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Front of Book: The “Know & Tell” front of book section of the magazine is chockfull of all the style, cultural, health and grooming news you will ever need and information you never knew needed. I am a closet foodie and read The Shoppers' Guide to the New Food Temples in the world with great interest. (8) Back of Book: Earlier this year, Details revamped the magazine to include more fitness feature stories. While the book’s fashion pages are generally non-starters, The Body is packed with vital news concerning your health, and fitness regiments. The photo-editorial featuring surfers modeling overcoats and jackets (7) was mildly interesting; Getting the Boot gave me footwear options I never knew I needed (8), and I very much enjoyed Street Smart, featuring the best suits of the season (9)

“The Body is packed with vital news concerning your health, and fitness regiments”

“It's almost like a manifestation of God”

Magazine : Details Page Count:208 pages

Cover Subject: Ashton Kutcher, the new star of CBS's Two and a Half Men (7). This cover was somewhat standard fare, nothing earth-shattering here either.

Cover Article: Following up my earlier statement, what was more important here was the feature written by Jonah Weiner. As a general rule, we (as human beings) traffic heavily in stereotypes. Mr. Kutcher, as we discovered, is a lot more than the dimwitted Kelso on That '70s Show. Over the years, he has become a producer (Punk'd), an emerging Master of the Tech Universe, and a socially-conscious citizen. In an insightful Q&A, he spoke about the good and bad aspects to living one's life online. As he said: “You have to learn to negotiate it, or you can choose not to participate. It's almost like a manifestation of God. People used to behave morally because they thought God was always watching—in some ways God today is the collective, and the collective is watching.” He also feels that privacy is only as important as you personally make it, a sound argument if ever there is one. (8)

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