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The General Director' s: Page Congratulations to the Yearbook 5taff, 1999!!! I have been followif)g your progress throughout the year, and I know that you have overcome several obstacles (one of which is my tardiness in preparing this message). You have remained focused as you pursued your goal, and now we all are enjoying t e benefits of your efforts. - As for the c1assof 1999, I tip my hat to you. You too, have reached an impartant milestone in your lives. Yet, you must ne'ver forget that, even though you have arrived at that point, life includes this very moment just as much as it implies "getting there" or having a goal ahead of you. This very moment is the time in which you give the most of yourselves that is humanly possible, beca use you are at the most productive moment of your existence. You have the momento Nothing else is promised. So, make your best contributions that will prove to be even better than those of today. Remember, we are like plants: we sprout, we grow, we f1ower, and we are blown away by the winds of !ime. You have bloomed. May your Aowers bring happiness and contentment to all of those around YOU.

To the Inter Family, students, parents, staff: I urge you to use the beauty of you f10wers and the


moments that you have to welcome our new Inter family members ... ~tL'laentsand parents ... from other schools. Your contributions make them f~el welcomed and at home with us, and those efforts help tremendously os they adapt to their new surroundings and to their new ยกife here. In c1osing, I would like to thank Dr. Barbara Berman for her contributions to Inter during her short stay with usoShe has chosen to engage in other career challenges, and will be leaving us at the end of this year. Thanks, Barb, for your unwavering devotion to your job and this school.

~It Dr. A. Bert Webb General Di rector

Board of Directors

Dr. A. Bert Webb, Ing. Fernando Martín Del Campo, Lic. Gustavo Enrique Steiger, Mrs. Anabella Rimola de Reyes, Lic. Francisco Chóvez Bosque, Ing. Saúl Mishaan, Mrs. Clarissa Broll de Unda. Unavailable Ing. Fernando Fuentes, Ing. Melanie Beehm de Saravia, Mrs. Mar~íaIsabel Quezada de Echeverría. ~

Roberto Santos, M. Ed Assistant to the General Director

Nilda Bran de Chinchilla Secretary to General Director

Aura Chac贸n de Espinazo Administration



Lic. Ana Concepci贸n de Rosales Operations and Administration Director

Fundaci贸n Educativa Guatemala Elizabeth Urbina de Arrachea, Amparo Argueta (ifuentes

Amel铆a De Le贸n Cerna School Nurse


Mario Espinoza, Lissette Hernรกndez

Rudy Orozco, Erika de Lemus, Juan Manuel Rivera, Victor Aguilar

Store Byron Fuentes, Alberto Cuo, Oscar Ramírez


Transportation Mirna Zepeda, Dicela de Martínez


Printing Genaro Canal, María Pérez, Ingrid Polanco


"We are all tin'j children inside these adult containers".



Monica Aguirre

Glenda de AlemĂĄn

Alvaro Alvarez

Middle School Spanish

Third Grade: Spanish

High School Statistics

Alfonso Alvarado Secondary



Carlos Afian

Freddy Arriola

Sarah Buddo

Jonathan Budworth

High School Social Studies

High School Math

Middle School Science

Third Grade: English

Julia de Cantoral

Elliott CastaĂąeda

Lillian Castillo

Brian Cook

Third Grade: Spanish

High School Math

Pre-Primary: Special Ed.

High School Physical Education

Rita de Dardón PrePrimary Subtitute

Rebeeca de Elgueta Kindergarten:


Astrid Escobar

Judith España

Middle School: Home Economics

Second Grade: SparllSh

, Ana Beatriz Flores

Jorge Flores

Walter Flores

Evelyn Garzaro

First Grade: Spanish

Hig /Middle School Computers

Primary Art

High School Science Department Head

Sucelly Girón

Judy Green

Mona Hamby

Anabelle de Herrarte

Middle School Physical Education

Middle School Math

High School Math Department Head

High School Science

José Herrera High School: Science/Physics

Janelle Johnson

Sonia de Juárez

Middle School Science

Second Grade: Spanish

Gladys de León Primary Counselor

Giselle Lowe

Deidre Macpherson

David Mancera

Third Grade: English

High School Physical Education

Middle School Math

Mika Marinkovic

Cindy de Martínez

Teresita Mazariegos

Mariela Méndez

Middle School Social Studies/English

Grade Four: English

Grade Four: English

Grade Four: Spanish

Elizabeth de L1arena Middle School Spanish

Richard McColI

María Victoria Méndez

Jenbli Miranda

Lisbeth Ordóñez

Middle School Substitute

High School Art Department Head

High School Coumelling Co-Ordinator

Grade One: Spanish

Gema Otero

Giovanni Paredes

Paul Pavao

Ligia de Pazos

Kindergarten: English

Middle School Industrial Arts

Grade One: English

Grade Four: Spanish

Daniel Pivnick

Carla Portilla

Andrew Robertson

Jeannette Rodríguez

High School: Psychology /History

Preparatoria: English

Grade Two: English

Primary Home Economics


lisbeth Sol贸rzano Pre Kindergarten:


Ricardo Sol贸rzano Middle School Music

Flory Teran Preparatoria:


Margo Treitz Middle School English/Social Studies

Marco Tulio Santas

Manfred Vanjo

Carmen Yurrita

Megan Whitney

Middle School Math

High School Social Studies Department Head

High School Science

Grade One: English

MISSING IN ACTION (Photos Unavallable)

Lourdes Guerrero (PreKinder) Nancy Swadesh (PreKinder) Verónica Monterroso (PreKinder) Regina de Paz (Kindergarten) Sylvia de Cáceres (Preparatoria) Aury de Mejía (Counselor) Diana de Mejía (Music) Enav Shemesh (Physical Education) Silvia Cabrera (Physical Education)

Silvia Icute de Morales (Substitute) Adda Pineda (Substitute) Deborah Welch (Grade Two) Marvin Hernández (P. E. Co-Ordinator) Erik Rivas (Physical Edutation) Rogelio Abac (Industrial Arts) Felix Hernández (Sub-Art)

Timothy Alford (Music) Gustavo Cruz (Social Studies) $oraya Escobedo (Art) Alfredo Estrada (Physcal Education) Adolfo Hernández (Spanish) Manuel Rodríguez (Counselor) Ana Tresde Mendoza (Social Studies/English) Michele Wright (Social Studies/English) Elizabeth de Uarena (Spanish)

JiU Alvarado

(English Dept. Head)

Beatriz Aliara (Art) Rosemary Rounet Carlos Fuentes (Math) Julio Fuentes (Spanish) Edgar González (Chemistry) Julia León (Counselor) Denise McCabe (English) Juan José Mejía (Sport Co-Ordinator) Alma Ureta (Substitute) Julio Roberto de León (Social Studies)

Media & Information Service


Jeffrey Burrows

Odette de Rodríguez

Alejandro Pérez

Technology Coordinator

Media Specialist

Network Administrator

Carla Arriola

Angélica Roca

Silvia Ixcot

Library Assistant

Library Assistant

Library Assistant

Oswaldo Gatica

César López

Computer Specialist

Media Technician

Maintenance Staff \

Bottom to top, left to right First Row: Marta Tecún, Idalia lópez, Aracely Cifuentes, Sonia Molina, Antonia Chávez, Luis González, Pablo Díaz, Nolberto Hernández, Juan Dávila, Virgilio Cortéz, René Garda, Hugo Hernández, Victor Osorio. Second Row: Silvia Alvizures, Esther Flores, Irma Flores, Elba Canal, Eva Soto, Luis Davila, Federico Bautista, Pedro Sipaque, Domingo Gómez, Manuel Hernández, Santiago Calada Idepartment headl, Francisco Méndez, Vinicio Lara. Third Row: Ana Chajón, Sebastiana Gómez, Floridalma Ibañez, Lorena Sun, Patricia Callejas, Cristina Oxom, René Barrios, Irineo Solórzano, Luis López, Sergio López, Pascual Vivar. Fourth and fifth Rows: Administrative 5taff.

High School and Middle School


You have successfully completed another year at Colegio Interamericano.

I would like

to applaud you for having risen to the challenge of adapting to a number of changes, including those that occurred in the schedule, the curriculum, personnel, the cafeteria, and in the student manual. The fad that you have accepted these changes is a credit to each and every one of you. As a result, your efforts hove paid off - the number of students on the Honor RolI has increased, and behavior has improved. Now that the 1999 school year has come to a c1ose,it is a time to refled, celebrate, and projed. It is a time to reflect on what you have learned and how you have grown. Now is also the time to celebrate your successes and accomplishments that you have experienced throughout the year. Finally, it is a time to project your thoughts and ideas into the future. I ask you to consider how you can continue to develop a stronger sense of self, family, school and community. Be the best that you can be in everything you do and never forget to treat others with the resped that each and every one of you deserves. Take advantage of the excellent teachers you have here. They can offer you learning tools that will stay with you for the rest of you life. Most importantly, take pride in your school. You are fortunate to attend a school comprised of the wonderfullnter family. Best Wishes,

Barbara Berman, Ph. D. Secondary Principal

IIPlease dream on ... your dreams can change the world" SARK

Behind the Scenes


María Teresa O' Meany de Algaze Middle School Co-Ordinator

Leonor de Braham Secondary Assistant Principal

Gordon Nicol Middle School Assistant Co-Ordinator

Alejandra Reyes Middle School Secretary

Jenny Pérez and Edith Ramírez Secondary Secretaries

SENIORS "Ride into 'Jour life on a creative c'Jcle, full of abundance and ecstatic wonderment" SARK

Harold Adolfo Aldana Ardón Julio 24, 1981

José LuisArenas Calderón

Sabrina Marie Asturias Simons I


I During his nine years at Inter, 'Wallace' remembers sleeping over at ,he schoolto watch the stars and planels during the night. 'Com' also enjoyed seeing Tikal with his c1assmates. In the tuture, 'Diablo' has ambitions to live a happy lile with a solid career and loads 01 money. Thanks to his Iriends, teachers and especially his parenls lor guiding his success.

For lourteen years, Jose Luis Graced the halls 01 Inter. He was dedicaled to Inler, but also enjoyed times outside 01 school: Poy's Finca and the beach. Alter graduation, José Luis wants to party, join in holy matrimony with Maite Vielmans and end up with a ph. D. in linance. Thanks lo Iriends and lamily (especially his molherl lor helpinghim over the year.

In eleven y'ears, 'Sobris' remembers Elephonls, Woods, AASCA's Melonie Dent's porty, splosh Mountoin, Reebok, KitKal Bar, Ihe pad al Burger Kig wilh Maria-Ines and Haydee, Antigua, and 011other limes spent wilh her c1ass. 'Gazelo' will shock the Olympics wilh her tolenl and laler beco me o doctor Thanks lo Iriends and lamily lor Iheir support.

Jordi Bargallo Julian

Manuela Bargelli Gálvez

Alejandra Batres Pericullo


21, 1982

From his beginning, 'Manolo' has been al Inleramericano. He was lond of the elemenlary school parties in 41h and 5th grades, but also made many memories outside of school; like Poy's Farm and the beach. In the luture, 'Meinz' sees himsell as a successlul, married engineer Ihal leads Ihe good lile. Special Ihanks lo God, lamily and Iriends.



'Manue' has lond memories in her eleven years al Inler: dances, couples, games in Ihe hallways, sleeping al Ihe school Luis Pedro's pick-up, kickball and play lighls. She plans lo be a successtul engineer and a good molher. Her ambition is lo be happy and remember her pasl wilh joyo Thanks lo Miss Anabelle, lamily and friends who have stood by her.


31, 1981

Alter 14 years at Inter 'Rambo' wanls to be a successful worker and Mom. 'Ale' remembers c1asses with Margarita, going lor coffee, Capistrano, Reebok, WZUP, Semana Santa at Reyes house, wedding in Antigua, and chaHing with Mel and Devi in Biology. Thanks to her parents, Juragas, Fredy, Mr. Caskey, and friends lor being so supporlive.

Francisco José Chávez Pérez Deceber


Irving Benjamín Cordova Cordova January

14 years a¡:¡o, 'Chato' came to Inter. After prlmary JXlrties, Scouts, time with his friends and girlfriends, basketball games, the beach and seein~ Jaime foil in the Embajada, 'Franky' is reody for the world. He hopes to enjoy life, graduate and make money in own business. Thanks to his teochers, JXlrents, friends and gilrfriend for their help.

Cordova remembers the 6th grade school sleepover. Also in 6th grade, 'Gallina' dissected a heart. In his 6 years at Inter, Irving enjoyed time at the oId cafeteria, the soccer field and soccer in P.E. In the future, Irving sees himself owning Microsoft and aspires to make Harold believe in God. Thanks to his parents and God for their support.

Alvaro de la Hoz Kepfer

Melanie Dent Dávila

July 9, 1981

In 14 yeors at Inter, 'Yuca' remembers !he beach, Poy's farm, Mel's farm, Cancun, and weekend s with friends. He enjoyed 5th grade parties and c1asses with Julio José and Jaime. As an Agricultura r Engineer in the future, he aspires to begin a famil)'. He never wants to lose the frienéls who have always been there for him.

Devi Cruz Rodríguez

6, 1983



'Poporopo's' 14 years of memories include: caleteria, 4th/5th grade parties, seminario, senior retreat, studying, art, meetings, projects and parties. 'Mel' wants to stufy business, marry, have kids, a travel agency with Mavijo and a radio show with Chejo, and to trave!. Thanks to God, family, friends, teachers, and her dog 'Spike'.

Jennifer Michelle Dent Henbery April14

In 14 years at Inter 'Fish' has enjoyed: the basketball court sleepover, AASCA, Girl Scouts, Scooby-Do and playing basketball. Jennifer sees herself as a successfui professional, with a loving marriage and children. Thanks to her mother and all of her friends and teachers who shared something new with her everyday.

Pamela Bollat Montenegro May 6,1981

Paola Margarita

Campo Lemus

April 3, 1982

Luis Pedro Castellanos Solares Seplember

27, 1981

I 'Spom' wos on Ihe boskelboll leom Ihroughoul her yeors 01 Inler. She remembers Ihe spiril Ihol held Ihe leom logelner, Ihe AASCA gomes ond Irips. 'Pom' enjoyed AP Physics ond her senior yeor 01 Inler. 'Pome' hopes lo become o professionol, moinloining o successful morrioge ond children. Thonks lo her fomily ond friends for Iheir supporl.

For fourleen yeors, 'poulivoro' has enjoyed Inler. She remembers her welcome, Splosh Doys, Chinoullo, the sleepover 01school, 'fighls' wilh Jordi, a messy locker wilh Karla, Porties and Fréddy's lesls. 'Coloch' wanls lo hove a room full of Pooh "$Iuff" in a happy home wilh a husbond and kids. Paela Ihanks God, family and friends fer Iheir help.

Every momenl Ihal Luis Pedro spenl wilh his friends in his 12 years al Inler was memorable He found places where he could relax and be himself. He wishes lo be successful in all of his life endeavours, especially his career.

Marco Antonio Castro Pinto

Flavio César Chacón Calderón

Juan Pablo Chang González

June 17

'Cocosle' spenl 14 yeors ollnler. He remembers his c10ss Irip lo Tikol, ond olso his graduolion from 71h grade wilh -fondness. 'Mocorio' wonls lo be o good doctor ond devole his life lo ~inding cures for deodly illnesses. Thonks lo his leochers Ihol gave been Ihere for him Ihrougn Ihe yeors ond lo God for goodwill ond kindness.


26, 1982

In five yeors, 'plomazo' enjoyed Tikal and his firsl yeor al Inler. He has been here for five years. He aspires lo graduale from college ond find a woy lo succeed in life. wilh Ihe help of his leachers, friends, and porenls (especiolly his fotherl, Flavio has olreody been a success.


28, 1982

Over 13 yeors, ofter Primory Seclion A, Room 202, AASCA, 'UNION', SI. Volenline's Doy Aclivilies and many recesscs, 'Ouon' is reody lo soy goodbye lo Inler. Chino wonls lo be a suco cessful, rich ond hoppy Induslrial Engineer. Speciol thanks lo Goe!, Miss Sonia one! Miss Anobelle. Recognilion also goes lo h,s friends ond parenls who hove encouraged him.

Rita Stephanie Donis Muy September

Erick Estuardo Dubón Alburez

16, 1981



Thelma Judith Espina Pinto September

7, 1981

I In 10 yeors here, 'Chito' remembers the sleepover, Girl Scouts, hounled house for Moñona Deportivo, Antiguo, Seminario, driving Oigo crozy', Mr. Coskey's Rule #25, Beowulf, ond Hollywood Hoir Barbie. 'Rilo' will be architecI, marry ond hove children. Thonks to Miss Sonia, Miss Anelise de Giordono ond Miss Potly Quevedo.

'Dubon-bon-bon' offeclionolely remembers Ihe senior relreot, AP Physics ond Ihe visit lo Neurolo~ico in his five yeors ot Inler. GUlde by' God, he hopes lo become o professionol ond slarl o fomily. Erick wouJd like lo Ihonk his molher for her trusl, God, his fomily ond his friends tor always slanding behing him.

'Tespi' hs many memories of her school yeors: birthday porties, weddings and the love ot the her Jife: Blondie. 'Judilh' aspires to morry wanls to be o mother os wonderful as her own os well os o business woman. Speciol Ihonks to God, her porents and brothers, her friends and to BJondie.

Erick Estuardo Estrada Zaldana

Karla María Frech Sevilla

larissa María Fuentes


1, 1 981

August 27


4, 1980

I 11 yeors of Inter memories inelude the doy Julio asked for his support at schoo!. He has enjoyed Ihe movies and 'Fiesta de la Montaña'. 'Viva the panthers and rock and rap'. 'Mark Henry' wanls lo be a doclor and a wonderful falher. Thanks lo his grandmolher, family, Irue friends and leachers who supported him.

In 12 yeors al Inler, 'Karlonguis'. remembers the school sleepover, Frid~ detentions, Beowulf, 5th, 6th ~rade porties, Paula's house, gofor ice cream, movies wilh Oiga and playing games wilh Nata(ie. 'Karlis wanls lo marry, establish a career, hove 2 beys and Iive anolher counlry. Thanks lo 'Karlila's' family, Mis Rebeca in. Prepo and Fred}t.


'Chocha' was here for 15 years enjoying orl e1ass Chinaulta, the parly between 11 I lo 12th grade, lunch on Fridoys ond the song Norman wrote tor her. She hopes to obtoin a degree in Business Administralion, marry ond hove childreno Special tnanks to God, Larissa's molher, Miss Anobelle, Miss Jill ond her best friends Ano Vonesso ond Monuelo.


Norman Gabriel González September

25, 1981

María Margarita Galindo Escalante



In 14 yeors, Normon remembers seminario, tennis ocodemy '98, art closs, Semana Santo '99, Melonie Dent's farm, Adventure Antiguo, bothering Estuardo ond Lucía, os well os toking care of Andreo at school. In !he future, Normon sees himself os o successfui business odministrotor who is married to o good wife. Thanks to God, porents, Fredy ond friends for support.

'Morga' spent 11 yeors ot Inter and enjoyed Miss Watson's c1ass, 5th and 6th grade parties, singing with Notalie, long tolks with Alejandra, Korla's house, Paiz (with Karla) ond getting ice creom. Future gools include getting married, being succesful and having kids. Thanks lo her family, Checha, Claudia, Fredy, Mr. Caskey, Miss Potty ond Pomelo.

María Gabriela Garavito Parecle

María Belén Garoz Montenegro


5, 1981

Julio Rodolfo Gándara

July 31, 1981

May 29,1981

lucía González Barrillas April 3, 1981

I A 13 yeor veteran, Gaby's fovourite memories were AASCA basketball (El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costo Rico), Chinaulta, ond porties for the 11 th ond 12th grades. Her future goals include becoming on orchitect, marrioge, a family ond olwoys hoving fun with her friends. Thonks to her parents, friends and 011of the 12th grade c1oss.

'Belen' has been ot Inter for 14 yeors. She remembers her friends, 'the ring pops', AASCA basketball tournaments, El Puerto, Chinoulta, baseboll games, and Antigua. Her future gools ore to graduate from engineering, continue her friendships from inter, morry and hove children. A speciol tliank to her friends, porents, Miguel, Ihe teochers and God.

Lucy's 3 yeors of Inter Memories include, lo finco '99, May, '97 "el puerto", "field trips", MoriCarmen blushing, Thelma and Blondie, Timbiriche concert, October 31 '97 at Mel's housse. After graduoting from Marroquin she'lI be an architect, hove a family and hang out with her friends. Tlianks to her parents, friends ond teochers (Miss Anobelle and Miss Potty).


Juan LuisGrajeda Martínez November


Pedro Tulio Hernández González September

15, 1981

Ga Young Kim Lee May 9, 1982

Chicano remembers the soccer games, the 6th grade sleepover, buiding refugees with Scouts, Splash days ano the little mountain. His future aspirations include becoming a doctor and being surrounded by money. Special thanl to God, his parentss, Dr. Berman, Dr. Hamdy, Giovanni, fredy, and specially himself for making it all posible.

'Pepe' has spent 14 years at Inter. His favorite memories are playing in the sandbox in kindergarten, Splash Days and field trips. His future goals indude studying al Marroquín University and graduating as a aoctor, specializing in cardiology. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for their encouragement.

'Go's' favourite memories in her 7 yeers at Inter indude playing cards in the hall and being in the hall outside the library, and trips to Antigua. In the future, Ga sees herself living ¡ife happily, without regrets as a professional She'd like to thank her parents, especially her mother, her brother, her friends and extended family for always supparting her.

Paulina LacsFranco

Ana Vanessa Ligorria Bianci

Haydee Marie Maldonado Suáre~


10, 1982


22, 1981



In Vannessa's 11 years al Inler, favourite memories include: Semana Santa '99, art dass, grod porties, Fashion File '99, ond sleepovers with Miehelle. Vonessa plans lo marry Juande, hove chil. dren and graduate from university, She is graleful to her parents, her sister and brother, Juande, and also Alejandra.

In 'Haydeema's' 14 year al Inlel', she remembers Pre-kinder when Alelandra Botres mode her g,ve up her maney, Primer Curso, Fredy s math exams, Gi 1'1 Seouts and AASCA Baskelball, Haydee wdl marry Julio ond hove a big famdy and advertising business and o home for homeless ehildren Thanks lo her mother, fomily friends, God, Miss Sonia. Julio Fuentes and 011 teaehers


Natalie Ann McCudden Arrivillag January

Maria GuadalupeMendoza Peñalonzo

4, 1982

April 2, 1982

María Inés Menéndez December

19, 1980

I In 'Natalia's' 14 years at Inter, she rememben chasing !he guy Kana liked, sitting on !he soccer !idd while the guys played soccer, the school sJeePoVer,trying b understand Qk:¡a's accenl, and watching Paula fistfíghl wi!h Jordi. ' Jirafa' plans to marry, hove kids, a condo in Berrnudo and a prívate jel to bring her friends to be wllh her. Thanb lo her parenls, friends, Miss Sonia, Miss Watson, Miss Anabelle, and Miss Anelise.

Guillermo Morales Chang Apri119,1981

'Uoyd' was in Scouts and loved lo play in !he tires during his 14 years al Inler. 'Guille' loved his intrOc!uclion lo highschool and playing during recess, elass wilh Giovanni and Splash Days. Guillermo plans to become a stock broker and also wants a family. Thonb lo God, his family (espeClally his fa!her), and all 01 his friends.

'Guodo's memories in her 8 yeors Inler inelude: ploying foolball in Nicaragua, playing cards, moking cokes and olher slrange Ihings wilh her friends. She says she'n probably be a doctor saving Ihe lives of olhers. 'Lupe' would like lo !hank Miss Anabelle who has always been Ihere for her, and her parents for helping her lo be successful in life.

'Mari' spent 15 years at Inter and remembers camping at the school, and c1imbing tne mountain directed by José Luis lo a shorl cul which almost cost 'Marines' her life. In the future, she wanls a family, and a great job and marriage. Thank toher family and God. Miss Tere, Miss Sonia and Miss Dulce, María José and Maria Oiga.

Edgar EstuardoMorales Sagastum

Carlos Eduardo Moreno de León



14, 1982

'Edgar' loved his Irip to Tikal, 6th grade school sleepover and recess in preprimory during his thirteen years al Inler. After graduating from EARTHUniversity and obtaining o Maslers in Business Admin- ...• istrotion, he wonts to have o lot of money. Thonb lo his fomily' for giving !heir support and friends for being such nice people.


20, 1981

After five yeors ot Inter, 'Chongo' still remembers his first doy here. 'Chewba' olso remembers ort closses with Ricardo Urquizu, seminario and Fiesta IV. 'Mono' plons lo become part of the aviotion industry, travel around the world ond meet interesling people. Thank to his porents, friends and all the people that have helped him over the years.

Santiago Pensabene Uarena September

5, 1981

Oiga Pérez Alvert January


Cary Miehelle Peyre Ríos November


I In 'Lucky Charrns' 14 yeors at inter, memories include soccer, American football, Scouts, and boseball games against the girls, sending IOve notes and being in 4A with Julian and Alvaro Rooles. In the future, 'Duende' will be o professional soccer or squash player with a civil engineering degree and o wonderful wife. Thanks to friends, God and his parents.

"Españolo" 3 year of Inter memories include times at Karla's house and Melanie's porties. Moñona Deportivo, playing with water, staying lote at school to talk with Natalie and studying chemistry with Margarita. 'Olgabrinski' will be o designer with shops around the world. Thanks to Miss Claudia, Fredy, Miss Anabelle, Mr. Caskey, Miss Patty, Margarita and Pomelo.

After 12 years at Inler, 'Cary" hopes to graduate from college, travel around the world, be a successful person and hove o weat family. Over the years, Michi' remember Mel's farm, art with Miss Vicki, Wally's Basketball, AASCA's, Juragas, Likin, Fashion Show '99, and Seminario. Special thanks to God, parents and frlends who -have always been there for her.

Julian María Presa laseoutx

Francisco Alejandro Quiñonez Midenc

Melanie Reimers 5taebler

July 22

Julian enjoyed 14 years at Inter and he remembers Cancún '98, Bolletien '98, art with Miss Méndez, AASCA '99, Semana Santo '99 and math exams with Fredy. He aspires to get o degree in business administration, get married and have 8 kids. Special thanks to God, parents and friends.



'Francho' enjoyed 14 years at Inter. He remembers playing basketball ever since he was little, and thus, his favourite place at school is on the basketball court. He is aspiring to be lawyer, and gives thanks to all his friends who made school a better place.


22, 1982

'Mel' has been at Inter since her beginning. In her 14 years, she remembers Seminario, art c1ass with Miss Vicky, Antigua, sneoking out from jau, waking up early for birthdays, Juragas, Guess, Melanie Dent's farm, and parties in 4th and 5th. In the future, 'Mela' sees herself os a successful hotel manager aher o degree in marketing. She will see the world and eventually hove a big family following marriage. Special thank to her friends, God, fomily, and the class of '99.

María Inés Reyes Rimola

Alvaro Robles Cofiño

Ma. del Carmen Rodríguez Suáre

May 6, 1981

April 19, 1982

Augusl 21, 1981

In 'Mari's' 14 years at Inler,memories include, pre-primary playground, 'club social' days wilh llíe Wally's and Ihe Juragas, skipping c1ass wilh Haydee and basketball leam advenlures. She wanls lo sludy medicine, marry José Roberlo and have a family. Thanks lo God, her parenls, Anabelle, Mis Sonia, Miss Watson her friends, especially 'Juragas'.

'Blondie' has been allnler for 14 years. Memories include Europe '94, AASCA '98/,99, Marena '98, Grad Parly '98, sin~in~ wilh Guille, Ihe ring room, hls slsler's wedding, and time spenl wilh Thelma. He aspires lo become on induslriol engineer, morry Thelma ond logelher, hove a happy fomily. Speciollhonks lo God tor, his fomily, friends ond Thelma.

After 14 years, 'Mericormen' remembers Finca '99, Semana SonIa '98, AASCA, delenlion, 61h grade gradualion, kickball games, art c1asswith Miss Vic[<y,Seminari~ Gordo's birthday, and Miami with I helma. In the fulure, 'Mari' plans lo graduale and beeome a successful arcnilecl. She will always eniox life with her friends. Thanks lo God for always being there, parenls for being the besl, leachers( counselors, sislers, brothers and frienos for everything.

Estuardo Antonio Ruano Garza

Sergio Roberto Sandoval Wong

José Guillermo Solares Morales

January 22, 1982


December 7


I 13 years of Inler memories for "Gordo" include AASCA '98, Bollitieri (Norman, did you reolly Ihink the camera didn't hove film?l, Europe '94, April 161h 1999, and remembering no to lell Blondie any secrets. He hopes be an engineer and have a fomily mainlaining his high school friendships. Thanks to parents, friends and Lu.

'Chencho' enjoyed 14 years al Inler: concerls, ploying boskelball ond mony 'firsts' wiln his friends. He aspires lo have an impacl on Guatemalan music, become a professional and succeed for his own salisfaction. 'Chejo' would like lo thank everyone in his grade for lelting him be Iheir friend, as well as Ihe leachers Ihal Irealed him well.

In 14 yeors, "Alf" remember the school sleepover, playing soccer in Europe, English c1asses with Miss Tammy and Gordo waving a Quelzal out of the window 'Guille' plans lo marry a beautifui blonde girl and make money as an industrial engineer. Thanks to God, his family and friends for assisting him Ihrough his trials and tribulations.

Marco Vinicio Sosa Urrutia November

22, 1981

José Miguel Suárez Alvarado January

7, 1982

María José Turcios Ponce June 13, 1981

As 'Vini' remembers his 10 years at Inler, he recalls baskelball in I Curso with Lesler, the school sleepover, wreslling in c1assrooms. 'Gonzalo' plans lo gel married lo a special lady and further his education in business. Special thanks lo Miss Anabelle, Ma.lnés Reyes, Giovanni and Haydee for wonderful friendships.

'Mmmichael' has many memories of his 14 years al Inter: 81h grade detenlion, baseball games wilh Lesler Scouls, Ihe school sleepover, dissecling a cow's hearl, primar¡ clubs, Splash Days and Giovanni s c1ass. 'La Cabra' plans lo become an enginee~ use 'Marines' salellile lo conquer Ihe world, hove a family and lols of money. Thanks to his friends and family.

'Mary' 14 years of Inter memories include Tikal, AP Physics, Paula's surprice party, pajama parties and her firsl day c1as in 1985. After waduating from the Marroquín, Mary Joseph' has ambitions to become an archileel and evenlually end up in Italy. Firsl Thanks to God, her parents tor their support, her teachers and her friends for their devotion.

Andrés Simón Vásquez Ostrich

Maite Vielmann Abascal

Sandra Etena Villa Guillen

June 1, 1981


18, 1981


13, 1981

I "Tweety" has many fond memories of his 14 years at Inler: playing in Ihe tires, American football, soccer, baseball, AASCA Tournamenl, Thelma's finca and playing soccer in Europe. 'Torlilla' wanls to be an Eleclrical Engineering, appear on Carloon Network, gel married and have a family. Thanks lo his family, friends and leachers.

For 'Maile', 13 years of Inler memories include: Marena '98, Finca '99, bolhering Gordo, walching MariCarmen blush, playing in Ihe lires, kickball, 6th grade gradualion and Semana Sanla '98. After university, 'Fufus' hopes lo crea te a family with someone special, and keep in c10se contael wiih her friends. Thanks to her family, her friends and leachers.

'Sapilo's' 10 years of Inler mernories indude AASCA, Gradualion '96, e1ephanl, Antigua, Ring Pops, the Sixth Grade sleepover, New Years '97, Seminario, her boyfriend and all her friends. Ole day,¡ Sandra will own a hotel, hove chi dren and a loving husbond. Special thanks to her Dad, her Mom and her brothers.

Seminario 1999

Top Row Lto R: Guillermo Solares, Marco Vinicio Sosa, Alvaro Robles, Santiago Pensabene, Lucía González, Estuardo Ruano, Francisco Quiñónez. 2nd Row: Pamela Bollat, Andrés Vásquez, Oiga Pérez, Sabrina Asturias, Devi Cruz, Alejandra Batres, Ma. Inés Reyes, Ma. Margarita Galindo. 3rd Row: Marco Castro, Juan Pablo Chang, Guillermo Morales, Juan Luis, Irving Cordova.

Top Row Lto R: Ga Young Kim, Julio Gándara, Erick Dubón, Alvaro De La Hoz, José Miguel Suárez, Jordi Bargallo, Ma. José Turcios. Botton Row: Rita Donis, Guadalupe Mendoza, Melanie Dent, Ana Vanessa Ligorria, Jennifer Dent, Cary Michele Peyre, Thelma Espina, Sandra Villa.

Top Row Lto R: Norman Gabriel, Maite Vielmann, Julian Presa, Melanie Reimers, Haydee Ma. Maldonado, Francisco Chávez. 2nd Row: Manuela Bargelli, Paula Campo, Karla Frech, Ma. Inés Menéndez, Ma. Belén Garoz, José Luis Arenas, Gabriela Garavito, Sergio Sandoval. Botton Row: Ma. Del Carmen Rodríguez, Carlos Moreno, Larissa Fuentes, Luis Pedro Castellano, Paulina Lacs

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10. 1 l. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Normon Gabriel Sandra Villa Jordi Bargallo Francisco Chóvez Guillermo Solares Ma. Margarita Galindo José Mi~uel Suórez Ma. Belen Garoz Devi Cruz José Luis Arenas Santiago Pensabene Alvoro Robles Thelma ESFina Ma. Inés Reyes Alvaro De La Hoz

16. 17 18. 19.

20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

25. 26. 27 28. 29.


Melanie Reimers Jennifer Dent Paulina Loes Haydee Ma. Maldonado Marco Vinicio Sosa Sobrina Asturias Julian Presa Alejandra Batres Cary Michele Peyre Gaoriela Garavito Pedro Tulio Ga Young Kim Flovio Chacón Irving Córdova Juan Pablo Chan~

31. 32. 33. 34.

35. 36. 37. 38. 39.

40. 41. 42. 43. 44.


Morco Antonio Castro Notolie McCudden Luis Pedro Castellano Mo. José Turci05 Ano Vone5so Ligorria Erick E5troda Edgar Morales Erick Dubón Guadalupe Mendoza Ma. lné5 Menéndez Pamela Bollat Maite Vielman Fronci5co Quiñónez Karla Frech Lucia Gonzólez

46. 47. 48. 49.

50. 51.

52. 53. 54. 55. 56.

57. 58. 59.

E5tuardo Ruono Ma. del Carmen Rodríguez Sergio Sandovol Corlm Moreno Guillermo Morole5 Lori550 Fuente5 Oigo Pérez Harold Aldono Melanie Dent Andre5 VÓ5quez Paulo Comp05 Ríto Doni5 Monuelo Borgelli Juan Lui5 Graledo


DE ELEVEN "Fillyour life with tiny and large adventures" SARK

Mónica Patricio Aceituno Ríos

Diego Alejas Rivera

José Miguel Alfara Barahona

Paola María Alfara Masselli


1, .~ Eunice Genous Alford

Luis Amezquita Cífuentes

Antonella Aparício López

William Baldizón Rojos

Luisa Fernando Belteton RetC:na

Gabriel Bonduel Smith

Paola Moría Balto Barrillos

Carlos Fernando Castañeda Dordón

José Pablo Castillo Montes


Moría Basterrechea Moller

Ano Cristina Brolo España

José Antonio Campos Mazariegos

José Rodrigo Cayarga de la Hoz

Arturo Clark Urcuyo

Jaequeline Ebeni Piccioto

Jose Antonio Eehevarria Calderon


Juan José Estrada Jordan

Coral Judith Estrada Zaldaña

Elisa María Figueroa Godrillo

Erwin Flohr Duarte


Julio Luis Florian Alva

María del Pilar Fuentes

Fernando Rodolfo Gandero Fuentes

Rolf Alexander Gareía Gallont

Rodrigo Garcia Serrano Veliz

Jorge Guillermo Garcia Tay

Elena Giammattei Trigueros

Mario Inés Ganzólez Sagastume

Patricia González Barillas

Fernando David Guerra Ruiz

Vera Landsberger Broun

Audrey Maríe Luttmann Alfara


Lindsey Anne Lultmann Alfara

Edgar Roberto Malouf Comas

Ana Fabiola Marroquín Cordón

Cecilia Martín del Campo Broeuner


César Emilio Mata Menaldo

Sofía Isabel Midence Rohrmann

Alee Morales Castillo

Fernando José Morales Monroy


Eduardo José Paiz Cerezo

José Mynor Palacios Herrera

Consuelo Palomo Marroquin

María Fernanda Paredes Herrero


• 1/

Juan Carlos Pensobene Montenegro

Ruth Brenda Picciotto Barrillos

Juan Gabriel Piloña Valle


Elena Mario Pineda Lizardo

~.~, ..


~ "';/

Sivia Moría Polanco Kepfer

Gustavo Quintana Kennedy


Diego Reyes Rimola

Javier Ernesto Rincón Cuellar

Giancarlo Ramazzini Toledo

Mario Estuardo Reyes Lora



Eliane Marissa Rodríguez Baldizón

Vivian Melissa Rodríguez Baldizón

Ana Lucía Ruano Méndez

Daniel Ignacio Sánchez Contreras


Ricardo Rodríguez Campollo

Lucía Rodríguez Suáres


Mar铆a Isabel Santa Cruz Alarc贸n

Ana Beatriz Unda Vilo

Manfred Bernal Sol贸rzano Herrera

Enrique Javier Su贸rez Cerezo

lynette Aileen Velarde Tejada

Pablo Humberto Suchini Paredes

Ramon Woc de la Roca



"We all stumble, ever'j one of USo That' s wh'j it' s a comfort to go hand in hand"



Ates Alfonso Arévalo Montenegro

Blanco Elizabeth Arrechea Urbina

Andrés Asturias Castillo

Andrea Marie Asturias Simons

Melissa Sue Aley Ave Sandoval

Alva nory Barrero Recinos

Diego Basterrechea Moeller

Juan Pablo Bollat Montenegro

Andrés Bran Acevedo

Guillermo Andrés Cordona O'Meony

Michelle Castellan Jurado

Moría Castillo Montes

Javier Delgado Hurtado

Annie Dougherty Arévalo

• Adriana Dardón Meneos

Luis Fernando de león Martínez

RoxanneEliseMarie DunnBarrogan

María Inés Florian Alva

RichardEduardoGándara Fuentes

Beverly García

Barbara García Mancilla

Benjamín Garoz Montenegro

Marcelo Garza Moreira

Evelyn Maria Goepfert Medrano

Carlos Alberto Grajeda Martínez

Alfredo Herrera Díaz

Antonio Juárez López

Maribel Krebs Katz

Juan Pablo Lam Lacape

LeskerRaúl Machame Mendosa

Alfonso Magaña Braunschwe

Chiara María Magaña Roesch

David Martínez Dixon


Sergio Rolando Martines Mora

Juan Iszacc Mellado Waldheim

Luis Francisco Molino Segovia


Ricardo Andrés Morales Pereira

Eduardo José Morfin Abularach

Carlos Julia Padilla Ruiz

Tatiana María Palomo Arenas

Eduardo Palomo Vilo

Estuardo de Jesús Paredes Cordón

Juan Diego Paredes Herrera

Antonio Pensabene Uarena

María Daniela Presa Riera

Paolo Cristiano Puccini Arce

María Mercedes Rezzio del Cid


Luis Alfredo Pinto Figueroa

Mónica María Rincon Escobar

Juan Pablo Robles Cofiño

Marinés Rodríguez Aldana

Zully Moría Rodríguez Paz

Kenny AJexander Sandaval Linares

Jorge Schippers Sánchez


.J;, r


..• Patricia Rosales Merida

María Lucía Soto Santos

Luis Gílberto Sáenz Solís

Porfirio Valdez

Juan Diego Rodríguez Comas

Dina: Sólo quiero que sepo que la extrañamos y nunca la vamos a Olvidar y sé que esló en un mejor lugar. Perlirio V Dina: Es m~ di~cil escribir lo especial que fue usted en Ion P9Cas líneas, usted siempre tendr6 un especia es' pecial en mi corozón, nunca la olvidaré, la extraña. mos. Paola Puccini (Pux) Dina: Aunque Dina Y? no esté m6s con nosotras, ello siempre fue una muy buena amiga la cual siempre es' loba ahí poro una, ella siempre tendr6 un lugOf espe' cial en nuestros corozones. Me enseñó cosas muy especiales las cuales siempre recordaré.

Alfon$OM. Dina: Quiero que sepo que todos nosotras jamós lo vamos a olvidar. Andrés B. Dina: Au~ue tuvimos nuestras diferencias y peleas, le quiero decir que usted siempre va a ser una amigo muy especial pora mí y pora iodos. Mión P. Dina: Quiero agradecerle por su amistad en tontos años y decirle que siempre eslor6 en nuestras corazones. Nunca la vay a olVIdar. RicordoM. Dina: Quiera que sepas que nunca te olvidaremos. Luis Francisco M. Dma: Con su amistad aprendí a valorar las =s que tenemos, lo imporlonte que $On, y lo que valen pora uno. Alfredo H. Dina: A una persona como usted nunca se le puede olvidar y eslar6 siempre en nuestras corazones Estvardo P. Dina: Tu amistad siempre quedar6 en mi corazón y sé que desde el cielo me eslós viendo. OriaraM.

poro saber que tuve a al~uien que siempre estuvo ahi para mi y que ahora estás ahí cuidando de mi, de tu tomilia y ae tus amigos. Siempre estarás en mi corazán y le doy aracias a Dios por haber mandado a alguien tan especial e inigualable. De tu sincera, mejor amiga, te quiero mucho. Roxy Dina: Aunque usted no esté con nosotras siempre lo tendremos en nuestro corazán y que esté feliz y nunca lo olvidaré. Toña P. Dinita: Yo sé que eslós mejor alió arriba. Y que eslós pensando en nosotros así como nosotros en ti, te guiero mucho y te extraño, nunca te voy o olvidar. W llave. Tal; P. Dinuca: Yo sé que desde el cielo nos eslós cuidando y que ahí oos encontraremos. Tequiero decir que te quiera y te extraño mucho. W llove. DoniP. Dinuca: Quiero decirle que te extraño mucho aunque sé que eslós mejor allá arriba. Nunca te vaya olvidar, sé que eslós ~nsando en nosotros como nosotros en ti, te quiera mucho y siempre eslarós en mi corazón. Maria C. Dina: Gracias por enseñamos lo que es lo omislod, nunca me voy a olvidar de usted la quiero. Juan Pablo B. Dina: Con tu amislad y tu cariño nos ayudaste a todos siempre y ahora que no te tenemos cerca te extrañamos muchísimo porque amistad y cariño como el tuyo nunca podremos volver a encontrar. Michelle C. Dina: Laextraño mucho y me entristece que no esté con nO$Otras.Pero me recuerdo de los momentos que posó con nosotros y me alegra. Poto

Dina: Nos hoce mucha falla pero estoy seguro que lo esló posando mejor que uno. Kenny S.

Dina: Gracias porque ahora entendemos vivir nuestros vidas a conciencia y aunque te extraño mucho sé gue donde estés eslós a miles mejor, Y gracias es lo ÚniCO que se puede decir en estos momentos, cuidanos desde alió arriba. Mónica R.

Dina: Aquí a todas nos hoce fallo y espera que esté al lado de Dios. Raú/M.

Dinita: ESP!lroque estés feliz y quiero que se~s que te extraño miles y te quiero mucho. Nuca vaya olvidarle. Andrea R.

Dina: Me enseñaste el valor de la vida. Siempre te re. cordaré en mi corazón como una amigo muy especial. Tequiero mucho. Chelo

Dina: Te extrañamos y te queremos un montón. Gracias por comportimos estos 15 años. A/ba NoryB.

Dina: Au~ue nunca nos conocimos ya me hablaron mucho de ti y la verdad hubiera querido conocerle ... With lave. Bárbara G

Dina: Fuiste una estupendo amiaa y siempre te voy' a recordar. Gracias por tus conselos Y por darme alegria cuando más lo necesitaba, te quiero mucho y te extraño. Meches

Dina: Siempre la tendremos con nosatros y lo vamos o extrañar un montón. Nunca la olvidaremos. Diego Paredes Dina: No sabes cuónto aprendimos de ti. Siempre oos har6 falla tu presencia y tu sanrisa. Sé que eslós mejOf alió en el cielo y nunca le olvidaré. Gracias por haCer sido siempre tan especial. W llave always. Marinés R. Dinita: Te quise, te quiera y te ~uerré por toda mi verdód el poco tiempo que estuve contigo fue sufiCiente

Dina: Gracias por ser como fue. Aunque ya no esté !Jqui físicamente, en mi corazón siempre eslorá nunca la olvidaré y la veo en el cielo. Richard G. Dina: Me dejaste Ionlos cosas y aprendi que en cualquier momenta nos vamos, siempre me vaya recordar

de ti con uno sonrisa, graciai por haber sido ton espe' cial. Teextraño. Anme D Dina: Fuiste una de mis grandes amigas y lo segUllós siendo en mi corazón. Te agradezco por todo lo que me enseñaste y dejaste, te recuerdo como alguien su. per feliz, lindo y amoroso, te quiero y te tengo en mi corazón. Blonquí Dina: Sólo quiera decir que siempre habró algo de us' ted en nosotros y que usted fue uno gran persono y un buen ejemplo fX!ratodos nosotros, me alegro de haber podido conocerla nunca lo olvidaré Jorge S Dina: Aunque sólo fue un año, fue mucho el daño y coda día más te extraño. I miss you. Potty R Dina: Yo sé que usted estó mejor olió arribo con Dios quiero que sepo gue la extrañamos mucho y que nunca la vamos d olVidar. Me/issaA Dina: Siempre fue uno gran amigo. Hoy que acordarnos siempre de ello, de lo buena que fue con codo uno de nosotros y Iombién siempre tenerlo en nuestro corazón. Andrés A Dina: Contigo Dios nos mostró que se llevo primero o los mejores y siempre te recordaré como uno gran persona. W llave. Eve/yn G Dina: Quiero decirte que tu amistad sigue valiendo porque poro mí tu SegUISaquí. Con cariño, tu amigo. Adriano D. Dina: Gracias por tu sonriso y ejemplo te quiero decir que eres muy especial poro mí y que siempre viviró5en tOdos nuestros corazones. Zully R Dina: Todo fue felicidad, lo comportiste y contogioste o todos. Gracias!. Javier D. Dina: Quiero que sepos que yo 01 igual que todos te extrañamos un montón y aunque hoyos muerto en cuerpo en nuestros corazones nunca vos o morir. TeextroRo. Ines

Dinita: Te doy mil gracias por esos momentos ton lin. dos que J)9somos juntos. Teextraño muchísimo 't yo sé que no sólo soy yo, me hoces mucha falto y te llevaré siempre en mi corazón_ Río gracias o ti! Lucía

Dina: Siempre la vaya extrañar, rezaré por ello y siem' pre la vaya querer mucho. Juan Pablo 1. Dina: Quiero que sepos que te quise, te quiero y siempre te querré. Eres el óngel más bello que con sus olas ha tocado nuestro corazón. Moribel Krebs

Dina: Gracias por haber sido lo primero en brindarme tu amistad en mi primer dio en el colegio. Nunca te vaya olvidar y ojaló tu sonriso siempre este presente entre no. /........-?! sotros. I miss you. W llave ~ Bever/y . Visil dina's web page al: ~ ~



"We will open to the sun and let light into our souls" SAR"

María Mercedes Aleahe Morales

Neda Sue Alford

Jorge Raúl Amezquita Cifuentes

Andrea Barillas Aguilar

Lucía Basterrechea Moller

Jorge Francisco Batres García

Ana Cecilia Belteton Retana

Luis Pedro Bermejo Quiñónez

Aida Margarita Bonduel Smith

Pamela Maria Bolto Barrillas

Estefani Brolo Bila

Patricia Cabane González

Ariel Cabrera Fischer

Ainhoa Calderón Garin

Luisa Fernando Cárdenas Aguirre

Carlos Rodrigo Castellanos Solares

Aaron Francisco David Cipriono Soy

Roberto Cordon Rodríguez

Adolfo René Cruz Martines

Mario Enrique Chiu De La Fuente

Alfredo Arturo De La Hoz Kepfer

Glenda de León Muñoz

Ricardo Andrés Diaz Ammon

Karl Emmanuel Flohr Durarte

José Ignacio Flores Presa

Maria Fernanda Fuentes Castillo

Mario Antonio Fuentes Godoy


Ana Carolina Flores Abularach

I /

Enrique González Barillas

María Paula González Sagastume

Otto Walter Gudiel Herrera

Luis Miguel Guzmán Oviedo

Tómas Hidalgo Rodríguez

Odra Locs Franco

Christina María lemus leonard

Fernando Maldonado Suórez

Manuel Marfin del Campo Braeuner

José Salomon Marroquín Mishaan

Mariana Patricia Mata Menaldo

Francisco José Mendoza Peñalonzo


Raúl Fernando Midence Rohrman

Jorge Alejandro Mollinedo Pineda

Enriche Josue Morales Araos

Vivian Morales Payeras

Carlos Enrique Morales Umaña

Ricardo Andrés Munguia Valdes

Elvia Najarro lagunes

leonel Rolando Pereda Arito

Khrista Marie Polanco Kepfer

Víctor René Polanco

Andrea Ponce Del Valle

Petter Michael Prentice Vesque

Andrés Reyes Rimola

Linda Beatriz Richard Estrada

Vanessa Nadine Rivera Monsanto

Gabriela Rodríguez Suárez

Javier Rosmo Estrada

Daniela Andrea Sánchez Contreras

Juan Luis Santa Cruz Alarcon

Chia Hao (Daniel) Shih del León

Debora María Sole Aguilar

LuisEduardo Solórzano Hernández


Eduardo Rosemberg Paiz

1 Nancy Paola Sozo Marroquín

Maria Alejandra Soto Diaz

Ana Elisa Su贸rez Cerezo

Mar铆a Andrea Uma帽a Aragon

Andrea Tobar Pacay

Diego Torres Dard贸n

Karla Andrea VillaIta Madrigal

"We are each treasure chests of talents, insights, and remarkable gifts". SARK

Caries Humber10 Aguillar 0reIIana

Moisés Jaim Aleahe Siraze

Pablo Alejandro Aldana Ceballos

Ana Marcela Aldana Sobalvarro

A1exia Arevalo Montenegro

Omar Oswaldo Argueta Palma


Tómas Alejandro Ayala Calvo

Edgar Alejandro Azurdia López

Juan Femcmo Barrientos González

Daniela Batres Pericullo

José Jorge Sebastién Bolaños Utrera

Silvana María Brolo España

Helda Evelyn Céceres Cifuentes

Claudia Gabriela Castañeda Dardon

Carlos Ernesto Chinchilla Langle


Stephanie Ciar!< Urcuyo

María José Calindres Garzaro

Jeff Corey Cornejo Colindres

Juan José Delgado Hurtado

Sandra Raquel de León Torres

Mariana Diaz Muñoz

Emilio Alejandro Eva Arevalo

Rodrigo Fernández Reynosa


María Isabel Flores Abularach

Andrea Florian A1va

Luis Roberto Fuentes Godoy

Lilian Johana Garovito Paredes

Julio Girón Salguero

Estuardo González Godoy

Sonia Michelle Guerra Ruiz

Juan Carlos Hernández


Carlos Roberto Ho Chen

Victoria Alejandra lbarra Lira

Gonzalo Jop Gazel

Luis Roberto Juárez Lorenzana

Sofía Maldonado Eizaguirre

Julio Roberto Martinez Anderson

Jorge Roberto Martinez Castillo

Diana Lucía Mazariegos Rodríguez

Paola Mejía Saravia

Pablo Arturo Meléndez Beckley

Ann Elise Moller Sánchez

Ana Lucía Montenegro Sagastume


Jennifer Morales Chang

Rebeca Elena Nieto Bernal

Jorge Guillermo Ordóñez Chávez

María Gabriela Ortega Arano

Francisco Javier Palarea Sinibaldi

Diego Palomo Vila

Rita Anilkumar Patel Patel

Pedro José Pensabene Uarena

Ana Lucía Pereda Arita

Juna José Ponce del Valle

Guillermo Ponce del Valle

Debora María Ponce Ogaldez

Marinés Rodríguez Herbruger

Marta Rojas Sevillano

Pablo José Royer Gorcía

Carlos Andrés Ruano Gorza

Manuel Eduardo Ruano Méndez

José Andrés Sáenz Salis

José Miguel Sorti Maldonado

Diana Carolina Sozo Marroquín

Andrea Patricia Schippers Sánchez

Alejandro Solares Morales

Pablo Roberto Solórzano Ruano

Danilo José Soto Gonzólez

Haya Szpakier

María Inés Suárez Alvarado

Diego José Tello Fuentes

Kevin Efrain Trustham Gómez

Andrea Viole

Erick Eduardo Villa Guillen

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sing the tunes without words and never stop s at all"


Alejandro Abril Flores

Mario René Aguiluz Gómez

Isabela María Aldana Sobalvarro

Carolina Alejos Rivera

Gabriela Andicoechea Fischmann

Ariel Franscisco Aparicio Herrarte

Diego Ricardo Arana Mérida

Ana Gabriela Archila Arguello


Luis Fernando Arenas Mayen

Pablo Roberto Barillas Acevedo

María Fernando Barillas Reyna

Melanie Barnoya Abularach

Ana Lorena Becker Urrutia

Rodrigo S. Bollat Montenegro

Santiago Benajamin Bono Velasco

Luisa María Bueso Asturias

Ricardo Antonio Cabrera Pineda

Andrés Castillo Alvarez

Luis Arturo Chinchilla langle

Ado~o Cordon Rodríguez


Paola Elizabeth Cruz Barrientos

Ella Maria Cruz Calderón

José Fernando Díaz Muñoz

Francisco Fernando Egger Keller


Herbert Alejandro FemándezGarcía

Diego Fernández Maldonado D.

Juan Francisco Fuentes Asturias

José Ernesto Fuentes Cabrera

Allan Gabriel Comas

Paul Federico Goepfert Medrano

Katrina Marcela Hidalgo Rodríguez

María Andrée Jo Dong

Maria Andrée Paiz Cerezo

Maria Lía Palarea Sinibaldi

Mayan Anilkumar Patel Patel

María Paulina Pontaza Franco

Maria Lucia Ramirez Ramirez

Andrés Recinos Abularach

Jorge Antonio Rezzio del Cid

María Andrea Rodas Ramirez


Andrea Rodríguez Comas

Luis Pedro Rojas Aragon

Diego Ruiz Montenegro

María José Sánchez Romero

César Eduardo Silvia Solazar

María del Rosario Soto González

Gustavo Enrique Steiger Bocaletti

Ana Gabriela Tirado Granados

.. •

Kaled Jornal Jweiles Jweiles

Antonio José lama Soto

Jeffrey layton Gonzólez

Glenda Johana lechuga Ríos

A1an Lou Herrera

Marinés E. Marroquín Castillo

Carlos Martínez Valdeavellano

José Enrique Mejía Tefel

Andrea Meza Musa

luis Pedro Melgar Arias

Carmen María Molino Segovia

Adriana Gabriela Morales Legrand

Daniel Marfin Nieto Bernal

Hugo Carlos Novales Contreras

Eduardo Alfredo Obregon Orellana


Ricardo Alfredo Nicol Vielman


Carlos Rafael Toriello HerrerĂ­as

Luis Antonio Vielmann Abascal

Carlos Daniel Villalta Madrigal

Sonia Paola Wohlers Dimos

"Wewant to live our adventures and be seen for our essences". SARK

Kcnn CJvisma Alemán Hemóndez

José Alfredo Alemán Valdes


Pamela Anaite Arrechea Urbina


<:arios Enrique Bamoya Abularach

Jonalhan Andicoechea Fischmann

Diego Aparicio Calderón


Erick Emilio Banios Ponce

Adriana Batres Reichert


Agnese Borsoi Jauregui

A1exanclra Cabane González

Leach Cabrera Fischer

Jorge Antonio Cáceres Cifuentes

Maria Irene Cajas Rivera

Franldin David Comacho Amador

Alejandro Carrasco Ostrowiak

José Fausto Castillo Cebe ira

Luis Felipe Castillo Rohnnann

Gustavo Francisco Castro Orellana

Karen Ivetn Chinchilla Bran

Juan Manuel Cobar De la Hoz

Sandra Cohen 80renstein

Joan Marie Collier Barrillas

Osman de león Muñoz

lourdes Teresita de león Torres

Maria Cristina Enriquez Magaña

Mayka Farias Bartolome

Nerea María Flores Presa

Marcela Flores Vielmann

Ricardo Javier Fuentes Godoy

José Carios Gandara Fuentes

Ricardo Andrés Garda Zamora

Carolina Giammattei Trigueros



Fernando Enrique González Flores

María Laura González Sagastume

Jessica Alejandra Gudíel Herrera

Marianela Guzmán Oviedo

Mariel Herrera Díaz

Ornar Jamal Jweiles Jweiles

Gabriel Maldonado Eizaguirre

Teresita Elvira Mazariegos Cuesta

José Antonio Medrana Mayen

Rodrigo José Mollinedo Pineda

Christian Roberto Manroy Estrada

Ana Carolina Monroy Humphrey

Diego Munguía Valdes

Julio César Obregón Orellana

Ana María Ortíz Caballeros

David José Palacios Herrera



Jae-Hyum Park Lee

Alfredo Antonio Pérez Rodríguez

Edgar Carlos Ponce González

Andrea María Ponce Ogaldez


Martín Alan Prentice Vásquez

Roberto Rodríguez Herbruger

Fernando Rojas Sevillano

Andrea Rottman Paiz

Marcela María Royer Garda

Cristina Sánchez Rodríguez

Rodrigo Schippers Sánchez

Andrea SoIórzano Hernández

Erez Szpakier

Mónica Toledo Orellana

Alfredo Unda Broll

Juan Fernando Valdes 8ianchi


W hen the school year ends, we realize that our Elementary students (Early Childhood

and Primary) hove changed both physically and socially. We also notice that they have acquired important skills. For example, the Preparatoria children begin to build up their reading skilis and by the end of the year, they know how to read and write with efficiency. This skill is a basic tool that they use for the rest of their lives. Each grade concentrates on developing different basic skillswhich are decisive in the intellectual growth of our children. The academic, cultural, and recreationa! success of this year has been accomplished as a result of student enthusiasm and devotion, teacher and counselor collaboration as a team, and the support of parents who hove trusted in our dedication to education. Elementary, once again, has accomplished their goal. Thank you Educational Community, for giving our children the attention, dedication, support and love that they deserve. "In Elementary, we care for our students N â&#x20AC;˘

Best wishes for continued success, Oiga Renata Rivera de Alejos Elementary Principal

IIThe world is deep and rich and full of colours and miracles ... " SARK

Behind the Scenes l'

t '.


Silvia Muñox de Díax Pre-Primary Co-Ordinator

Mayra Cifuentes Primary Assistant Co-Ordinator

luz María Sandoval and Vilma Veliz Primary Secretaries

Lilian Morales Pre-Primary Secretary


"We can be brave friends to each other".


• Alejandro José Aguilar Orellana

Mariana Aguiluz Gómez

Héctor Steve A1dana Ardón

José Antonio Arrué loo

Virginia María Balcárcel Estrada

Alejandro Barillas Aguillar

Mónica Berger Solazar

Diego Antonio Basch Muñoz

María Fernanda Brolo España

Pablo José Bueso Asturias

Andrés Esteban Comocho Amador

Pablo Miguel CosteUanos Solares

. Gabriela Margarita CastilloCebeira

Carla María Colindres Garzaro

Daniela Mariel Contreras VIdaurre

Luis Fernando Cruz AguiJar

/ ,/

Laura María Curón Rivera

Oliver Curtis5 Quiñónez

Raquel Dardón Meneos

Sigri Marlene Egger Keller

Deon William Ellis lbarra

Sergio Alejandro Estrada Zaldaña

Rugh Farchi Czech

Inés Farias Bartolomé

Gabriela Fuentes Castillo

Kevin Gabriel Comas

Ornar Andrés Gorda Aguiluz

Eduardo Garza Moreira

Stephanie Gharzouzi Reyes

Lisa Maria Giordano Lainfiesta

Roció Alejandra Gudiel Herrera

Jennifer Jop Gazel


Juan Fernando Juárez Lorenzana

Dong-Qh (Miguel) Kim

Sebas~en WoIfgangag Edouard Laleau

Gilberto Lau Muñoz

Alenjandra Inés Martínez Castillo

Doniel Mata Schwank

José Andrés Medina Stein

Juan Francisco Mejía Saravia

Maria AIejcma MeIéndez Recilos

Ana Lucía Mendoza Franco

Christian Andrés Menjivar Morales

Roberto Montes Valladares

Deborah Esther Morales Araos

José Augusto Morales García

Juan Pablo Morales Umaña

No Mun Myung 50n9


Sylvia Maria Noriega Ralda

Andrés Novales Contreras

Juan Luis Orellana Berrones

Paula Otaolaurruehi Correa

Osear Emilio Paiz Corzo

Alejandra María Palomo Arenas

Pamela Pira Samayoa

Luis Pedro Ponee del Valle

Eduardo Reyes Rimola

Victoria Riceo Valladares

María Antonia Ríos Contreras

Gabriel Eduardo Rodríguez Palomo

José Luis Rodríguez Suárez

María Isabel Rosales Recinos

Daniela del Rosario Rosenberg Paiz

Kristha Rottmann Paiz


Melanie Royer Jérez

Diego Ismael Solazar Lares

Otto Estuardo Sozo Marroquín

Marcela Gracee Siero González

Jorge Roberto Steiger Bocaletti

María Victoria Suárez Cerezo

Kiessielle Theilheimer Tosca

Bonnard Tobar Chávez

Ingrid Carolina Tobar Pacay

Edgar Francisco Vásquez Rodas

Irme Gretel Villavicencio Rottmann

Hsiao-Chien Jerry Wu Chinchilla

E THREE "Life revolves with our energy" SARK

' ,~' lt • l.






Ruha Elizabeth AIford

Rodrigo Andrade Guerra

Gobriela Alexandra Araneda Gorda

Pamela Arévalo Montenegro

Daniel Ayala Calvo

Ana Regina Barillas Acevedo

Pablo Rafael Barrientos Granados

Martín Barrios Fernández

Maria del Pilar Bar1oIomé GonzáIez

José Eduardo Bassila Ayuso

Andrés Batres Reichert

Jackeline Becker Urrutia


Kana María BoIlat Montenegro

William Brealey Mora

Estuardo Rafael Calvo Muller

Alejandro José Cardona O' Meany

l' Juan Carlos Carrasco Ostrowiak

Estuardo Santiago Celada Ríos

Cristina Chiu De La Fuente

Luis Manuel Cordón de Dios

Fernando Miguel Cruz Barrientos

Diego José De La Hoz Kepfer

Andrés Diaz Muñoz

Steven James Ellis lbarra

José Roberto Enríquez Magaña

Ana Paola Fernéndez Garda

Khristian Flohr Duarte

Mauricio Flores Abularach

José Sebastién Fonseca Cordón

María del Rocío Fuentes Godoy

Martín Gabriel Gonzélez

A1exandra Gorda Zamora


Loren María Giordano Lainfiesta

Dina Jweiles Jweiles

Juan Andrés Martínez


William René Méndez Araujo


Jorge Mario Gordillo Shaw

Walter Enrique Grajeda de Paz

Alejandro Lau Muñoz

José Alfredo Magaña Roesch


LuisRodrigo Javier Mazariegos Cuesta

María Isabel Medina Ste;n

María Fernanda Mejía Sandoval

José Eduardo Mendoza Franco

Williams Javier Menjivar Marales

Lander Nicholson Suárez


Tatiana Maria Noriega Ralda

Cecilia Cristina Ortiz Caballero

Pedro Sebastión París Berrocal

Daniel Alexander Pattillo Fajardo

Melanie Prem Morales

Juan Miguel Ramirez Ramirez

Alejandro Recinos Abularach

Juana Marlenne Rivera Marroquín

Carlos Alberto Sandoval Ortíz

María Andrea Saravia Calvo

Sal1~a90José RennattoTibieMarroquín

Fernando Andrés Tirado Granados

Rodrigo José Rossal Ruballos

Stephanie Slowing Ruiz


Michelle Marie Steiger Bocaletti

Musset Tobar Chávez

Lorena Toledo Orellana

Andrea Joy Trustham Gómez

José Alejandro Valle Santizo

Cristo María Wer Barillas


DE "We are wild containers for our great big hearts" SARK

Alan Abbott Hasbun

Sergio Stuardo Alemán Hernández

María Alejandra Anley Cerezo

Alvaro José Aparicio Calderón

Monique Georgette Aparicio López

Daniela Archila Arguello

Luis Pedro Horacio Arroyave Tefel

José Carlos Asturias Penagos

Kerby Anelis Avea Sandoval

Katina María Barnoya Abularach

Marcelo Basterrechea Moller

Andrés Batres Antillón

María Isabel Castañeda Gorda

Nilda Brigitte Chinchilla Bran

Javier Enrique Bollat Montenegro


Silvia Ximena Cruz Aguilar

Ricardo Antonio de León Prem

Isabel Eizaguirre Marinelli

María Mercedes Estrada Gólvez

Jacobo Farchi Czech

Juan Carlos Farias Bartolomé

Sebostían José Fernóndez Rivera

Sofía Fuentes Castillo

Juan Diego Gorda Aguiluz

Carlos Antonio Garda Aquino

Axel Byron Garda Morón

Osear Antonio Jop Gazel

Dor Yizhak Kelman

Eddie Rolando Lara Thomae

Claudia María Lima Ruíz

Merllyn Oryth Marroquín Mishaan

Karen Paola Martínez Anderson

LuisPedro Martínez Valdeavellano

Héctor Estuardo May Toledo

José Guillermo Mayorga Escandón

Diana María Méndez Araujo

Joshua Herbert Méndez Plaskuz

Juan Carlos Mendizabal Frances

Arianne Meza Musa

Diego Gabriel Mollinedo Pineda

José Rodrigo Munguía Valdés

Nerea Nicholson Suárez

Flor de María Obregón Orellana

José Estuardo Paiz Corzo

Yulíana Palomo Vila

Woo-Hyun (Alex) Park

Carlos Manuel Pérez Rodríguez

Franz Fernando Pira Samayoa

Stefanie Ponce Ogaldez

Gustavo José Rodas Oviedo

Teo Rodríguez García

Juan Pablo Rodríguez Lazo

Roberto José Rodríguez Nolck

José Carlos Rodríguez Palomo

Stephanie Rottmann Hurtarte

Ricardo Sagastume González

Pedro Felix Sónchez Contreras

Enrique José Sónchez Rodríguez

María Andre Sónchez Romero

Sebas~án Siero Asturias

Daniel Mariano Siraze Calvo

Andrea Slowing Ruíz

Javier Steve SoIórzano Herrera

Marcela Wer Fernández

"1aro a seeker, a believer, and a creative being". SARK

Ximena Alcázar del Aguila

Natalia A1dana Sobalvarro

Andrés Antonio Arana Mérida

María Fernanda Arenas Ramírez

María Danielo Berilios Reyna

Virginia Bertolomé González

Stephanie Becker Urrutia

Ana Paola Berger Salazar

Laura Bland Eizaguirre

Rodrigo Braun Valle Sáen de Tejada

Santiago Cabrera Pineda

José Antonio Cajas Rivera

Julio Andrés Castillo Cebeira

José Rodolfo Castillo Solano


Juan Sebastián Calvo Silva

Luis Gabriel Cariñes Medrano

,. Karen Lisbeth Celada Ríos

Anaité Cobar De La Hoz

Luis Pedro Cobas Yela Vives

Edgar Antonio de León Torres


Daniel Humberto Engel Sandoval

Alejandro Falla Díaz


Javier Ricardo Flores Calvinisti

Maura Cristina Forno Parra

Ivanna Gabriel Comas

Michelle Gabriel Comas

5tefania Gallio Puccetti

Roberto Francisco Garda Mansilla

Michelle Gharzouzi Reyes

Nicole Gharzouzi Reyes


Alejandra Garavito Paredes

Silvana María González Sánchez

Ana Gabriela Gordillo Shaw


Marissa Isabel Gutiérrez González

Ana Gabriela Jó Dong

Diego AlenjandroJuárez Lorenzana

Byun Sun (Yabob) Kim Kllon

Ju Young (Lisa) Kim Shin

Joon Young (Thomas) Kim Kim

Frances A1essandra Madrid Soto

Diana Sofía Martínez Castillo


Ana María Martínez Mora

Miguel Roberto Martini Balsells

Roberto Andrew Matheu Ortíz

César Fernando Mejía Sandoval


AnaMatelaMou ••


Daniel Eduardo Reyes López

Gebriela Bemadet Rossal Ruvallos

Carlos Alberto Nayen Velásquez

Juan Pablo Ordóñez Chávez

Andoni Otaolaurruchi Correa


José Pablo Rolz Hemández

Sandra Viviana Rosas Guevaro

Krista Paulina Ruíz Mendoza

Johono Poolo Ruíz Sondovol

José Daniel Royer Gorda

. ,

Natalia Daniela Solazar Lares

Paulina Margarita Seott Luna

Ana laura Solórzano Hernández

Ivanna Margarita Spitzke Corrrosco

Raquel Tenenbaum Israelsky

Reinhard Dieler Theilheimer Tosca

Michelel Tobar Ch贸vez

) Ana Isabel Toledo Orellana

Mar铆a Wer Solo

Javier Unda Broll

PREPRIMARY GRADES (PREKINDER - KINDER - PREPARATORIA) "Listening is the song our ears play"




Lucía Marié Alemán Valdés, Daniel Eduardo Pérez Luque, María Inés Reyes Lora, César Manuel Contreras López, Vania Sofía Sagastume González, Juan Pablo Quinteros Ramírez, Cristina Inés Bueso Astuarias, Do Young IDaniel) Kim, Adriana Elisa Bogart leal, Santiago Palomo Vila.


Dessirée Alvarado Toledo, Michelle Marie Luna Salazar, Daniel Eduardo Díaz Altamirano, Alejandro José Solórzano Herrera, Ligia Fernanda Sandoval Ortíz, Estuardo Quan Argeñal, Lorena del Pilar Valle Santizo, Javier Alejandro Batres Reichert, Paulina Gavarrete Castillo.


Lourdes Guerrero, Verónica Monterroso .


Samantha Jiménez Herrera.





Ernst Alexander Slowing Ruiz, Ximena Isabel de León Liu, Paulina Carrasco Ostrowiak, Sun Jo (Micaell Kim Min, Jessica Becker Urrutia, Santiago Olivero Magermans Michelle Gutiérrez González, José Otaolaurruchi Correa, Hee-Jin Kim Sin.


Anabelle Herrarte Rodríguez, Juan Pablo Madrid Soto, Pamela Nicole Egger Keller, Daniel Khail Meza Muso, Jennifer Rottmann Hurtarte, Estuardo José Cordón de Dios, Ximena María Pineda Staebler, Diego Figueroa Medina Andrea Mediana Stein.


Nancy Swadesh, Lisbeth de Solórzano.




Luis Angel Suárez Cerezo, María Miehelle Berthet Mirón, Marisabel Soto González, Enrique Fernando Degenhart Abad, Florenee Ariela Tenenbaum Israelsky, María Alejandra Garda Aguiluz, Woon Ki Ko, Luis Pedro Bueso Asturias.


Nicolle Garda Salas-Eeheverría, Gabriel Mishaan Lilienthal, Daniela Chur Corleto, Daniela Rodríguez Graf, Juan Andrés Boseh Muñoz, Galia Vered Kelman Alcahé, Alejandra Barnoya Sánehez, Stephanie Seott Luna, José Pablo Reyes Lara, Kathia Monroy Humphrey.


Lourdes Guerrero, Verónica Monterroso.


Ricardo Andrés Cruz Marroquín.





Sa'diyah Harun Hira, Jeffrey Anthony Slowing Ruiz, María Valls Kepfer, Jorge Andrés Paiz Fuentes, Mariana González Carrillo, Osear Andrés Bethaneourth Guerra, Eun Byul Nam Kim, LuisAlfredo Alvarado Kirste.


Ana Cecilia de María Muñoz Urréjola, Juan José Marroquín Ubieto, Ivanna Marie Engel Sandoval, Osear Andrés Pineda Staebler, Astrid Mariana Ríos Spika, Pablo Anarés Méndez Gorda, Melissa Nayen Velásquez, Alvaro Morales Rendón, Giselle Karine KolI-Nescher Valenzuela.


Lisbeth de Salórzano, Naney Swadesh.


Nicole Paris Berrocal.





Christian Bland Eizaguirre, Juan Diego Barillas Acevedo, Gerardo Alcázar del Aguila, Evan Francisco Arriaza Owen, Sebastián Valdez Vargas, Luis Fernando Melgar Arias, Martín laurence Smith Sedano.


Karit .•Lorer.a Molina Galindo, Heidi Ann Penagos Rottman, Darinka Paola Gómez Langlé, CrI:stina Margarita del Carmen Flores Scott, Mariannne Abbott Hasbun, Jessie Mar a del Rosario Arroyave Tefe!.


Rebeca de Elqueta, Rita de Dardón (ausente)


Paola Bartolomé González




Jesse Andrew Rankin lea" María Jimena de Jesús Muñoz Urréjola, Stephaie Prem Morales, Silvia María Asturias Penagos, José Eduardo lópez Sánchez, Sofía Falla Díaz, Melissa Gabriela Ríos Contreras.


Edgar Fernando Rosas Guevara, Ramiro José González Sánchez, Priscila Camacho Amador, Paulina María Anleu Cerezo, Rossana loi Lau Muñoz, Ronald Javier Aldana Urzúa, Guillermo Antonio Vásquez Escalante.


Regina de Paz, Gema Otero.




Alfredo Raúl Berger Salazar, Mario Roberto Valladares Bartlett, Juan Diego Marcelino Valladares del Cid, Carlos Sebastián Rossell Saravia, Diego Alfredo Bonatti Quiñonez, Carlos Andrés Archila González.


Daniela Aparicio Quiñonez, Stephanie Ann May Toledo, Caterina Borsoi Jauregui, Nicole Rodríguez Graf, María Margarita Medina Stein, Andrea Isabel Luna Solazar.


Rebeca de Elgueta, Rita de Dardón (ausente).


Jaqueline Lucia González Sturgill.





Roberto Morales Chang, José Luis Castillo Solano, Natalia María Fernández Rivera, Tatiana Nicol Morales Abril, Ana Gabriela Fernández Gorda, Peter José Roberto Goubaud Stolz, David Maldonado Rogers.


María Eizaguirre Marinelli, Moriela Cruz Calderón, Juan Pablo Fomo Parra, Roberto Sebastián Barnoya Sánchez, Ana Lucía Figueroa Medina, Mariana Mendoza Franco.


Regina de Paz, Gema Otero.




Cristian Waldemar Herrera Paredes, Tae-Hyun Kim Min, Héctor Joaquín Marroquín, Rodolfo Enrique Soto González, Pedro José Morales Legrand, José Estuardo Reyes Lara, Mario Andrés Rodríguez Lazo.


Aura María Jimena Colindres Garzaro, Irune Nicholson Suárez, María Andrea Rosales Recinos, Angela María Bolaños Utrera, Cristina Teresita Baríllas Burke, Sabrina Barrios Fernández, Hsiao-Jen y/o Mairin Wu Chinchilla, Fernando Suárez Pinto, Juan Marcos Olivero Magermans, José Miguel Eizaguirre Marinelli.


Nirogi Wijayasingha,


Ana Daniela Montenegro Sagastume.

Flory Terán.





Freddy Antonio Cifuentes Chacón, Jonathan Ezra Mishaan Lilienthal, Alfonso Rafael Menéndez Castillo, Gabriel Calvo Müller, Juan Luis Sandoval Amaya, Rodolfo Amoldo Jiménez Herrera, Jonathan Kelman Alcahé, José Luis Quintero Ramírez, Daniel Alejandro Rodríguez Palomo.


Alexandra Degenhart Abad, Alejandra María Arrué Lou, María Inés Solazar Fleischman, Na-yun (Carolina) Kim Chung, Jiyun Yoon, Natalia Wer Fernéndez, Debora Sara Siraze Calvo, Cecilia María Wer Barillas, Katia Elizabeth de Wit Torres, Riham Jamal Jweiles Jweiles.


Carla Portilla, Silvia de Céceres.




Santiago Flores Calvinisti, José Andrés Cruz Martínez, Alejandro Josué Pareda Arita, Christopher Khristian Andrés Araneda García, Alejandro Batres Antíllón, Alejandro Rodríguez Nolck, Alfredo José Rodas Ramírez.


Móníca Alejandra Borjes Meléndez, Sofía Barrios Fernández, Nicolle Mathey Ortíz, dina EI-Sayegh Layyous, Emily María Fernández Tacatic, Mario Bonduel Smith, Raquel Elena Nieto Bernal, Seung-Su Park Lee, Valerie Andrea de León Liu, Woon Sang Ko, Cristina Meléndez Recinos.

Teachers: .

Nirogi Wijayasingha,


Estefanía Ros Bartolomé.

Flory Terán.





Diego Andrés Saravia Boehm, Manuel Enrique León Chial, Alejandro José Fernández Ribera, Milton Elías Pineda Lizardo, José Rodrigo Medina Stein, Mark Louis Villavicencio Rottman, Ronaldo Andrés Tobar Paca, Andrés Ramón Cobos Telavives.


Daniela Morales García, Daniela Elías Wong, Danielle María Mayall, María Alessandra Aparicio Calderón, Andrea María Marroquín, Hernández, Paulina Morales Ricci, Leila Neshé Bassila Ayuso, Cristina Vega Bustamante, Alexander Graham Smith Sedano.


Carla Portilla, Silvia de Cáceres.


José Santiago Fonseca Cordón, Andrés Solórzano Degenhart Grant.

Solí s, Christopher








High School Soccer

Coach: Alfredo Estrada Top Row Lto R: Andrés Asturias, Jorge Shippers, Erwin Flohr, Alfredo Herrera, Estuardo Ruano, Santiago Pensabene, Julian Presa, José Miguel Alfaro, Ricardo Rodríguez, Juan Pablo Chango Bottom Lto R: Enrique Suárez, Juan Gabriel Piloña, Andrés Vásquez, Mynor Palacios, Alec Morales, José Antonio Echavarría Reyes, Eduardo Palomo.

Coach: Janelle Johnson Top Row Lto R: Maricarmen Rodríguez, Evelyn Goepfert, Sofía Midence, Tatíana Palomo, María Castillo, Lindsey Luttmann, Gigi Alford, Carol Estrada. Bottom Lto R: Mónica Aceituno, Cecilia Martín del Campo, Audrey Luttmann, Marinés González, Guadalupe Mendoza, Cristina Brolo, Elena Pineda, María Isabel Santa Cruz.

Second Division Girls' Soccer

Coach: Marvin Hernández Top Row Lto R: Andreo Schippers, Sondra de León, Marinés Rodríguez, Ana lucía Pereda, María José Colindres. Bottom Lto R: Sonía Guerra, Ana María Ortíz, Mariana Díaz, Joan Marie Collier Teresita de león.

Second Division Bo~s' Soccer

Coach: Eric Rivas Top Row Lto R: Sergio Estrada, Gabriel Rodríguez, Deon Ellis, Andrés Novales, Alejandro Berillas. Bottom Lto R: Diego Solazar, Gilberto lau, José luis Rodríguez, José Andrés Medina, Juan Fernando Juárez, Ornar Gorcía, Roberto Montes. Absent: Bonnard Tobar

Primar'j Bo'js' Soccer

Coach: Eric Rivas Top Row Lto R: Steven Ellis, Carlos Alberto Sandoval, Landen Nicholson, Diego De La Hoz. Bottom Lto R: Andrés Batres, Alejandro Recinos, Daniel Ayala, José Alfredo Magaña.

Primar'j Girls' Soccer

. Coach: Teresita Mazariegos Lto R: Carla Colindres, Carla Bollat, Alejandra Martínez, María Fernanda Brolo, María Antonio Ríos, Mariana Aguiluz

Primary Boys' Soccer

Coach: Marvin Hernández Top Row Lto R: Juan Pablo Rodríguez, Sergio Alemán, Andrés Batres, Luis Pedro Arroyabe, Javier Ballat, Jacobo Farchi. Bottom Lto R: Sebastián Calvo, Edgar Antonio de León, Dieter Theiheimer, Joshua Méndez, Héctor Estuardo May, Sebastián Siero, Andrés Arana, Carlos Mayen, José Rodolfo Castillo.

Coach: Marvin Hernández Top Row Lto R: Marcelo 8asterrechea, José Daniel Reyes, Alan Abbot, Teo Rodríguez, Carlos Manuel Pérez, Juan Diego Gorcía, Diego Mollinedo, Carlos Antonio García, José Carlos Asturias. Bottom Lto R: Dor Yizhak Kelman, Daniel Siraze, Miguel Martini, Daniel Engel, Robert Matheu, Santiago Cabrera, José Antonio Cajas.

High School Basketball Division 1 and 2 ~J:~ ,~;"f




Coach: Jonathan Budworth Top Row L to R: Pamela Bollat, María Belén Garoz, Marinés Reyes, Marinés Menéndes, Marissa Rodríguez, Lindsey Luttman, Gigi Alford, Fabiola Marroquín. Bottom L to R: Haydee Marie Maldonado, Cary Peyre, Cecilia Martin del Campo, Audrey Luttman, Marinés González, Elena Pineda, Melissa Rodríguez.

Coach: Jonathan Budworth Top Row L to R: Marlene Tobar, Mariana Mata, Andrea Barillas, Nancy Sazo, Stephanie Brolo. Bottom L to R: Gabriela Rodríguez, Ana Elisa Suárez, Alejandra Soto, Paula González, Liunda Richard.

High School Basketball

Coach: René Montalvo Top Row Lto R: Juan Carlos Pensabene, Daniel Sánchez, Benjamín Garoz, José Miguel Alfaro. Bottom Lto R: Eduardo Paiz, Ricardo Morales, Andres Bran, Juan Pablo Bollat.


Coach: Sucelly Girón Top Row Lto R: Andrea Rodríguez Comas, María lucía Ramírez Ramírez, Carolina Alejos Rivera, Ana Gabriela Tirado Granados.

6th Grade Bo'js Basketball

Coach: Alfredo Estrada Top Row L to R: Diego Ruiz, Mario Aguiluz, Jeffrey Layton, Herbert Fernández, Andrés Recinos, Hugo Novales. Bottom L to R: Carlos Toriello, Rodrigo Bollat, Eduardo Obregón.

First Grade Girls' Basketball Coach: Teresita Cuesta de Mazariegos Top Row L to R: Estefanía Granados, Lisa Kim,

Karen Celada, Ivana Spitzke.

3rd and 4th Grade Bo'js' Basketball Coach: René Montalvo Top Row L to R: Daniel Mata, Rodrigo Mazariegos, Alejandro Lau. Bottom L to R: Daniel Patillo, LuisManuel Cordón, Santiago Celada.

Primar'j Cheerleaders Coach: Gerardo Palala First Row: Kerby Anelis Avea Sandoval, Karen Paola Martínez, Anderson, Nerea Nicholson Suárez, Flor de María Obregón Orellana, Gabriela Rossal Ruballos. Second Row: Ximena Alcazar del Aguila, Johana Ruiz Sandoval, Natalia Solazar Lares, Stefania Gallio Pueeeti, Oanielle Bouseayrol Quevedo. Third Row: Alessandra Madrid Soto, Raquel Tenenbaum Israelsky, Paulina Seott Luna, María Fernanda Arenas, Ana Isabel Toledo. FourthRow:Ana Gabriela Jo Dong, Silvano María González. Fifth Row: Natalia Aldana Solsavarro.

Middle School Cheerleaders

Coach: Gerardo Pala la Top Row Lto R: Katrina Mareela Hidalgo Rodríguez, Isabela María Aldana Sobalvarro, María Andrea Rodas Ramírez, Ana Lorena Becker Urrutia, Ella María Cruz Calderón, Carolina Alejos Rivera, María Lucía Ramírez Ramírez, María Andrée Jo Oong, Carmen María Molina Segovia.


Tennis Coach: Danny Pivnick L to R: Ana María Ortíz, Carolina Giammattei, Sandra Cohen, Joan Collier, Julio Obregón, Roberto Rodríguez.

Coach: Erick Rivas Top Row L to R: Fernando Martínez, Sebastián Calvo, Sebastián Sierro, LuisManuel Cordón,

Juan Diego Garda, Fernando Cruz, Renato Tibie. Bottom L to R: Daniela Archila, María Isabel Castañeda, Stephanie Rottmann, Claudia María Lima, Silvia Ximena Cruz, Cristina Chiu.

Primar'j Track and Field

Coach: Sarah Buddo Lto R: Estuardo Emilio Marroquín, Sebastien Laleau, Nomun Myung Sang, María Isabel Medina, Karla Bollat, Andrea Slowing, Esteban (arnacho. Lto R: Yuliana Palomo, Loren Giordano, Stephanie Slowing, Fernando Martínez.

Primar'j Kickball

Coach: Judy Green Lto R: Stephanie Slowing Ruiz, Jackeline Becker Urrutia, María Isabel Medina Stein, Ruha Elizabeth Alford, Lorena Toledo Orellana, Tatiana Noriea Ralda.

esfuerzo r (af~


,',':1;, (hJ'jlJllh di' {)ro' Sanrina ASturi.1S d('j(í IHIl'VO rt'cord ( (.trIJam(~rj(an" ,lrrina d(, los cinco metros ('n Sallo I.argo, Su prime'ra parlicipalÍlÍn en (~slas justas eenlro.lllll'ric.IIl,'s,

GOOD LUCK SABRINA! Prom your friends at INTER


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Inter Family It has been a great pleasure for me to hove your support and enthusiasm during my term as the High Schoal Student Council President. I thank you for 011 the times and experiences that we've had together. I promise you, I will never, ever forget them. To each and every one of you, I wish you a bright future of accomplishments and satisfadions. With this, I leave you. I want you to remember that success is our only diredion in life, it really doesn't matter how many times you foil, what matters is how many times you get up, every time you do foil down. Thanks again. Goad Luck to everyone. In Sincerity,

Juan Pablo Chang High School 5tudent Council President 198 â&#x20AC;˘ 199


Our experience as the Middle School Student Council was excellent. We learned many things. We learned how to interad with different kinds of people and how to make adivities run smoothly for the students to enjoy themselves. We enjoy the fact that our hard work made students laugh and hove a good time. We learned to be more responsible with our commitments and how to resped rules to make events run more smoothly the next time. Being in the student council made us feel special and important beeause many things depended on usoAlthough it was difficult at times, we tried to do our best. We had the opportunity to do many good things for our school students and administration. We hope that you had as much fun with our events as we did. We tried hard to make a positive step to Inter's future. STEP Marcela A1dana President

Luis Antonio Vielman Vice-President

Daniela Batres Treasurer

Juan Fernando Barrientos Sales

Carlos Ruano Secretary

Marcela Flores Sub-Secretary

•. •







.24 A N N 1 V S R S A R Y



Inter's F



.. .

. \.



y Time










About the Editor...


udy Green

tall brothers, Queen's



She currently

up on a small farm in the outskirts

a loveable

and irreplaceable

in Kingston,



Eighth Grade

Special than ks to the following

of the city of Brantford,

set of parents, obtaining

a dog named

a B.A.H.

Math at Colegio

in Psychology




and Sociology





She attended

and a Bachelor

of Education.


Deidre Macpherson

Chichi, Diana Marcela and Daniela for designing the yearbook cover in their unique style.

• • • •

Gema Santos for her tolerance and organization. Leo Braham for ther hunting skills and reliability. Pamela Bollat for organizing the senlors. Marcelo Garza, Roxanne Dunn, Lucía Soto and Poolo Puccini and the students of Tenth Grade for their special rememberances of Dina Lou. Teresita Mazariegos for Photographs ond endless energy. Mika Marinkovic for being a professional sports photographer and good listener Ríchard McCo11 for being uníquely 'Richard'. LuzMa for always knowing the answers. Margo Treitz, Fiona Grant, Jonathan Budworth, Andrew Robertson and Paul Pavao for laughing with me about life.

for her dedication to completion and going beyond the call of duty.

Michele Wright

• • •

Andrea Umaña for persistance in being helpful. Roberto Santos for guidance and sight seeing opportunities. The numerous students who helped put faces to names: Jonathan A, Martin P., Andrea P., Christine L., Cecelia v., Patti c., Diego R., Paul G., Carlos 1, and Juan Carlos M. My students in Eighth Grade, for their endless patience, inspiration, keeping a smile on my face every day and reaffirming my love of teaching.

with two highly

is her first yearbook.

• • • • •


and a cat named

for helping with endless tasks and being honesto

IJUnpeel your dream from the center where it lives... step inside and begin living it" SARK



MEMORIES "This is the time of your life ..."

• \


\ I

MEMORIES "We crave our individuality ..."



MEMORIES "Give someone the gift of being friends with you ..." â&#x20AC;˘ ~ 1


MEMORIES "We all have odd unused spaces that could

be turned into creative retreat spots ..." •

MEMORIES "Let the world show the most wild path ..." 'jOU


Colegio Interamericano La Montaña

.. •

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