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3D augmented reality software refers to a set of programs that creates an interactive computing environment on a more intricate level than the standard keyboard and mouse interface. Augmented reality software users are able to generate animated presentations and other projects with graphics that appear on the screen. This occurs once a video camera picks up the needed information from a motion sensor or from a printed two-dimensional image known as a marker. The software needed to create these types of projects is designated augmented reality because it blends digital creations with video capture of the offline world. The underlying purpose of this technology is to create a more natural user experience with a deeper level of information exchange. Sub-categories of augmented reality software are packages designed for e-commerce, motion capture, and video conferencing. Possible applications for these programs are in a broad range of fields such as education, security, business, entertainment, and digital art. This type of 3D software has many different implications for mobile advertising in particular. Online shopping continues to grow in popularity, and buyers may soon be able to do much more when selecting their next purchases from their favorite websites. Augmented reality software built into an online clothing vendor site can possibly be adapted for each customer to view a real-time image of what he or she will look like in each piece of clothing before ordering. The only equipment shoppers will need is a webcam and the appropriate software plug-ins for their browsers to connect to the software. For shoppers who prefer physical retail stores, this kind of software can create enhanced experiences of certain products that show their capabilities further. Some packaging already has electronic markers that connect to a store kiosk; 3D models of the product in action appear on the kiosk screen for customer viewing. Motion capture is an essential component of this type of reality, and it essentially allows the user to input information through natural motions and gestures that a webcam recognizes. This technology is already integrated into several difference gaming consoles, and developers continue to research other areas where it can be adopted as well. Video conferencing is a one way that 3D augmented reality software can benefit education. A professor teaching a distance education course can use this software to display and explain accurate 3D models of complex structures; examples could be human cells or architecture styles. Younger students can learn by playing interactive games that rely on motion capture. One notable advantage to this application is that teachers and students separated by great distances can interact nearly as fully as if they were face to face.

This software also has exciting prospects for the business world. Geographically separated colleagues working on a project can hold video conferences with graphical models of the presentation material captured on the screen for any of them to demonstrate and make suggestions for improvement. Once a project team is finished with their final product, they can present their work to bosses and investors located in different offices all at once with the same augmented reality technology.

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==== ==== The Future is Looking Bright! ==== ====

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