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The leading cause of death is heart disease. Here, in our own region. So here is where we draw the line. With the region’s dedicated Heart Hospital, a facility and staff devoted solely to cardiovascular disease, and a new intensive care unit with private patient rooms and the latest technology. Right here, because we believe an academic medical center should always lead. Caring for your heart. It’s who we are.

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State-of-the-art surgical weight loss

Leading the way in robotically assisted gastric bypass surgery in East Tennessee. We’re proud to be the first practice in East Tennessee to perform robotically assisted, laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. This method allows us to make very precise incisions and sutures, resulting in the most effective surgical outcomes for our patients. Robotically assisted surgery offers qualified patients many benefits: Q Fewer complications Q Shorter recovery times Since 2002, more than 1,000 of our patients have lost a total of over 75,000 pounds and gained significant improvement in overall health through weight loss surgery and post-surgery behavior modification. Dr. Mark A. Colquitt

Dr. Jonathan H. Ray

Contact us today to see if bariatric surgery is a healthy solution for you.

349 BMH Physician Office Building Maryville, TN 37804


We offer a range of surgical weight loss options, including gastric bypass, Realize® adjustable gastric band and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. To sign up for a free informational seminar, call 865-984-3413 or visit




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PHONE 865-675-6397 NEWS FAX: 675-1675 ADVERTISING FAX: 675-6776 farragutpress is published weekly at 11863 Kingston Pike Farragut, TN 37934

A Healthy Smile is a Happy Smile! New Patients are Welcome!

James R. Williams, D.M.D. 10641 Deerbrook Drive, Knoxville

Most Insurance Welcome Financing Available


Advanced Family & Cosmetic Dentistry with a gentle touch 2 2010 WEST KNOX MEDICAL FOCUS


As with many popular and necessary discoveries that we take for granted, X-rays were invented by accident. In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen noticed that a fluorescent screen in his lab glowed when he turned on an electron beam. Placing his hand in front of the beam, he saw the silhouette of his bones projected onto the screen. For more than 100 years, radiology didn’t really change. Bulky machinery created X-ray film, which took upwards of 15 minutes to develop and often considerably longer for doctors to review. All this changed a few years ago. Like most electronics, Xrays have gone digital, and this break through already is benefiting patients in many U.S. medical facilities. It even was used on a mummy. Digital radiography, or DR, is filmless, using an image cap-

ture process that can reduce exam times and retakes, increase facility efficiency and contribute to substantial cost and labor savings. Similar to a digital camera, DR can be connected to a network, leading to faster and improved image management and distribution. New and revolutionary, DR already is exploring new technologies such as the first mobile DR sensors. The Canon CXDI-50G is a portable DR system designed for diverse applications that include trauma and bedside exams. It has a lightweight design (10.6 pounds and is less than an inch thick) yet it is large enough for chest and abdominal X-rays and still as easy to position as a conventional X-ray. If necessary, a patient easily can hold the sensor in place during image capture. See X-RAYS on Page 20 2010 WEST KNOX MEDICAL FOCUS 3


rofile: Migun TN



Migun TN in Farragut is a health and wellness center, with many other services offered. Integrative Synergy Health & Wellness Center provides a synergistic blend of eastern and western health, science & technology. The Center is a collection of practitioners, products and people that together create synergy. Its purpose is to facilitate the integration of all areas of life into a cohesive, balanced whole and to promote health, wellness and wholeness in the community. Integrative Synergy Health & Wellness Center features Migun TN, Tennessee's only Migun therapeutic thermal acupressure massage bed demonstration center. The goal of integrative healing is to activate the body’s own natural healing responses. To do that, the Center offers a free Migun demonstration center. In addition, many other services are offered: massage therapy, energy therapies, coaching, ongoing yoga classes, plus classes in meditation, breath work, mantra, chanting and more. The unique thing about Migun TN is that it is a FREE demonstration center for Migun therapeutic thermal acupressure massage beds. No strings attached..... FREE. Migun has found this unique marketing approach to be excellent for generating word of mouth advertising and referrals...which lead to sales of Migun beds and other Migun products. The beds


are FDA approved as a 501K Class II Medical Device and are used worldwide in hospitals, clinics, and sports training facilities. Although it is fantastic to have a Migun bed in your home, where you can use it anytime at your convenience (the new owners have had their personal Migun bed for about 3 years now), those who choose not to purchase a bed will not be denied the opportunity to improve their health and can continue to visit the center and use the beds at no charge. The philosophy is "if you give back to the community, it will give back to you." The goal is to improve the health of the community. “Migun” means “Beautiful Health” in Korean. Come experience Tennessee’s first Far Infrared Thermal Acupressure Massage Bed for yourself and experience the Migun method for improving circulation, metabolism, detoxification, muscular pain and relaxation. The experience explains it all. Migun TN and the Integrative Synergy Center for Health & Wellness are located at 11533 Kingston Pike, Next to the Fresh Market of Farragut, in the Village Green Shopping Center. For more information, call 865-755-0778 or visit


rofile: Manorhouse Assisted Living



Choosing an assisted living community for your loved one can be overwhelming and challenging for families. Manorhouse understands those challenges and can help! Combining assisted living services and integrated health care systems will provide your family with quality care and peace of mind. Manorhouse is committed to exceeding residents' and family members' expectations. Through our Check✔Point Program™, we coordinate care programs, quality assurance activities and extensive employee training to enhance and protect our residents' quality of life. Losing one's memory doesn't have to mean losing one's dignity. Dignity comes from a sense of self-esteem, from being treated with respect. Manorhouse's Life Connections Program for the memory-impaired provides the specialized services that are essential for our residents and their families. Manorhouse offers assisted living options that make it possible for our residents to stay longer than they would at other communities. Five levels of care is available, we can accommodate seniors with a wide range of needs, from minimal

assistance to those who require more specialized care. No matter what level of care they require, all of our residents are treated with the kind of compassion that respects dignity and nurtures self-esteem. Outside of your family, nobody cares for your loved ones more than Manorhouse. For more information contact Diane Williams at 865-670-0504.

Need a physician or service referral?

Ask Mercy.

We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your questions about Mercy physicians, programs and services. We can help you: Find a physician that’s just right for you Locate community resources and support groups RSVP to health education and screening programs Learn more about Mercy facilities and services



NHC Place Assisted Living Farragut


rofile: Quick Gym


• Lovely Senior Community • Nursing Staff on duty 24/7 • Monthly Rentals • Nursing, Delicious Meals, Housekeeping, Phones, Transportation and more included in rent.

Our Home is always open for you to stop by and visit with us.

122 Cavett Hill Lane 777-9000


for 12 Years in the Farragut community.



The ROM workout only takes 4 minutes out of your day to give you a well-balanced and effective workout. It is simply a myth that exercise needs to be long and time-consuming in order to reap the benefits to your body's health and wellness. The ROM delivers cardio fitness, muscle strength and flexibility in a short 4 minute exercise routine that can be done by people of all ages and different levels of health and fitness, from the very weak to highly-trained athletes. A study conducted with ROM machines at the University of Southern California shows the effectiveness of 4-minutes and 8-minutes per day exercise on the ROM as equal to or better than 20 to 45 minutes on a treadmill 3 to 5 times per week. (Robert Girandola, Interim Chairman, Dept. of Exercise Sciences, 1995). People are totally amazed after using the Quick Gym ROM machine for 30 days. They recognized, in very little time, the value of the 4-minute Quick Gym workout both for their health and also for their busy schedule. It is only 4 minutes to a better quality of life with balanced blood sugar, more flexibility, better muscle tone, stamina and strength. Visit QuickGym at 127522 Kingston Pike, Suite 5102 Renaissance | Farragut or call 865-671-2191.


rofile: East Tennessee Children’s Hospital



School is out for the summer. The kids are playing in the yard, at the lake and on vacation. During all of this playtime, there is still time for education away from school. This is a great time for parents to embark on a plan to improve eating habits and follow a healthy diet. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Food and Nutrition Services recommend a nutritious diet based on the updated Food Guide Pyramid. The Pyramid can be used to help determine which foods need to be included each day and can provide options for healthy snacking. Snack attacks are normal for kids, who need lots of energy from food to keep them going all day long. But, parents need to understand the best foods to offer children to eat to get rid of hunger and provide great nutrients. Swimming, walking, running at the park, even playing on the computer all require energy. Children also have small stomachs, which means they need to fill them up frequently. That’s where snacks come in — they give a little fuel to keep children from getting too tired and too hungry. “A good snacking guideline is to eat a meal or a snack every 3 or 4 hours,” said Dr. Heather Edgley, Pediatric Hospitalist at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. “Parents should keep some snacks like fruit, whole grain crackers, or carrot sticks in their bag, so when a snack attack strikes, these can get rid of the child’s hunger. Some people think that eating a snack means crunching chips or chowing down on cookies. However, healthy snacks are packed with nutrients that a body needs to grow strong and stay well. Parents who are seeking some easy, healthy snacks may start with this list: low-fat cheese and crackers, cereal bars, popcorn (without butter), celery, oranges, peanut butter and crackers, yogurt, granola bars, raisins, grapes, bagels, canned fruit (without syrup), graham crackers, pretzels, baby carrots, apples, English muffins, raisins and string cheese. Edgley suggests that a great snack is half an apple with peanut butter and raisins; this snack provides vitamins, quick carbohydrates for energy and protein and fat for satiety. Teaching children the habit of grabbing a nutritious snack is a great way parents can help their children eat a healthy diet and develop good eating habits. For more information on nutrition for both children and adults, visit the American Dietetic Association website at If you have a particular question concerning your child, contact your pediatrician or a Registered Dietitian. Compliments of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Same day appointments • Heel Pain • Ingrown Nails • Bunions • Infections • Broken Bones • Bone Spurs • Elderly Foot Care • Sprains • Joint Pain • Warts • Diabetics • Infants and Child Foot Conditions • We Accept Most Insurance — NOW ACCEPTING CIGNA

TENNESSEE FOOT & ANKLE CLINIC Medical, Surgical & Orthopedic Treatment of the Foot & Ankle

DR. DAVID P. HAWK DR. CAROL A. AKERMAN DR. BRIAN N. CHRISTIANSEN DR. MARK B. HELLMAN Within walking distance from anywhere... Call 986-2700 or 862-4981 for an appointment at any of our multiple locations: Lenoir City • Bearden Hill • Oak Ridge Sevierville • Madisonville



rofile: Foothills Weight Loss Specialists



Using the latest in surgical robotic technology, Foothills Weight Loss Specialists medical director and bariatric surgeon Dr. Mark A. Colquitt recently performed the first robotically assisted, laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery in East Tennessee. The da Vinci system, a four-armed robot that mimics the hand and finger motions of the surgeon, provides more surgical precision than typical laparoscopic surgery and is much less invasive than traditional “open” surgery. “Being the first to use this method for gastrointestinal surgery in East Tennessee, my top priority was a successful patient outcome,” Dr. Colquitt said. “The da Vinci system is a tremendous breakthrough in surgical technology and will be a tremendous benefit to our patients.” Gastric bypass surgery, designed to help morbidly obese people lose weight by reducing the size of the stomach, can be performed through a single large incision or laparoscopically, if appropriate for the patient. Laparoscopic surgeries involve several small incisions, just large enough for the instruments to pass through. This method usually results in fewer complications, shorter recovery times, less post-operative pain and a quicker return to normal activities than the single-incision method. “The robotic technology provides surgeons better access to some of the hard-to-reach abdominal and gastrointestinal areas. This allows us to perform the delicate and challenging bypass procedure with even greater precision,” Dr. Colquitt noted. “The most important advantage is the ability to make very precise incisions and sutures. I believe this state-of-the-art method will soon become the preferred technique for bariatric and many other surgical specialties.” Since 2002, Foothills Weight Loss Specialists board-certified surgeons Dr. Mark Colquitt and Dr. Jonathan Ray have helped more than 1,000 patients lose a total of over 75,000 pounds – over 37 tons – through bariatric surgery. Foothills offers a range of surgical weight loss options, including gastric bypass, Realize adjustable gastric band and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Located in Maryville, Tenn., Foothills Weight Loss Specialists is a division of Premier Surgical Associates and collaborates with the Blount Memorial Weight Management Center. For more information, visit


Foothills Weight Loss Specialists medical director and bariatric surgeon Dr. Mark Colquitt used the da Vinci system to perform East Tennessee’s first robotically assisted gastric bypass surgery at Blount Memorial Hospital. Robotically assisted surgery usually provides patients fewer complications and a quicker return to normal activity than traditional methods. Photo submitted

For the

Generations of your life.

To schedule your appointment call (865) 769-4444

Now home to the Center for Medical

Weight Loss!

(865) 694-THIN 8446


rofile: Concord Summit Medical Group



The physicians and staff at Concord Summit Medical Group strives to bring to your family the utmost in quality, compassionate primary care available. Our physicians care for your adolescent, age 15 years old and above, when their pediatrician transition needs to take place. We do high school and sport physicals as well as college entrance physicals. Our physicians are well respected in this community. They all have a wonderful family life and know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adolescents to geriatrics all (Pictured from are treated with respect and concern for their health. L to R) Walke r Nowell, DO; MD; Antoin M We specialize in preventive medicine as well as taking care Rebecca Jack ardini, MD; Ca son, rabeth Russel Pi er ce , MD; Natalie l, MD; John M of all major health problems. Judy, PA-C; Ch ark arles Clark, M D Dr. Jackson and Dr. Russell have a 6 month weight loss program that has been very successful and attainable. Call our practice administrator for full details, Louisa at 865- fully certified ARRT technologists. Lab work also can be 691-0733 ext 109. done in the office. Visit our web site at SUMMITCONCORDMED.COM and We welcome new patients and are always appreciative for meet our physicians. the many referrals from our current patients. There is a full state-of-the-art digital x-ray system with 2 Please call and make an appointment today; 865-691-0733.

Your Family Eye Care Professionals Dorian D. Lain, O.D. • Joseph T. Manning, O.D. • Beth M. Spann, O.D. Randy W. Dutton, O.D. • Grover C. Robinson IV, M.D.

• Proven excellence in contact lens evaluation & fitting • Featuring the OptoMap® non-dilated retinal exam • Diabetic eye exams

• Minor emergency, eye infection and dry eye treatment • LASIK and cataract surgery care • Computer Vision Syndrome treatment



7220 Chapman Hwy. • Knoxville

11124 Kingston Pike • Farragut 2010 WEST KNOX MEDICAL FOCUS 9


rofile: UT Medical Center



The University of Tennessee Medical Center, this region’s only academic medical center, has long been dedicated to serving as a leader in healthcare for the East Tennessee community. It continues that commitment with the construction and opening of the region’s dedicated heart hospital. Serving as the inpatient facility of the medical center’s Heart Lung Vascular Institute, the Heart Hospital will offer care to cardiovascular and pulmonary patients throughout the region. This new dedicated facility will not only help meet the increasing demand for heart, lung, and vascular services but also provide an environment where the best possible outcomes for our patients can be achieved. Heart and blood vessel ailments, also known as cardiovascular disease, are the leading cause of death in the United States as well as East Tennessee. People with cardiovascular disease make up the largest group of hospitalized patients, and this number is rising as our population ages. The Heart Hospital grew out of the medical center’s need for a larger, technologically advanced cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) and for additional heart-monitored hospital beds to handle increasing patient admissions. Heart Hospital is strategically located adjacent to existing operating rooms, endovascular suites, and cardiac catheterization laboratories. Its location also allows for direct transport by UT LIFESTAR in emergency situations. The CVICU will have 24 large patient rooms equipped with the latest patient-monitoring technology. These rooms will enable patients’ families to stay comfortably as long as they wish in order to participate in care decisions and to provide emotional support for their loved ones. From nurses and physicians to chaplains and volunteer fami-


ly ambassadors, The University of Tennessee Medical Center has the dedicated staff to support you and your family physically, emotionally and spiritually. We welcome you to the one hospital dedicated to caring for your heart.

The Comfort & Security You Knew at Home Can Be Felt Once Again! Special friends meeting & enjoying the beautiful grounds! • Arbor Assisted Living - providing 3 delicious meals, snacks, weekly housekeeping, laundry, medical transportation and a therapeutic activities program. • Evergreen, a special secured neighborhood for residents with Alzheimer’s and other advanced memory impairments.

Visitors are always welcome. A wide variety of fun and rewarding opportunities are available for community groups and volunteers.


Tel: (865) 670-4111 9051 Cross Park Drive • Knoxville, TN 37923


rofile: Morning Pointe



Morning Pointe Assisted Living is celebrating its first anniversary! On April 16, 2009, Morning Pointe opened its doors to welcome Bleeka Miller and Irene Foshee. Since those early days, we have experienced many changes—the most important of which is that our Morning Pointe family has continued to grow and flourish. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for each of our residents and their families. We have had an exciting first year, and we have enjoyed a variety of exciting programs and activities—we traveled to Cades Cove for scenic drives and picnics; 25 of us went to Dixie Stampede and had a wonderful time, even with the Cornish hens being plopped on a plate; cruises on the Watts Bar Belle, bowling, movies, shopping, dancing, fine dining, poetry and coffee on the porch; cooking classes making Baklava for Christmas, jambalaya for Mardi Gras; Dog Days of summer with big and little dogs; ballroom dancing; “The Dollies”, music with Elvis; bluegrass, classical, Rocky Top, and Daffodil Hill. Daffodil Hill, once a vision of Pat Caron, executive director, became a reality when in late December, 1000 daffodil bulbs were planted on the hillside of Morning Pointe Drive. Anne Strunk, a resident of Morning Pointe and honorary chairperson for Daffodil Hill, the Lenoir City Garden Club, and other residents gathered along the hillside in late December to plant approximately 20 varieties of daffodils. The residents have truly enjoyed the fruits of their labor when the daffodils began to bloom, bringing smiles to everyone. Aging can be a challenging experience for anyone and their family. Morning Pointe takes the uncertainty of change and enriches lives with independence, all supported by family resources and a professional, loving staff. The challenges of senior living, healthy lifestyles, social and physical activities,

along with personal needs have all been carefully designed into our assisted living and memory care services. Whether a resident requires only a comforting hand on occasion or a full assistance program, each amenity can be customized to provide the right care with dignity. Please call or stop by today to visit our beautiful community. We are located directly behind Ft. Loudoun Medical Center, at 198 Morning Pointe Drive, Lenoir City. Our telephone is 865.988.7373.

Accepting New Patients

Two Locations To Serve You Better! Turkey Creek Office 11440 Parkside Dr. Suite 302

Calvin Bard, MD Daniel Ely, MD Kim Emmett, MD Janet Purkey, MD Juli Williams, MD

Cherokee Mills Office 2250 Sutherland Ave. Suite 121

Crystal Gue, MD Judith Kinzy, MD Amy Schubmehl, MD

FACULTY INTERNAL MEDICINE, PLLC Affiliated with University of Tennessee Medical Center


Practicing what we teach. 2010 WEST KNOX MEDICAL FOCUS 11


rofile: Turkey Creek Dental



Turkey Creek Dental provides general dental care to patients of all ages, from children up to adults of any age. “I enjoy working with families and children because that’s where I am in my life right now,” said Dr. James Williams, himself a father of 4 children. “We cater to families and kids, and enjoy putting names and faces together and then watching them grow,” he added. Turkey Creek Dental performs family and cosmetic dentistry, including cleanings, composite fillings and bondings, implant restoration, veneers, root canals and tooth whitening, among other services. Williams said his team of professionals enjoy working with patients to develop a personalized treatment plan and to give each patient a positive dental experience. “We never do extensive work on the first appointment, besides maybe a cleaning. We want to meet the patient and take the time to understand what their dental goals are,” Williams said. “Our ultimate goal is to teach patients the importance of maintaining good oral health while making sure each patient has a pleasant dental experience,” he added. Turkey Creek Dental is conveniently located on 10641 Deerbrook Drive, and is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday. For more information, visit or call 865-675-3685. Dr. James Williams, wife Candace and their children Rigsby, Camden, Siler & Neyland Phot Charles Garvey o Credit: , Garvey Phot ography



rofile: Weight Loss Center



If you need the tools to lose weight, improve your health and maintain your new healthy lifestyle the easy way, then you need to checkout Weight Loss Management Center. The Knoxville office is conveniently located in Corporate Square, 9000 Executive Park Drive, suite A-10. The center offers a physician and nurse practitioner supervised program that has a history of extreme success. The Knoxville location was opened more than ten years ago and has continued to grow due to patient successes. Weight Loss Management Center's main focus is weight loss. The weight loss program options include the appetite suppressant, Phentermine, the fat-dissolving injection and capsule, Lipo-Vite, diet counseling, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, all of which are supervised by a nurse practitioner. Also available are protein supplements, B-12 injections, Botox, Juvederm, laser treatments, Microdermasion, facials, Glo Mineral makeup and Glytone products. The professional weight loss counselors are always available for guidance and support every step of the way. The ultimate focus and goal is to educate patients so that the healthy style will be lifelong. Please call to schedule an appointment at 865-560-1050.

It’s SIMPLY the SENIOR ADULT thing to do! Be a part of an exclusive residential living community where your senior adult living CHOICES are made BY YOU, the senior adult. The continuing care retirement community for the 21st century senior.

Williams Ferry Pointe -

A neighborhood for senior adults 55 and above who desire an independent life in their own 2 or 3 bedroom home, duplex or quadplex. PRESALES HAVE ALREADY BEGUN.

Baptist Assisted Living Center

- Designed to meet personal assistance care needs for the senior adult who needs minimal assistance.

Baptist Health Care Center - A long term care nursing facility for the senior adult whose needs require the daily expertise and service of professionals to meet complex therapeutic, dietetic and restorative health care needs. Baptist Health Care Campus of Lenoir City. Just 1 mile from I-75, only 5 minutes from West Knoxville.

IT’S TRULY A SIMPLER SOLUTION FOR SENIOR ADULT LIVING. For more information call 865-986-3583, you choose the ministry that fits your needs the best. 2010 WEST KNOX MEDICAL FOCUS 13


rofile: The Eye Group



A Virginia native, Dr. Grover Robinson received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and his medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University-Medical College of Virginia in Richmond where he graduated in the top ten percent of the Medical College of Virginia Class of 2002. Upon completion of the Ophthalmology Surgery Residency program at the Medical College of Virginia in June, 2006, Dr. Robinson joined Dr. William N. Williford and Dr. John T. Dawson in August, 2006. He specializes in cataract surgery, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery for functional purposes), and laser for glaucoma and diabetes. He also performs treatment of eye diseases and injuries, as well as routine eye exams on patients of any age. He is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. His credenGrover C. Robi nson IV, M.D. tials include membership in such organizations as the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and the American Medical Association. His personal interests include spending time with family and friends, traveling, basketball, and golf. He married the former Leah Oubre and has two daughters. For more information call 865-966-2020. Visit the Eye Group web site at

Advanced Cosmetic Treatments Complete Family Care Preventive & Restorative Services

DON MABRY, DDS KEN REHDER, DDS SAM AKHRASS, DDS Lenoir City Professional Park 603 Hwy. 321 North Lenoir City, TN 37771 (865) 986-0842 TEL (865) 986-6459 FAX Hours by Appointment Conveniently located 10 minutes from I-75 Exit 81 14 2010 WEST KNOX MEDICAL FOCUS

East Tennessee Pulmonary Associates, P.C. Mercy West Physicians Plaza 10810 Parkside Dr., Suite 201 Knoxville, TN 37922

Charles W. Bruton, Jr., MD, FCCP R. Hal Hughes, MD, FCCP Michael J. DiMeo, MD, FCCP, MBA Mary T. Hinman, APRN-BC Specializing in diseases of the lung including Asthma, Emphysema, Lung Cancer & Berylliosis

To schedule an appointment call





ASSOCIATED WITH SUN EXPOSURE The arrival of summer is almost universally welcomed with open arms. After a long winter or rain-soaked spring, summer sun can be just what the doctor ordered. But spending too much time in the sun can prove dangerous as well. Adding to those dangers is the common misconceptions associated with sun exposure, many of which give summer revelers a false sense of security when spending time outdoors. The following myths might be commonly believed, but that doesn't make them true. • Myth: Sunburns are only possible when it's really sunny. Even on an overcast day it's possible to suffer a severe sunburn. UV radiation can penetrate clouds, so be sure to check UV levels before heading outside, even if it doesn't appear as if the sun is out. • Myth: Certain skin types are safe from skin cancer. People with olive skin commonly feel as if they're immune to skin cancer. However, skin cancer knows no skin type, and everyone is at its mercy when spending time outdoors without protection. While people with darker skin have a lesser risk of skin cancer than fairskinned folks, that doesn't mean they are immune. • Myth: Sun bathers are the only ones susceptible to skin cancer. Even normal, every day exposure to sun makes people susceptible to skin cancer. Sunburns can occur whether a person is

walking the dog or washing the car. While sun bathers are at a greater risk, that reality doesn't make routine exposure any safer. • Myth: Self tanners protect skin from the sun. Fake tans do not improve the body's ability to protect itself from the sun. Be sure to wear sun block even if skin has been darkened with a self tanner. • Myth: My skin tans and doesn't burn, so I don't need sunblock. UV rays can damage living cells, and the skin often turns brown as a means of protecting itself from these harmful rays. So just because the skin turns brown instead of red doesn't make it any more safe from the sun than skin that reddens upon exposure. • Myth: Cosmetics that contain sunscreen provide adequate sun protection. Moisturizers and foundations with sunscreen can be adequate when the skin is exposed for very short periods of time. However, those planning to spend ample time outdoors should use a separate sunscreen to protect skin. Oftentimes, beauty products that contain sunscreen have an sun protection factor far below the recommended SPF 30. • Myth: Skin cancer is easily treated. Like all cancers, skin cancer can metastasize and spread to other parts of the body. What's more, there is no cure for skin cancer, and treatment options include surgery and chemotherapy. Any changes in the skin should immediately be reported to your physician.

OUR PRACTICE IS FOR ADOLESCENTS TO ADULTS The Physicians and staff are committed to meeting the primary care health needs of our community. We are dedicated to improving the health of our patients. We serve with quality and compassion


Concord Medical Center 10215 KINGSTON PIKE SUITE 100 KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE 37922..(865) 691.0733 A DIVISION OF SUMMIT MEDICAL

(Pictured from L to R) Walker Nowell, DO; Rebecca Jackson, MD; Antoin Mardini, MD; Carabeth Russell, MD; John Mark Pierce, MD; Natalie Judy, PA-C; Charles Clark, MD 2010 WEST KNOX MEDICAL FOCUS 15


rofile: Mercy Health Partners



Knoxville, Tenn. -- The area’s largest cardiology group, East Tennessee Heart Consultants (ETHC), has joined with Mercy Health Partners to form a division called MPS-Cardiology which will be a key component of the newly formed Mercy Heart Institute. The partnership with Mercy and the 21 cardiologists has created the most experienced team of heart experts in the region. In addition to the cardiologists, the Mercy Heart Institute includes cardiovascular surgeons and a highly trained cardiac staff serving patients at locations throughout the Mercy system. “This partnership allows Mercy and the cardiologists to focus on patient care and that’s what matters most,” said David Jimenez, President and CEO of Mercy Health

Partners. “We are excited about the future and continuing to provide a world-class heart program through the Mercy Heart Institute.” With locations at Mercy Medical Center St. Mary’s, Mercy Medical Center West, and Mercy Medical Center North in Knoxville, St. Mary’s Medical Center of Campbell County and St. Mary’s Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Mercy Heart Institute offers the widest array of heart treatment, detection and prevention services available in the region. From interventional and preventative cardiology, heart rhythm disorder treatment, and open heart surgery, to cardiovascular research and cardiac rehabilitation, a comprehensive program of heart services can be found at Mercy.

“I turned 66 and feel better than when I was 40” “after being introduced to HERBALIFE health and nutrition programs” Overweight and always tired Ron Garrett’s friends were growing concerned with his weight when they introduced him to a Herbalife Distributor. Ron was overweight, always tired and had numerous health problems including high blood pressure, acid reflux, sleep apnea, and constant back pain. “I had assumed my poor health was all part of the aging process,” Ron explains.

Finding good health over 50 Though Ron had tried to lose weight in the past, it always came back. After discovering Herbalife, however, Ron not only believed that he found the solution to losing weight and keeping it off, he came to realize that growing old and becoming unhealthy doesn’t have to be synonymous. “It’s not necessary to be unhealthy just because you’re over 50,” Ron explains. “You can still be healthy and feel great.”

“I’m medication free.” Over the course of nine months, Ron lost over 90 pounds and trimmed nearly 10 inches off his waist with his Personalized HERBALIFE Weight Management Program. As a result, his doctor took him off all medications for back pain, acid reflux and after 31 years no blood pressure medication. In 2010, Ron is still medication free and all medical tests are in the normal range. Weight in the last 2 years has varied from 190-207.


Before 1999: 267+ pounds After Herbalife 2001: 175 pounds & medication free 2010: 158 pounds of muscle, with 12 pounds being excess body fat. Total body fat 22.5 %. All test in the normal range last physical

FIT FACTS: With our Health and Wellness Programs, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to lose weight. My treat was “a pastry on Tuesday mornings with everyone in the office.” To lose weight, you replace two meals each day with our HERBALIFE Protein Shake Drink which is part of our cellular nutrition package. You can then enjoy your favorite food with your family for the third meal. To maintain your current weight and improve your energy level, you replace one meal each day with our HERBALIFE Protein Shake Drink and our cellular nutrition products. We carry a full line of inner and outer nutritional products for your health and wellness. KEY MOTIVATOR: “I had only one suit and two pairs of pants that fit.”

You too can lose those Unwanted Pounds! I Did! Call Today we will design a program for you!

DIET TIP: “If you want to improve your weight and health, you have to change your lifestyle.” FAVORITE: “thin ‘n fit” activity: Golfing, having the energy to walk the course instead of having to ride. Caddy for PGA TOUR winner in 2007 and 2009 (Who do you know at my age that can maintain the caddy pace for 4 days in the summer heat?) That is the power of HERBALIFE and working out at the QUICKGYM.

My staff and I will help you achieve your desired weight. Call for appointment! The weight-loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals and are not a guarantee nor are they typical.


(865) 671-2191 Add ROM/QuickGym for your overall wellness needs. 12752 Kingston Pike, Suite E-102, Renaissance | Farragut


rofile: Audibel



There are many factors to consider when purchasing hearing instruments. First and foremost, it is important to select an instrument appropriate for your specific hearing loss. All hearing instruments amplify sound, but with today’s advancements, digital instruments can be more accurately programmed to match your hearing loss characteristics. Your lifestyle is another important factor to consider. Does your profession demand accurate hearing? Or will your hearing instrument be mainly used during family and leisure activities? Appearance also needs to be considered. Hearing instruments come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some styles are barely noticeable once placed in the ear. Take a moment to read about the differences in hearing instruments. When you’re ready, an Audibel hearing professional in your area will be happy to help you assess the different types and styles based on your needs and preferences. Visit for a dealer nearest you.

Defining Quality of Life in Assisted Living ve fun “Mom and I ha ities together.” tiv ac ng di ten at

it “Dad just loves

“Friendship is beautiful at every age.”

“George though t he had heard ‘em all, then he met Eddie.”

Celebrating10 years of service


Ask about our Anniversary Special

8501 South Northshore Drive, Knoxville, TN 37922

(865) 670-0504 2010 WEST KNOX MEDICAL FOCUS 17


rofile: NHC Farragut



Obtaining a license by the state, NHC opened in June of 1998. There are 84 apartments in the assisted living side of NHC where residents live in apartments and stay in that same unit, even if their level of care changes. The rehabilitation unit, added about five years ago, has 90 beds and is funded by Medicare, through PPOs, or private insurances. It offers skilled services and a much higher level of acuity for the patients. Nursing staff is at NHC Place 24 hours a day, and helps with everything from bathing and dining to transportation for outings and medical appointments. For more information, call NHC Farragut, 122 Cavett Hill Lane at 865-777-9000 or visit

Anthem boasts Audibel’s NEWEST, BEST-IN-CLASS FEATURES, so you can experience more with superior comfort, greater clarity, improved directionality and speech audibility. BEARDEN LOCATION 4817KingstonPk. 865-566-0370

LENOIR CITY OAK RIDGE, TN 460 Medical Park Dr. 562 Oak Ridge Turnpike Ste103 (next to Hospital) 865-483-8722 865-988-1883


HALLS/POWELL Emory Rd. Exit 7567 Barnett Way 865-947-9660

KINGSTON, TN 350 Race Street 865-376-1082

CROSSVILLE, TN 2629 N.Main St. 931-456-5379

Call today for an appointment!


rofile: Tennessee Foot & Ankle Clinic


Weight Loss Management Center

Need to lose those extra pounds?


Many of us are welcoming the warmer weather sporting flip-flop sandals. “We are seeing more heel pain than ever in patients 15 to 25 years old, a group that usually doesn’t have this problem,” said Dr. David Hawk, a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. “A major contributor is wearing flip-flop sandals with paper-thin soles everyday to school. Flip-flops have no arch support and this eventually brings pain and inflammation.” It is estimated that 15 percent of all adult foot complaints involve plantar fascitis, the type of heel pain caused by chronic inflammation of the connective tissue extending from the heel bone to the toes. The pain is most noticeable after getting out of bed in the morning, and it tends to decrease after a few minutes, and returns during the day as time on the feet increases. Heel pain can also occur from inflammation of the Achilles tendon, bursitis, arthritis, gout, stress fractures, or irritation of one or more of the nerves in the region. Therefore, diagnosis by a foot and ankle surgeon to rule out other causes is advised. For further information about heel pain, contact Tennessee Foot & Ankle Clinic at 865-986-2700 or visit

Call Today!

560-1050 Get Started Now!


$10 OFF One Month Weight Loss

Please present coupon at appointment time. Expires Sept. 30, 2010 Phentermine and Lipo-Vite Injections Available

Phentermine 30 mg . . . . . . . .30ct . . . . . . .$69.50 Phentermine 37.5 mg . . . . . 30ct . . . . . . .$79.50 Skin services Available: Botox • Juvederm Waxing • Microdermabrasion Facials

All Fees Include: 1 Month Supply Phentermine 30 Count Vitamins • Diet • Counseling

Supervising Physician, A. Cabrera, M.D.


X-Ray From page 3

The compact design allows the Canon CXDI-50G to be applicable for a wide range of X-ray room applications that are difficult to perform with stationary devices. It also can be used at a patient’s bedside, and the imaging processing time is only 20 seconds. Unlike conventional X-ray systems and even other DR systems, the portability of this new technology is useful for trauma, neonatal, pediatric, orthopedic and limited-mobility patients. Canon’s portable DR system also examined what is believed to be the 3,000-year-old mummy of Nefertiti, the long-lost Egyptian ruler of the controversial Amarna Period. Since the mummy was too fragile to be removed from the vault in the tomb, the portable Canon DR system was brought in. The technology permitted radiographers and scientists to construct a three-dimensional skeleton of the mummified body, along with an animated “fly-through” to actually see inside. Superior quality diagnostic images and the system’s portability, durability and ability to instantly capture and display images were key factors behind the decision to employ this new DR technology during the expedition to Egypt’s ancient royal burial ground.




The Professional Choice

The employer of choice for Health Care Professionals Nursefinders is the employer of choice for top health care professionals across the country. Why? Because we put our employees first, we strive to keep them satisfied and we have a large network of rewarding health care jobs available.

RNs LPNs CNAs You’ll find schedules to fit your lifestyle — you choose your hours and days — a variety of assignments, and there’s never a fee or any of the headaches of self-employment. Be assured, with Nursefinders, you are working for a company that is here to stay. We have been in business for more than 30 years. If you are looking for a health care job, look to Nursefinders.

For more information call (865) 692-8950



Education • Knowledge • Growth

Healthcare workers caring for patients on cardiac monitors require expertise!


Let me schedule a class for your medical staff, RNs, can read cardiac rhythms like the EMTs, healthcare professionals to: ❤ Learn skills of interpreting cardiac dysrhythmias. ❤ Learn the art of performing ACCURATE 12 lead EKGs.

Beth Truex, RN 865-388-4781

❤ Gain confidence in caring for cardiac patients.

All class materials provided.


ing t a r b e l e st Our afirr ye d i n g i Of prrovvices! Se

Choose a lifestyle that provides more security without compromising your independence. Enjoy activities, friends, smalltown charm and freedom from worries. When it's time for help, let Morning Pointe's professional nurses and caring staff give you complete peace of mind.

NOW a provider for The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Located behind the hospital off Town Creek Road East

An Oasis in a Stressful World

A Synergistic Blend of Eastern & Western Health, Science and Technology.

Complimentary Migun Treatments at our Demonstration Center

Reclaim Your Vitality: Self Care isn’t Selfish FDA approved & Clinically tested Migun Thermal Acupressure Massage Beds Used Worldwide for arthritis | back & neck pain sports injury | headaches | hypertension | diabetes | digestive & skin disorders

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