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9/11 Remembrances: A Thousand Words by Stephen Marche “What Osama Bin Laden Left Behind: The End of Terrorism” is required reading (10); as is Tyler Cabots “The Prisoners of Guantanamo, What We Saw”, an oral history and The Rebuilding Part: The Memorial by Scott Raab. (10) Mr. Raab made a valid point in that while we should remember the dead and the tremendous effects 9/11 has had on our world; it’s time to bury the dead and move on. He advocates for many points, one is that we should stop calling the site “Ground Zero” and two, we should make that area – while still being on the alert- a place where people can walk around free again and not an overly protected area where people feels under seize from the overwhelming presence of the police and other law enforcement bodies.

“the stylists actually gave us looks and pieces that a majority of men would embrace and wear”

Magazine: Esquire Page Count: 94 pages Cover Subject: Ryan Gosling

Cover Article: Mr. Gosling is an actor with a great future ahead of him, and this interview gave you all the reasons you need to get on board the Ryan Gosling train before it leaves the station. (9)

Front of Book: Man at His Best (MaHB) is always an interesting read. Starting with a Q&A with Chelsea Handler (9), following this with a Fall TV Preview (7) Drinking in Cuba, an Update (8) and Sex with Stacey Grenrock Woods (9), all were good reads. Back of Book: Esquire’s Eat Like a Man/How to Cook gave me a new appreciation for people who knows their way around a kitchen. And the recipes are pretty easy to follow. (8) The Q&A with Daniela Ruah was funny, insightful and just plain enjoyable. She’s definitely a woman I love (10). The Bold Look (twenty-one pages of aggressive new styles for fall) was quite three dimensional and the stylists actually gave us looks and pieces that a majority of men would embrace and wear. Nothing was too far out here. (8)

Fashion Maniac issue 2  

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