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Tobias Zandval An in depth view into the mind of one of the greatest composers of our time

Oliver Brunswick Inside the London Philarmonic

for performers of all classical instruments


Contents 14 Toby Zandval, his music as eccentric as his posture.

Riga 18 Andre performing publicly.

3 Andre Riga leaves Royal Philarmonic

6 Choral Music becomes Hip

7 End of

road for youth Orchestras!

12 Last night at the proms was my first

15 Toby Z tows the line

EDITORIAL Only few new artists seem to be bringing the deeper meaning of music into a world full of lackluster ‘hits’. Read about how those aspiring artists are saving classical music in this troubled generation. -Zander S

Tobias zandval

composing a masterpiece “it was never about what i’d become, it’s who i’m doing this for”



lassical music has been losing recognition over the years and we need a young inspiration to bring back what it once was, an exclusive interview with Tobias Zandval (or Toby, as he prefers) may show he could be the answer to keep the genre alive!


ou may not have heard of Toby Zandval before and that’s because he’s on a steep ascent to his rising fame. Born in Turin, Italy, this young composer made his first impression in a youth group at the age of 10 with a complex original first piece he had written and performed. It was from that moment he had a taste of what the world of classical music had felt like and wanted to indulge in more. This Q&A aspires to reveal more about him. What influenced you to first explore classical music and when? “Ever since the age of 7 I had already been to severalprofessional performances and had felt the voice of the outstanding Tenor, Andrea Bocelli. Bocelli became my role model from that very moment. Since it was something I have grown up with, classical music has always been apart of me from my parents, but I wanted to begin writing my own pieces too.”

“No matter where you search, inspiration cannot come from within oneself, you must look elsewhere” Where did you get your experience from and what is it like performing on stage? “Performing has always given me a thrill, whether it be on positive or negative terms. It’s the thought of embarrassment which influences my performance every time, you just have to realise nobody is perfect. I wouldn’t really call any experience negative because I learn from them such as my time in the Tokyo city opera hall, when I began to play off tempo. Alongside those performances, what would you say your favourite or most trusted instrument was? “For me I’ve always loved the violin, it was the first instrument I had played and never let me down during a

cadenza. However, as there is a range of instruments that each have a specific purpose, it would be unfair of me to say in stone which one I find the most impressive. An orchestra is never compiled of just one member, It is a team, a family of dedicated people all working together in harmony to produce such a beguiling symphony.” From what I have learnt from Toby himself is that he is very passionate and influential. Not only did the words he speak fill me with hope but more how he expressed them passionately to give a meaningful message . He is a winsome role model for anyone wishing to pursue this genre of music or to listen for its beauty.

“Music is the voice of an instrument, the performer is the body. Life is in everything we experience”


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