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DAY 1-3 Arrive in Hanoi

YOUR 3 WEEK ITINERARY Touch down in Hanoi, one of the world’s most historic capitals. Get the lowdown from your ground team, and it’s ;me to explore this city of contrasts. Smell the delicious street food on every corner, dodge fruit sellers carrying goods on a bamboo shoulder pole, and lose yourself in the narrow streets of the old Quarter, all to the background sounds of scooter horns baBling for space on the road. Get your head around the budget, start planning and and then get ready to take part in a unique Responsible Travel workshop. Take part in a unique workshop run by our partners which will equip you with the skills and insight you need to undertake community interac;ons that are both ethical and effec;ve, enabling you to think for yourself about what it means to be a responsible traveller.

Motorbike madness! In Vietnam and es;mated 37 million people own motorbikes whilst only 2 million own a car!


Meet your Community SUPPORT Health ini;a;ves

Head out to meet your community. Clean water, sanita;on and healthy diets all contribute to posi;ve human development. From taps to toilets, there is a clear link between health, happiness and produc;vity. In Vietnam over 50% of people living in poverty belong to rural communi;es or ethnic minority groups. World Challenge teams collaborate with local community organisa;ons to support low income families in marginalised areas of the country.

opportunity to be immersed in the warmth and hospitality of Vietnamese culture. Embrace the chance try basket weaving, play football, help local students with their homework, meet people and make friends. Take and leave a las;ng impression. These are the stories that will stay with you.

Key projects include improving sanita;on through the construc;on of toilets for low-income families. The impact of improving sanita;on spans beyond direct health benefits: educa;on improves as children are able to aBend school more regularly and family incomes are stabilised as produc;vity increases. Living alongside your community you will be cooking and ea;ng together, so roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. As well as the physical tasks, this is your


Discover Ha Long Bay Travelling 4 hrs

Head back to Hanoi and finish exploring the most mul;-cultural city in Vietnam. Time to experience one of Vietnam's most stunning natural wonders, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay.

Steeped in mythology, the magical islands of Ha Long Bay, the ‘Bay of the Descending Dragons’, were formed from jewels dropped from the mouth of dragons sent by the gods. Choose to cruise through the turquoise waters of Ha Long Bay on a tradi;onal junk boat or simply chill on the beach.

Ha Long Bay is made up of 1,600 islands and islets. The drama;c landscape here is so stunning, it’s been used in James Bond movies and Street Fighter video games!


Trek the Sapa Valley Travelling 8 hrs Catered Trekking 29 hrs/72km Homestay Guided

Boots on , backpack loaded ;me to go. Head west to a world of plunging valleys, majes;c mountains, rice terraces and ;ny hill tribe villages. Meet your trek provider in Sapa and get your gear organised. Over the next few days you will trek through the Sapa Valley and encounter the diverse ethnic communi;es living in the region. Admire the colourful costume dress of the H’Mong tribes, tradi;onally black with brightly coloured embroidery on the sleeves. Sleep in home stays, help cook the evening meal, chat to the locals and be rewarded with deeper glimpse into hill tribe life. As you wander through the lush vegeta;on, remember to look up, breathe deep, take in the sweeping mountain views and put this moment in your memory bank. End back in Sapa and congratulate yourselves on this awesome achievement before jumping on the overnight train to Hanoi.


Explore Hanoi City Travelling 8 hrs

Back in Hanoi, chill out and take in some more sights, sounds and smells. Delve into the thriving market scene or catch up with the city’s beau;ful lakes, temples and Pagodas. If you haven’t already, it’s ;me to try some of the insanely delicious street food which is on every corner of this city. Whilst Vietnam is home to a mul;tude of regional cuisines and dishes, Pho is arguably the bestknown Vietnamese dish, and it comes in two main varie;es: pho bo, or beef pho; and pho ga, or chicken pho. Hanoi is also home to the famous Vietnamese Egg Coffee - a combina;on of coffee, condensed milk and egg yolks (really!) - it tastes far beBer than it sounds. Get trying! Stock up on snacks (a Bahn Mi is a great take away meal), pick your way through the crowds and jump onto your train. Travelling by train is a great way to glimpse everyday life. Fall asleep to the gentle creeking of the carriage and wake up as dawn breaks in Danang. A swik 45 minutes by bus and you have hit the famous coastal city of Hoi An.

21-22 Explore Hoi An

Travelling 18 hrs overnight

Graceful historic and atmospheric, Hoi An occupies a perfectly preserved riverside selng refreshingly free from the trappings of modernity. Take a casual stroll through the winding streets of this UNESCO world heritage site, passing the mustard yellow merchants’ houses temples and bridges. By night be mesmerised by the colourful lanterns that line the streets and the many food markets. There are endless possibili;es to get involved with here: find your zen with a sunrise yoga session, cook up a storm at a cookery class or channel your crea;ve talents into making a tradi;onal lantern. You might also choose to harness paddle power to kayak the river and see local life on the waterways. Fancy a new ouoit? Visit one of Hoi An’s famous tailors renowned for the speed at which they can replicate any clothing design.


Travel home

There's just enough ;me to pack in your last adventure, hunt down some presents at the market and enjoy a final team meal. Then it’s a long journey home with plenty of ;me to reflect on everything you've just experienced. It doesn’t have to stop here, share your story with challengers from around the globe. Find us @weworldchallenge and con;nue the story.

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Vietnam 3 week itinerary  

Vietnam 3 week sample itinerary

Vietnam 3 week itinerary  

Vietnam 3 week sample itinerary