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FitCoach: An ACSM Personal Trainer Course If you are currently working as a personal trainer or if you just completed your training to become a personal trainer, you could benefit from FitCoach, an ACSM personal trainer course. This course has been approved by the American College of Sports Medicine, and it is offered by the European Institute of Fitness. It’s an online course, making it a convenient option for just about anyone, and it is available to UK and US residents. What’s It All About? This course strives to meet two goals. The first is to help you learn about coaching and how to integrate coaching into your business plan. Coaching is an important skill for a personal trainer, and you might not know just how important it is. When you first receive training to be a personal trainer, you learn all of the technical things that you need to know. You learn about exercises, safety, nutrition, etc. You also need to know about motivation and encouragement. In effect, you need to learn to be a good coach. Even if you already do this in your business, it’s good to have a refresher as well as discuss ways to improve and better integrate your coaching skills into your business. The second goal that this ACSM personal trainer course strives to achieve is to show you how to use your CMS or client management system. This is a computer based system that puts everything you could ever need right at your fingertips. It lets you keep up with your schedule, your finances, and your prospective clients. Your clients have their own log in information where they can access information that you share with them. You can manage your email and marketing campaigns through this program and much more. This program helps you to stay organised, which is very important when you are juggling multiple clients, appointments, and prospective clients. How Does it Work? First, when you sign up for the course, you will have access to recorded materials that are stored in a virtual library. You will have time to review these materials before starting your live eClasses. You will need a headset for these classes because you will be taking them with other students. You have three classes, which cover coaching and client management, your CMS, and your business. You also have the option of attending an open support session if you need any extra help or if you missed a previous session. How Do I Sign Up? Signing up for this ACSM personal trainer course is actually quite easy. All you have to do is visit the ACSM FitCoach website. Here you will find a link that says “Enrol Now” and when you click it, you will be shown the various payment options. You will find options for people in the US and the UK, and you will have the option of making payments if you so choose.

If you want to learn more about this ACSM personal trainer course and how it can make your career stronger, you should contact the European Institute of Fitness today!

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FitCoach: An ACSM Personal Trainer Course  

If you are currently working as a personal trainer...

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