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HOW CAN A CLOUD-BASED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE HELP INCREASE OCCUPANCY IN YOUR HOTEL? When it comes to boosting hotel occupancy, we have tried almost everything to get more guests and attract a wider client base. Some of us, though, forget to use the most sure shot way of boosting occupancy, building customer loyalty. Returning customers means they liked your hotel and services, and will spread only good word of mouth. We have found few very common and important ways to retain them!

Offer Something Special Instead of cutting rates to make guests to book, add value to the offer instead. This can be anything from special packages and promotions to simple policy changes that add convenience. Such as complimentary breakfast, free Internet, or flexible checkout are few things that mean a lot to your guests and make you different from the competition.

Promote Your Location Create hype of your locality and promote them using your website, social media pages, and blog. Inspire guests about the things to do and guide what to see in your locality will help. You’ll be seen as experts with strong local knowledge and they’ll remember your property when they return to book accommodation.

Take Advantage of Local Events Whether it’s cricket world-cup, local festivals, or even a conference happening in your region, events are great opportunities to win reservations. You just have to take advantage of them. Let the guest know about the events, go ahead and share them on your social media pages and create a blog post with details of event and post them on your website and consider offering special packages or promotions for these event bookers.

How can a Cloud Hotel Software Help in Increase Occupancy? In today’s competitive environment, a hotel property needs to have a presence on multiple platforms such as social media, hotel website connected with a booking engine, be connected with OTAs and even on a GDS if the hotel property is large enough. Here’s where your cloud-based hotel software plays an important role and need to be flexible

enough to allow your revenue manager to make quick decisions and make changes in real time.

Reservation Good cloud-based hotel software speeds the reservation process, such as quick reservation enabling it on a single screen and allowing hotel staff to check room availability at a glance.

Guest History Keeping a track of guests can be a tiresome task, but cloud-based hotel PMS in-built Guest Management Tool can help you keep track of historical data of your guest. It also helps a hotel capture individual guest preferences which increase guest satisfaction. The inbuilt guest history feature in a cloud-based hotel software ensures complete insight into your guest’s needs, enabling the hotel to proactively offer the services requested — a sure way to build guest loyalty.

Increase Productivity of Staff Cloud-based hotel software helps to improve productivity and performance of staff across departments and services through easy-to-use interfaces and features. The software helps the front office manager to do faster check-in and check-out. With just a few clicks of a button the front desk can quickly access info on the guest’s room rate, special offers availed, whether the bill has to be given to the guest or forwarded to a company and so on.

Extra Time for Guests Cloud-based hotel software can definitely help staff as it gives extra time to guests. With features like express check-in and check-out, and a powerful Guest Management Tool which helps in keeping track of historical data of guest. This feature helps in capturing individual guest preferences which increases guest satisfaction by 75%.

Understanding that the other operations of your hotel property are equally important, a cloud-based Hotel PMS must be able to connect with systems like accounting, room lock interface, payment gateway and many more. This integration helps you automate the entire operations, thereby reduce the infrastructure and resource cost.

Guest Engagements You should look for a PMS system which helps you communicate with your guests in a more planned way. You can use template emails and automate them before and after your guest stay, thereby giving a more professional outlook. It also helps guests experience a uniform experience throughout their stay at the property.

When your hotel is looking for software that is easy to deploy, intuitive to use and provides in-depth business intelligence, there is no software you could rather choose than mycloud PMS. Check out you get a free 30 days trial!

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How can a cloud-Based Property Management Software help Increase Occupancy in your Hotel?  

How can a cloud-Based Property Management Software help Increase Occupancy in your Hotel?