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($50). How great is that? For the emerging Emelda Marcuses out there, there is a very wide selection of shoes and boots for you to choose from. (9.5)

Back of Book: The photo editorial pages in this issue was the best representation of all beautiful women* from late teens to mid-40s out there: Jenell Williams in Escape Artist (8), Demi Lovati in Into the Fire (5), the Gothic beauty of Egle Tvirbutaite in the Color of Night (8.5, Go Kate!) and the stunning Herleth Paul smoldering in this season's most sumptuous furs in Hide and Seek (9.5, Again, the fabulous Kate Lanphear was beyond genius). And then there's Stephanie Seymour. (10) Not every magazine subscribe to the Bennetton Rainbow of colors; and this magazine did. Power to the people.



Page Count: 556 pages Cover Subject: Gwyneth Paltrow (Twice!) in Julian MacDonald, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton (8) Cover Article: I like Gwyneth. I liked her on Glee. I liked her on the Grammys and I love GOOP. In this article she displayed an heightened sense of how she is viewed in the world and showed a confidence in herself, her talents and her life that is very powerful. I came away from reading this piece knowing just a little bit more about her in a positive way. And she said it best: If you don't like her, turn the radio station, don't go to the movie, walk away from the computer, change the channel on TV. It no longer matters what you think of her. (10)

Front of Book: Joe Zee hits it out of the park as usual. The pieces on Dries Van Noten, and trend-spotting (Eyes Wide Shut, Seeing Spots, High Art, Strait Laced, Lock and Key) was an all encompassing view of fall trends with unlimited options. I especially like the brass handcuffs bracelet from Louis Vuitton ($2,140) Talk about being an arresting beauty. Their coverage of accessories is awe-inspiring. The Shopping Guide covers graphic sweaters from Chloe ($1,495) to The Limited

Fashion Maniac issue 2  

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