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Earths weather and climate Year 1/ # 1 April 11/ 2012 WeatherandclimateSE8E


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Weather vs. Climate

How the atmosphere affects the climate?

How temperature affects climate?

How precipitation affects climate?

Effect of clouds on weather and climate

Human Impact on climate

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In our first edition we would want to present to our readers weather and climate, which plays an important role over the earth, and how does people and other effects are destroying it. In this magazine we would be talking about what is occurring to the earth and things that connect with it. We think that is important to notify our readers what is happening in the planet that they live in. We think that it is important for people to know what is happening with earths, weather, climate, atmosphere, precipitation, temperature, clouds, ozone layer and the human impact on climate. Our staff has put a lot of effort for creating this magazine with new and updated information. We hope that our readers have a good time while reading Weather and Climate magazine! By: Sebastian Eljuri 3

Weather vs. Climate

Almost all the people believe that weather and climate have the same significance. Some of them say that climate and weather is when people undergo a commotion of cold temperature or hot temperature. In fact weather and climate are two terms of meteorology, but are very different between each other. Weather is the day by day condition of the atmosphere in short stage of time variation. Weather can obtain the measure of temperature by minutes to weeks. Climate is defined as weather information that describes the difference of weather at a particular position for a specific time. Climate is what people are expecting in the weather to occur, while weather is what the climate is truly going to be. Another of the main differences among climate and weather is that climate studies climatology, while weather studies meteorology. A lot of things might happen between weather and climate. In weather things such as: precipitation, temperature and wind could occur. Instead, in climate rain, storms, flooding and snow could happen. A lot of organizations like NASA, NOAA, EPA, CPC and CAC stay in touch with weather and climate. By: Pedro Eljuri


How the atmosphere affects the climate?

The atmosphere affects all the things that exist in our surroundings, in which persons live. It can affect also, to climate and weather in a varieties of ways. As earths is always radiating energy at infrared wavelengths, that rays that are released can affect drastically the earth’s climate. Water, vapor and carbon dioxide soak up, and can emit these infrared rays in all directions. Heat modifies the earth’s surface, causing a huge effect over the climate. In a lot of ways gasses act as an isolated layer of lower atmosphere. Water vapor is the most present green house gas in the atmosphere, which could cause devastation in earth’s climate. Without these destructive gasses, the earth’s temperature would be very balanced. Balanced, means almost 0 Fahrenheit, in earth’s temperature. As green house gases exist the stable temperature in earth is around 59 Fahrenheit. As we can see this green house gases that infrared rays emits, are very destructive and can change the temperature of climate in earth. By: Santiago Eljuri 5

How temperature affects climate?

Temperature, is constantly affecting climate, persons and earth in a variety of ways. It is constantly affecting, people in the activities that they do, whether there is a cold or hot temperature in a specific day. Temperature can also affect bodies of water, and their climate. When precipitation occurs in a body of water, it will grow increasingly, depending on the amount of water that have fall from grayish clouds. In rivers, precipitation can cause a lot of problems because it could grow meters up, and then flooding could occur. Temperature affects the climate in a lot of ways, but stopping what the temperature would be is impossible. By: Jose Eljuri


How precipitation affects climate?

Precipitation is the amount of rain that has fallen at a given place within a given period. Precipitation could be measured in centimeters. It affects climate, persons and also the earth. It can mainly affect human by don’t letting them do an activities because it is raining. Sometimes, when it is raining a lot some light post can damage, and that means that people don’t have electricity. People, while driving in the highway are terrified because the way, when it rains turns into soap. Precipitation could also affect the earth when, the water collects wastes and move them to another place, it pollutes more the earth. A regions climate is determined by natural and human made factors. Changes in one of these factors can cause local, regional and global changes in climate. These are the main factors that the fall of water affects the environment. By: Andres Eljuri


Effect of clouds on weather and climate

Clouds are very important in the earth, as they carry the rain that falls from the sky. Clouds are mainly seen as, grayish or white color and they appear in different forms, depending in many things. It exist six types of clouds in our earth’s surface. They are divided in: high clouds, middle clouds, low clouds, clouds with vertical growth, unusual clouds and contrails. High clouds, as it remarks its name, are the clouds that are from 5000 to 13000 meters and up. One of the main distinctiveness of this type is that they appear mainly in winter. Middle clouds, are from 2000 to 7000 meters and up. The main characteristic of this type of cloud is that the main colors of the cloud are white and gray. Low clouds are from the earth surface to 2000 meters and up. The main characteristic of this clouds are that they can cover almost all the sky. These are the most important clouds and the often viewed in the earth’s skies. Clouds with vertical growth start at the earth’s surface to 13000 meters and up. This type divides in two types, cumulus and cumulonimbus. Cumulus is puffy clouds that look like floating cotton balls. Cumulonimbus is a cloud that is associated with rains and can grow up to 10 km. Unusual clouds, are clouds that are not seen frequently. This type divides in three clouds: Lenticular, Kelvin- Helmholtz and Mammatus. Lenticular clouds, form in downwind side of a mountain. Kevin- Helmholtz clouds, look like breaking waves in the ocean, while Mammatus are pouches of clouds. Contrails is what planes get out of it, they are formed with water vapor. One of the main effects of clouds in climate is that their shade cools the earth and their water vapor store heat from the sun. This could make the weather cool down, as the clouds keep moving in the skies. By: Sebastian Eljuri 8

Human impact on climate

People could seriously damage the earth’s weather and climate. One of the main things that person could pollute, is the emission of green house gasses. Green house gasses are released when people burn fossil fuel, which is a source of energy. The increase of greenhouse gases traps more infrared rays for the sun and therefore it increases earth temperature. Atmosphere depends on a balance of gases. Human activities continue to modify the environment. The impact of green house gasses is that they pollute all the earth including the atmosphere. The extraction of carbon dioxide occurs naturally and has exposure to the atmosphere through human activities. The gasses that fabrics emit are also polluting earth air and affecting weather and climate daily. Fossil fuels are so important because it works as an energy source, but in 50 years is going to be replaced with new sources of energy that are more advanced and do not pollute the air. By: Jose Maria Eljuri


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