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Learn the Tricks of a Intuitive Website Designer _________________________________________________________ The intuitive world of the web designer is filled with exhilaration and experience, creativity and skill. Experienced website designing done by a website designer utilize a set of solid, proven techniques that others may not notice. The inside stories of web designing will show you a few of these techniques and how you can execute them into your own site quickly and easily. On your website there might be a black spider which will crawl around your web site, gather up your e-mail address and store it near its pinchers. When it returns to its master, it will dutifully add all gathered data to a huge nest of e-mail addresses, then used as bait to sell to marketing firms. Those black spiders are software utilities that slide underneath your page’s surface, at underlying HTML code, specifically for a standard formatted email address ( This can be the most efficient method for gathering e-mail addresses and needs to be disillusioned. There are a number of techniques web designers can implement to protect against these little annoyances. The best method will be the only full proof method of protecting yourself against spam spiders, and that is simply refusing to display your e-mail address. Instead, if your server supports server-side processing, like Perl, ASP, Cold Fusion or PHP, simply design a feedback form, and call a server-side script to process the data behind the scenes. Sorry boys, spiders can’t dig quite that deep. The goal for creating a creative website design is to take the site visitors from point A to B. But what do the visitors actually want so that they can move from the starting point to the main point? Answer to this can be obtained through a comprehensive research. First find out what actions you want the site visitors to take on your site (for eg. - signup for newsletters, register for membership, login, list their businesses, edit their profiles etc.). After that, you have to find out the factors that can compel the site visitors to take the desired action based on their intuition. By understanding this, you can create layouts that are naturally intuitive. White space, also known as negative space, is the term describing open space between graphic design elements. It can be between letters, words, or paragraphs of text; space in and outside of graphics, and between all of the elements of the page. It is essential for providing spatial relationships between visual items, and actually guides your reader's eye from one point to another. White space is an important layout technique often overlooked by the inexperienced designer. While some artists concentrate heavily on what to put in, they can overlook what to leave out. A design that is to be visually appealing must also be easy on the eyes. Without an adequate amount of white space, text would be unreadable, graphics would lose their emphasis, and there would be no balance between the elements on a page. Here are some important points that can help you design an amazing website.

Learn the Tricks of a Intuitive Website Designer  

A design that is to be visually appealing must also be easy on the eyes. Without an adequate amount of white space, text would be unreadable...

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