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“This trip was the best decision I have ever made. There's a whole other world out there. I've made new friends, seen some of the world, I feel stronger and smarter.� Remy, Challenger

H ELLO We are World Challenge. A global community of trip leaders, students, parents, local partners and support staff, all passionate about making big things happen through transformative adventure. We believe in the power of extraordinary experiences. They allow us to see ourselves, others and the world differently, and develop our confidence, independence and resilience. They help us to learn and grow. We invite you to join our incredible adventures to different countries and cultures. Adventures that take us out of the bubbles we live in, and inspire and energise us to be brave and think bigger. Adventures that, ultimately, spark learning, growth and greater possibility in us and the world.

“I went into the expedition hoping to find myself, but I look back on the expedition realising I was creating myself” Alice Moran, Challenger



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Where are you going? Choose a destination and put your dates in the diary.

to t o a r e al s

TEAM UP Meet your team mates at the launch meeting. Forge new friendships, explore your itinerary together and start to come together as one team.

EARN IT Get saving. Are you a dog walker, babysitter or car washer? Don’t underestimate the satisfaction of earning your place. Money management is an important part of the journey. We’re here to help with ideas.

GET READY We’ll advise you on gear and share discounts whilst you’re having fun getting fit. Meet your leader and head out on a team training expedition to learn some practical skills. We need you to show up to this one - you'll cook, camp and hike together.

GO FLY Let’s go. Get on the plane. Take on roles like leader, banker and chef and take ownership of day-to-day life. Live alongside a community and learn about a local initiative. Head for adrenaline activities explore cultural highlights or just kick back on the beach.

REFLECT Take a breath, something amazing just happened. You've made new friends for life. Share your stories, laugh with lifelong friends. No doubt you’ll carry this experience with you into your first job interview or university.

2021 YOUR 2021 OPTIONS

Choose the vibrant bustling markets and lush landscapes of Vietnam or the vibrant culture and impressive wildlife on safari in Southern Tanzania. Wherever you go, you’ll join a ready-made team of like-minded young people. Places are already filling up so sign up and put the dates in your diary.


Get off the beaten track on this 21 night expedition to the ancient land of Vietnam. On this trip you’ll head North to the highlands and trek amongst the ethnic hill tribes to see green covered mountains and sprawling rice terraces span the horizon in every direction. You’ll dive into the imperial capital of Hue and saviour the serenity of post-card perfect Ha Long Bay to see the world through the eyes of a Vietnamese fisherman. If you are looking for a dynamic culturally diverse trip, Vietnam is the destination for you.

Read the full itinerary here


Head off on expedition to the land where life began, Africa. Prepare for 13 nights of exploring the spectacular landscapes of Southern Tanzania as you immerse yourself in East African culture and get involved with your host community. Learn about Maasai culture and local development initiatives. See a diverse range of wildlife in one of Tanzania's largest safari parks and chill out on pristine white sand beaches on the East African coast.

Read the full itinerary here

NEED to know VIETNAM ÂŁ3,995



20 nights

12 nights

Departure slot

24th - 26th July 2021

28th - 30th July 2021

Launch meeting

14th November 2020

15th November 2020

Training expedition*

Saturday 1st - Monday 3rd May 2021

Saturday 1st - Monday 3rd May 2021

* You must attend

What will it be like?

How am I supported along the way?

Hear it from students who've been there and done it.

You’ll be invited to a launch meeting and training expedition to prepare you for your trip. We’ll get you working as a team, learning how to budget and give you the practical skills you need for your adventure.

What gear do I need? We’ll provide group equipment like tents, comprehensive medical kits and safety equipment. You will need to provide your own personal kit such as sleeping bag, boots and clothes. We have partnerships with outdoor stores to give you advice and discounts.

Where will I be staying?

How fit do I need to be?

Not in 5 star hotels! Accommodation could be a tent, hostel, hammock or a local homestay. Embrace the experience.

You don’t need to be an Olympian, but yes, it can be tough. Get yourself fit so you can enjoy it even more. Some trips are self-sufficient so teams may need to carry their own backpack and kit.



Questions answered

Can I sign up with my mates?

What will we eat and drink?

Yes. Sign up solo or bring a friend.

Try local cuisine and learn to cook for yourself. Most trips will have some selfcatering and try local restaurants. We will provide you with purification tablets so you're always drinking safe water.

How do we get around? Expect planes, trains, taxis, camels, boats and buses with endless opportunities to engage with the locals and soak up the scenery.


will I raise the money? You earn it.

The best things in life often aren’t free. Earning it is part of the satisfaction you’ll feel when you finally go on your trip. It also teaches some powerful, lifelong lessons about money management; the value of money, how to budget and negotiate. We understand every family’s financial situation is different and we can tell you that over 83% of our students raise the expedition fee themselves. We’ve

met students who have earned every single penny, including additional spending money and their own kit and vaccinations. So we know you can do this. And when you’re sat watching that first sunset, somewhere deep down, you’ll be immensely proud. You got yourself there. We’re here to help you do it. because we know you can.

EARN IT Meet challengers who have been there & done it

Part-time jobs


Be creative










“I did a bit of everything and it added up. The key for me was keeping it bite size and regular so it didn’t interrupt my studies. I felt a huge sense of independence”

“Saturdays go crazy and I’ve eaten enough fruit to last a lifetime. It’s taught me a lot from sales to marketing and hard graft – basically how to run a small business”

“My parents always had curry after work on a Friday so I organised a free venue, had quiz prizes donated and got my local curry house to supply the food. I was touched by how supportive people were”

Jessica, Challenger

Marissa, Challenger

Oli, Challenger

£2,800 part time job £400 ebay and car boot sales £300 babysitting £500 donations

£10 price per fruit crate £4 Profit per crate 100 Crate target per event £400 profit per event x 8 events

Read more case studies here

Read our how to guide here

£12 per ticket including food / quiz £5 profit on each ticket £600 drinks profit each time 100+ tickets sold x 2

Head to

Our carefully selected and trained leaders are supported by the latest satellite communications equipment. They're also role models, people we know you'll want to hang out with.

TRUST US We’ve spent 30 years preparing for your expedition and our focus on safety never stands still. We’re proud of ongoing investment in the continued development of our operational support for teams in the field. Our depth of provision is what sets us apart. Head to our website to learn more. Our industry-leading Operations Centre is equipped with technology which puts our global medical and support networks at the touch of a button. On hand 24 hours a day, we support teams with any incident or emergency. If there is need for a diversion, we will arrange an alternative destination at no additional cost to families.

Meet Ben

We operate in line with Government travel advice and intelligence from our private security consultants, allowing us to proactively monitor security in all of our destinations. Meanwhile, our approach to risk includes an in-depth evaluation of activity providers in every destination to help safeguard teams. Read more about safety

MEET BEN ONE OF OUR LEADERS Pre-departure Support Our dedicated team are waiting to answer any questions you may have about your trip, from kit lists to support on how to earn your fee. With personal access to our online portal, you’ve got bespoke advice and information for your trip at your finger tips. Want to speak to someone who has done all this before? Let us put you in touch with a past participant.

QUESTION ? Just ask

Mandy, Malaysia

Watch our safety video

This programme is only open to anyone who will be 15-19 years old at time of travel

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Departure slot

Departure slot

24th - 26th July 2021

28th - 30th July 2021

20 nights

12 nights


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E R E H S T R A T S IT “I learned to do things rather than say no to new experiences, it’s made my life that little bit richer” Amy, Challenger

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