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DAY 1-3 Arrive in Lilongwe

Touch down in the warm heart of Africa, landing in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city. Change your cash for kwacha and become a millionaire overnight, buy a sim card for your team phone and get the low-down from your ground team. Get lost in the modern City shops and haggle your way through the markets of Old Town, before joining your team for a traditional meal of Nsima with meat or fish. Lilongwe is split into two areas, the Old Town and the New City. The bustling Old Town is popular with travellers and is a great base for you to first soak in the spectacle of Malawi.


Climbing Mount Mulanje Travelling 6hrs Porter support Trekking 42km Guided Tents

10-15 Meet your community

Travelling 3hrs SUPPORT Education Initiative SUPPORT Conservation initiatives

Time to climb Mount Mulanje, the tallest mountain in SouthCentral Africa. Boots on, backpack loaded, time to go. Marvel in the truly awesome views of Malawi as you climb. Get ethical and source guides from Likhubula Forestry Office. They make sure work’s shared evenly between official guides and porter. On summit day, start early to avoid the daytime heat. Headtorches on. Team assembled. Work hard, then take it easy once you’ve reached the Namasile Peak – you’re at a mind-blowing 2,684m with an uninterrupted view of Mount Mulanje’s majestic peaks. Remember to stop. Breathe deep. Put this in your memory bank.

Working in partnership with Fisherman’s Rest, our projects are focused on working with local people to improve educational facilities, recently building new classrooms and library at a local primary school. By renovating and building classrooms and school buildings, we are addressing the issue of overcrowding and creating better resources for children to learn. Other projects include restoring and repairing boreholes and building traditional Malawian clay stoves. Beyond the hard graft, this is also your opportunity to discover why Malawi is “the warm heart of Africa”. Living alongside your community you are likely to be cooking and eating together as well as working and playing together. Embrace the chance to get to know people, learn to cook a traditional dish, help with homework and make friends. Get used to being the centre of attention – you’re the minority now! Take and leave a lasting impression. These are the stories that will stay with you.


The Zomba Plateau Travelling 3 hrs Guided

Trek the table-top mountain, discovering natural dams, waterfalls and rolling grassland with your local guide. Not for the faint hearted – dare to stare into Chingwe’s hole. Legend has it that it’s a bottomless abyss, one that village chiefs used to throw their enemies into. Or trek to Emperor’s view and catch a glimpse of majestic Mount Mulanje surrounded by lush green tea plantations.

Tents Trekking 43km


Rest and Relaxation at Lake Malawi Travelling 4 hrs

24-25 Liwonde Safari

Travelling 2 hrs

26-27 Heading home

Downtime at Lake Malawi, the eighth largest lake in the world. Wherever you choose to base your stay – Monkey Bay, Cape Maclear – put your feet up with a boat ride or a picnic on the banks. The water is home to a wide variety of fish, and you may even spot an African Fish Eagle swooping down for a spot of lunch.

Be prepared for some awe-inspiring sights. A game drive will uncover the world of elephants, hippo, waterbuck, leopard and antelope in their natural habitat. With over 600 elephants calling the park their home, catch them at the Shire River watering hole. Or stop in at the rhino sanctuary, an important initiative that works to preserves the rare black rhino that faces risk of extinction.

Seize your final chance to soak up Malawi’s capital. Re-visit your favourite street stall from a month ago, and hunt down some presents. It doesn’t have to stop here, share your story with challengers from around the globe. Find us @weworldchallenge and continue the story.

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Malawi 4 week itinerary  

Malawi 4 week sample itinerary

Malawi 4 week itinerary  

Malawi 4 week sample itinerary