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SPRING 2015 Collection SYNOPSIS


This spring summer 2015 collection is about the burning desire to travel, explore, and experience. The starting point is within

Let Yourself Go. To dream about A Far Away Place, an exotic location, yourself, and where you can

somewhere you’ve never been and make that a reality and a

True Experience, is the pursuit of wanderlust.

Unplanned and unlimited, wanderlust stirs inside you and leads you to the unknown. It may be a destination, or


Era in Time, the traveling that you do is lead by your Curiosity and yearning to experience Something New and different with Reckless Abandon and No Rules.

The Samantha .... New Construction Fresh Silhouette that is light, sleek, Feminine, but still simple and Playful... the Samantha, named A

after the infamous character in the hit TV series Sex and the City, is made for the

Go Getter that can get down to

business or just get down.

All in Good Fun, we have several new uppers on this construction that can take you from boardroom to a

Girls Night Out. My favorite style in this group is the SOCIALite with an easy slide construction that is cut to form a perfect fit for any arch.

Sleek and

Ergonomic pairs perfectly with a Bodycon dress SOCIALITE

MSRP: $149.95

New Exclusive Print... Batik


Adventure Is Calling! Each layer of color adds to the vibrant design that has been exclusively revived by FLOGG from vintage fabrics from an old wardrobe collection from the backlot of a popular Hollywood film studio. Re colored and updated , these batik prints are now contemporary and evoke that feeling of the forever unforgettable

vacation. Prints are big this season , from old Hawaiiana to Leopard, always a staple, these colorful uppers are meant to be mixed with other strong prints, maybe even with bold black and white graphics. So when merchandising this season, be eclectic and daring and not matcha matchy. Listen to the call of the Wild!

Color Blocked & Saffiano Color blocking is always going to be an integral part of the DNA of FLOGG. Sporty chic looks are also very strong this season and that always means the use of bold color blocking. To create a rich touch to these familiar uppers, we’ve added the Saffiano texture. If you are a fan of Prada, the luxury fashion house which finds it’s origins in luggage making based in Milan, you will be familiar with this texture that they have used in their leather goods since 1913. The Saffiano finish on leather is used in the solid color blocked group as well as in the very colorful Batik prints, for added richness and texture. MALIBU II

MSRP: $99.95

Here come the FLATFORMS! Chunky and clunky is in! If you ever wanted to be a Spice Girl, a Japanese cartoon character, Or a 90’s Guess model, this group is for you. Metallics and multi shapes studs make you want to break out your fanny pack. NEVERLAND MSRP: $109.95


MSRP: $124.95



MSRP: $139.95


Sporty Comfort

Oversized Baubles


MSRP: $124.95

Java Group Etching On Wood & Natural Vacchetta Leather

The colorful and vibrant Batik prints are made with wood blocks that have been carved by hand into intricate patterns that is used to apply INK to fabric and is done so in many layers. The wood blocks used have their own beauty in their artful carvings. This group,is inspired by that specific hand work, used in JAVA Indonesia for centuries. This technique is also used in India and Africa. We have recreated that look in uppers with lazer technology onto natural vegetable dye vacchetta leathers and on the wood wedges. This group is in earth tones, soothing and grounded with nature but still rich with a very native and ethnic feel reminiscent of going on Safari or an adventure to Petra, Jordan.


MSRP: $169.95


MSRP: $159.95

Warm Earth Tones and Natural Texture


MSRP: $149.95

The FLOGG Espadrille... Nothing reminds us of vacation and leisure than a pair of Espadrilles. The wedge group was introduced last spring and was very well received. This season instead of a metallic mirror effect, a natural jute rope was hand wrapped around our wood wedges paired with vacchetta leathers in natural tones, it’s a summer essential.


MSRP: $139.95

Color Block



MSRP: $169.95

FLOGG Synopsis: Spring 2015 Collection  

WANDERLUST: This spring summer 2015 collection is about the burning desire to travel, explore, and experience. The starting point is within...

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