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DAY 1-3 Arrive in Sichuan Province

Touch down in the City of Chéngdu. The post-modern capital of the Sìchuan Province and a shining example of what the urban future will look like. Find your feet, change currency, and make travel plans whilst you take in the Bladerunner style skyline.


Travel from Chéngdu to Kangdìng Travelling 6 hrs


The big trek: Minya Gònggá Travelling 8 hrs Trekking 15-20km Tents Catered Carry your kit

Horse / Yak support


Rest and relaxaFon in Chéngdu Travelling 2 hrs Hostel Catered

The Great Wall is 21,169.18 km in length which is equal to half the length of the Equator

Wind your way by road to Kangding. On the banks of the Zheduo River, Kanding sits in a valley surrounded by mountains over 4,000m. This means a major drop in temperature. Arriving in Kangdìng, the gateway into Tibet, make sure to take in the beauOful smiling faces around you. There is no bePer welcome.

Over the next few days you’ll be trekking through one of the China’s most beauOful mountain landscapes. Boots on, backpack loaded, Ome to go. Make sure your day sack is fully loaded with food, water, warm clothing and full waterproofs. As you trek through ancient forests, over steep mountains doPed with Buddhist prayer flags, around lakes, over passes and across grasslands where nomads live, take it all in. Your team just got bigger. Meet your local guides and welcome them to the group. It’s their job to help you understand the local culture and take in the area’s rich wildlife. Share the load. The horses or yaks will carry tents and cooking equipment and you’ll have food, water and clothing in your day sacks. Each night, you’ll experience a night under canvas in this beauOful wilderness. At this alOtude the stars are like nothing you’ve ever seen. From Laoynlin, you will trek towards Mt Minya Gongga towering above at 7556m, crossing valleys and high passes eventually reaching Gongga Temple towering above at 7556m. Remember to stop. Breathe deep. Finish in Shangmuji Village and head back to Xinduqiao for a well-earned rest.

Your Ome, your call. But we recommend you don’t miss the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chéngdu. Take a rest in a tradiOonal tea house and soak up the atmosphere whilst trying one of the many unusually flavoured drinks. If you’re looking for a spectacle, check out the 300-year old Sìchuan Opera, an evening that encompasses a range of tradiOonal entertainments drawn from centuries of history.

12-16 Meet your Community

SUPPORT EducaOon IniOaOve Homestay

Founded in 2003, Chéngdū Urban Rivers AssociaOon (CURA) provides a unified voice represenOng environmental values on issues such as river conservaOon and environmental protecOon. We work in partnership with CURA to help local communiOes with the on going monitoring and protecOon of the countryside and rivers and to encourage the use of sustainable farming pracOces. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Your project will make a meaningful contribuOon to a community driven iniOaOve. Beyond the hard graf, this is your opportunity to feel the hospitality of China. Living alongside a rural community you will be cooking and eaOng together, as well as working and playing. Embrace the chance to learn how to cook tradiOonal Chinese food, sell produce from organic famers in the local market, help students pracOce language skills, meet people and make friends. Take and leave a lasOng impression. These are the stories that will stay with you.


Take in the sights of Xi’an Travelling 4 hrs Hostel Catered


Rest and relaxaFon in Beijing Travelling 6 hrs Travelling 12 hrs Self-guided Hostel


Travel home

Arrive in style on the bullet train to Xi'an. Warning: Chinese trains are super punctual so make sure your on Ome! Don’t miss the famous TerracoPa Warriors, thousands of clay figures daOng back to 210BC that were discovered by accident in 1974 by local farmers. If you do go, keep hold of your Ocket as they’ll stamp it three Omes. Grab a tasty meal or bargain souvenir at the Muslim Quarter.

Travel by overnight train to China’s capital city Beijing. At 1200km, it’s a good 12-hour journey, so be prepared. Beijing is rich in culture, history and entertainment, so it pays to make a plan before you arrive. Don’t miss China’s famous Great Wall, stretching from the border with North Korea across the country, deep into the heart of the Gobi Desert. The Forbidden City, home to the Ming and Qing Emperors and reOnues is a real site to behold, but demands a full day to appreciate its vast scale. The largest public square in the world, Tiananmen is an iconic landmark, that you can’t miss. Beijing is a mecca for foodies too; there’s an endless choice of delicious (and someOmes strange) foods for you to sample. Walk off your indulgence with a stroll around Wanfujing night markets or check out the hip 798 art district.

There's just enough Ome to pack in your last adventure, hunt down some presents and enjoy your final team meal. It doesn’t have to stop here, share your story with challengers from around the globe. Find us @weareworldchallenge and conOnue the story.

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China 3 week itinerary  

China 3 week sample itinerary

China 3 week itinerary  

China 3 week sample itinerary