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Case Study Web3D Host Co.

Expanding Information and Generating Revenue For a Physical Event Company:


Cisco – The Leading Supplier of

June 16, 2008

Networking Equipment and Network Management for the Internet

Event: Cisco Live Virtual – http://ciscolivevirtual.

Features: eCommerce generation and support, intro

Registrants: 17,797

Average Session Time: 8:44

Average Attendee Interactions: 942

movie with custom environments, session catalog, Custom iFrame for sessions, and user survey

The 2008 Cisco Live! Conference in Orlando, Florida was a premiere event for IT and communications professionals. The event provided technical and business training, insight, and education to over ten thousand Cisco customers and partners. When the company wanted a unique virtual version to extend global reach, generate revenue, and maximize ROI, it contacted 6Connex. Launched several months after the physical conference, Cisco Live Virtual is a unique 3D virtual environment featuring the latest technical information, robust search capabilities, and interactive tools. Attendees are greeted by an intro movie and custom environments featuring moving virtual people, banners, signage, catalogs, surveys, and more. They can then access recordings of physical sessions as well as video keynotes from John Chambers and other leading industry thought leaders. Visitors can login as a guest to view the environment or have the option to purchase a subscription that gave them access to all session content.

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Case Study Web3D Host Co.

Featuring new content in addition to presentations from the Orlando conference, Cisco Live Virtual is a unique always-on resource for updated information on Cisco products and technologies for people around the world. Over 39% of virtual conference visitors are outside the US. With a strong eCommerce component and an incredibly high average of over 900 interactions per visitor, the site received extremely favorable response from both visitors and sponsors.

Web3D Host Co.

6Connex, a wholly owned subsidiary of Design Reactor, is the pioneer of virtual experience technology marketing solutions. Our Virtual Experience Platform enables businesses and individuals to connect and engage virtually anytime and anywhere using a dimensional environment-like architecture for B2B or B2C social networking whether it’s as a tradeshow, event or conference, and beyond. 6Connex has developed award-winning, results-oriented virtual technology marketing solutions for industry leaders such as Cisco, HP and Proctor and Gamble. Visit

Web3D Host Co. is the one stop solution to hosting virtual trade shows, conferences or symposiums. Leveraging the 6Connex Virtual Experience Platform, Web3D Host Co. offers the tools and technical support needed to host a successful virtual event. They provide their clients with industry best practices and also give companies the tools to track potential prospects with a state-of-the-art data management system. Call them today and start planning for your next virtual event and avoid the frustration and expense associated with physical trade shows. Consultants are standing by. For more information, call 617 849-3428 or visit their front office at

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Case Study Web3D Host Co.

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