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ConvoSpark Guide to Facebook Analytics

It’s no secret that comments and likes are the easiest ways to measure engagement on Facebook, but there’s a lot more to it than that. If you’ve ever wanted to get an improved and more extensive view at how engaged your Facebook fans are you need to start using Facebook Analytics. This post will break down the basics and help you get a better idea of what’s working for your page and what’s not. First let’s take a look at the Overview:

The blue line represents Weekly Total Reach. This represents how many people have viewed the content on your page. From looking at the graph, we can see that page views peaked on August 12. This means something must have happened that day that caused more people to view the page. Maybe a post, or a Facebook ad launched that day. To find out, take a quick look below. You will see all of your posts, when they were posted, how many people they reached, how many people interacted with it, etc.

The graph to the right shows how frequently each unique visitor views your page. Likes

Here you will find a breakdown of the demographic of people who currently like your page. This is helpful for deciding who to target your content to what kind of content you will post. Reach

As described earlier, reach indicates the number of people that have viewed your page, or the number of impressions that have been made. The “Reach” section of your analytics tell you the demographics of the people who have actually viewed your page. This is slightly more significant than you “Like” demographics because these people are actually seeing your content, whereas someone who simply

likes your page may have viewed it once and never returned. Look below the demographics portion of this page and you will see two more graphs. The one on the left shows where your views are coming from. Organic – fans who come to the page directly. Paid – Fans who clicked on a paid Facebook ad. Viral – fans who came to the page through a shared post from a friend’s page.

Talking About You

Similar to the Reach tab, the Talking About You Tab breaks down the demographics of people who have interacted with your page. The graphs below highlight what days the most interaction occurred on. You can also filter these graphs to show interaction with all stories, just page likes, mentions or photo tags.

Facebook analytics are extremely useful for anyone managing a Facebook page. Take a look at yours and see how you can improve engagement on your page!

ConvoSpark Guide to Facebook Analytics