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Ethical. Sustainable. Handcrafte d.

Ethical We are changing the way sunglasses are produced and their social impact.

Sustainable Lightweight frames made from environmentally friendly bamboo.

Handcrafted Extreme attention to detail along with a sustainable manufacturing process results in one of a kind pieces.






Sun + Fun Make waves with our water-resistant floating sunglasses and polarized lenses.

Gift of Vision For every pair of sunglasses purchased, we provide an eye exam and distribute a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need through the TOMA Foundation.

In partnership with

Ethical. Sustainable. Handcrafted. 971-AMPANDA (971-267-2632) This lookbook is printed on recycled paper using eco-friendly solvent inks. It is carbon neutral and manufactured with windpower. Please Recycle.

Panda 2012 Lookbook with Music  

Panda 2012 Lookbook with Music

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