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An exciting new three year (2010-2013) research project funded by Big Lottery Fund has begun in the Midlands. Community Research for Better Health in the Midlands (CRBH) will bring out community expertise about ways to fight some of the pervasive health problems in our society. Six community researchers will work with 200 adults facing health deprivation in the West Midlands. Together they will actively look at why so many people are sedentary, and find ways that community health education can motivate people to get active and lead healthier lifestyles. The educational charity WEA West Midlands will facilitate the project supported by the University of Leicester’s Institute for Lifelong Learning. They will use the knowledge and understanding gained from the research to feed in to policy and practice networks, as well as delivering health education programmes designed around community intelligence and need.

Project Aims: 

Train six Community Researchers from health deprived areas in research skills

Identify barriers to adopting healthy living through action research

Design and deliver tailor-made physical activity programmes in response to local need

Make key decision makers within public health and social care services more aware of ways to engage different communities in relevant healthy lifestyle initiatives

Share and disseminate findings and best practice Contact the CRBH Project Team Iram Naz: CRBH Project Manager Val Woodward: CRBH Project Researcher Telephone: 0121 237 8120 Fax: 0121 237 8121 Web:

CRBH Flyer  
CRBH Flyer  

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