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PROTECTING WHAT’S IMPORTANT These facts and scenarios can help you understand the risks so you can protect those you love, the things you’ve worked hard for, and the security you’ve built for your family.

3 minutes to escape

Picture your home on fire. How much time do you have to get out? Thirty years ago, you and your family would’ve had roughly 17 minutes. Today you may only have three or four. The reason? Modern homes are fueling faster fires and producing smoke that is more lethal than three decades ago. • Larger homes with open floor plans allow fires to spread with fewer barriers. The open spaces accelerate fires by allowing for faster airflow and more oxygen. • Homes have more synthetic materials than they did thirty years ago. Newer furniture, carpet, and clothing contain fastburning substances.


• The oils and derivatives from common synthetics, such as polyurethane and reconstituted soda bottles, produce toxins such as hydrogen cyanide, phosgene, and carbon monoxide. The National Fire Protection Association says most fatalities from fire are caused by smoke inhalation, not burns. Preventative measures, starting with a working smoke alarm and a wellrehearsed escape plan, will maximize every second and can be the difference between life and death. And be sure you have enough insurance coverage to replace your home and personal belongings. A Member Benefits personal insurance consultant can help you evaluate your current coverage and calculate replacement cost to make sure your biggest investment is protected.

Q. A.

If I lend my car to a friend and the friend has an accident, whose insurance covers the damage? Yours. Lend your car. Lend your insurance.

a word to the wise renter:

INSURANCE Your personal possessions (your clothes, furniture, electronics, etc.) are not covered under your landlord’s insurance policy. Your landlord’s policy only covers your landlord’s property, not yours. Renters insurance provides protection for your personal property, such as clothes, furniture, computer, entertainment system, microwave, etc., in case of perils like fire or theft. Additionally, renters insurance provides liability protection against accidental occurrences in your apartment (such as someone slipping on a wet floor and breaking an arm) or off premises (such as causing injury to someone during a pickup basketball game) in case you are found liable to others as a result. Renters insurance is a very affordable way to protect your belongings. The typical renters premium runs about $70–80 per year.

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