April London. Family Relations ENG 6362: Frans De Bruyn. Reading 18th Century Culture through Alexander Pope ENG 7303: Dominic Manganiello. (Re)Figuring the Journey: Strangers and Pilgrims in Modern Fiction ENG 7322: David Staines. Canadian Fiction of the 1940s and 1950s Fall 2005 ENG 6356: Nicholas von Maltzahn. Milton and Marvell ENG 6381: Lauren Gillingham. The 19th Century Novel of Fashion ENG 6382: Keith Wilson. Thomas Hardy ENG 7310: Anne Raine. Stories of Experience: Work, Writing and Selfhood ENG 7321: Janice Fiamengo. Value and Values: Critical Approaches to Early Canadian Fiction ENG 7381: Berhard Radloff. Phenomenology and Reception Theory Summer 2005 ENG 7323: Seymour Mayne. Jewish Canadian Writers: The Making of a Tradition Spring 2005 ENG 6321: Geoff Rector. Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde and Romance Tradition 2004-2005 Winter 2005

ENG 6370: Ina Ferris. Behind the Scenes: Fiction as "Secret History" in the Nineteenth Century ENG 7300: Dominic Manganiello. (Un)Ravelling the Textile of Tradition: Ancient Epis and the Modern Novel ENG 7312: David Jarraway. Lady Sings Deleuze: Theorizing the Female Subject in Modernist (American) Literature ENG 7313: Anne Raine. Environmental Imagination: Nature, Modernity, and American Modernism ENG 7320: Janice Fiamengo. Canadian Contemporaries: Sara Jeanette Duncan and Pauline Johnson ENG 7380: Bernhard Radloff. The Question of Tragedy Fall 2004 ENG 6341: Jennifer Panek. "Masculine Virtue": Gender in the Plays of Shakespeare's Contemporaries ENG 6355: Nicholas Von Maltzahn. Milton and His Readers: The Making of the National Poet, 1667-1750 ENG 6360: Frans De Bruyn. Cervantes in the Eighteenth Century: A Study in Cultural Influence ENG 6380: Ian Dennis. The Pre-Raphaelite Movement, 1848-1882 ENG 7311: Klaus Peter Stich. Concord and the American Renaissance ENG 7322: Cynthia Sugars. Gone Settler: Canadian Fiction and Colonial Nostalgica Summer 2004 ENG 6320: Andrew Taylor. Chaucer and the Poetics of Prince-Pleasing Spring 2004 ENG 7381: David Carlson. Derridean Reading

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