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to do anything, just about, but with the wherewithal and understanding and life skills of a 45-year-old Supreme Court Judge.” Quite profound. (10)

Front of Book: “GQ Endorses” is all about enticing you with clothes, watches, shoes and accessories you gotta have. But if you are like me, I wish that GQ would also send me the money to buy all this stuff because this section is a must-read front of book feature. I was intrigued with “The Three Labels We're Obsessed With Right Now” piece. After all, you have to keep with the trends and the emerging trend-setters. I've never owned a var-

after reading page 144, I want one. Badly. Their grooming adsity jacket but

vice is on-target as usual; and the travel piece on visiting Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver brought back good memories because I have visited all three cities several times over the years and it was fun to read about the places I have been to and the places I want to visit on my next trip. (8)

Articles of Interests: This issue was chock full of long-form articles that left an indelible impression on me. “Dinner for Schmucks” by Alan Richman is a must-read piece that has reverberated beyond GQ and caught fire on the internet. People are still talking about it. (10) The article on Michael Vick by Will Leitch was memorable only because throughout all he's been through, Mr. Vick still seems to think that he was wronged. (7) As

“I wish that GQ would also send me the money to buy all this stuff” Magazine: GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly) Page Count: 276 pages

Cover Subject: Mark Sanchez, Quarterback for the New York Jets (9) This is one of the best covers from GQ in as many years. It really pops and, do I dare say it, that is one sexy cover. Cover Article: Sometimes a magazine teases you with a big build-up regarding the cover article inside and then let you down with something that is far off the mark. Not this time. The cover was interesting and so was the article inside. Writer J.R. Moehringer managed, in a sly manner, to peel back the onion where Sanchez was concerned and show us a more three-dimensional man. He showed us a man who's still trying to find his way as a football player, a citizen and as a man. You come to understand his fear of screwing up, of being involved in a public scandal, of getting trouble with women. As he so eloquently put it: “You have to be a 24-year old bachelor with the means

the day approaches when “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” is due to come to an end, Chris Heath spoke to dozens of gay servicemen about their lives and their thoughts on the issue. This is a life-changing article. It speaks to my own experience, the strength it takes to live the life and how wrong DADT was all along. Nothing beats living your life as a second class citizen, I guess. It took seventeen years to reach this point and the “Promise land” is well within our sights. One can only hope it gets better going forward. (15)

Back of Book: Project Upgrade Goes to College (8), The Great GQ Pants-off (6), and Boss Tweed starring actor James Marsden (9) constitutes the bulk of the photo-editorial coverage. Nothing here exactly rocked my world but Mr. Marsden is one of my favorite actors from his Ally McBeal days. He was gorgeous then and he's even more gorgeous now.

Fashion Maniac issue 2  
Fashion Maniac issue 2  

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