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DAY 1-2 Arrive in Siem Reap

Touch down in Siem Reap, gateway to Cambodia’s spiritual heart and home to colonial French shophouses, a covered central market, shady tree-lined boulevards, and a slow-flowing river. Smell the delicious street food on every corner, dodge the touts, soak up the chic colonial architecture, all to the background of scooter horns baBling for space on the road. Get your head round the budget, find out the price of rice and start planning. Delve into the markets and try the haggling game. Get the lowdown from your ground team and think ahead. Who's expecIng you in the next few days - give them a call and work out the details. Take part in a unique workshop run by our partners which will equip you with the skills and insight you need to undertake community interacIons that are both ethical and effecIve, enabling you to think for yourself about what it means to be a responsible traveller.


Explore Angkor Wat


Trek Kulen mountain Travelling 2hrs Trekking 15hrs/ 38km Homestay & Tents Catered

Angkor Wat translates to "City of Temples" or simply "City Temple." New temples and ruins are being discovered nearly every year.

Prepare to be awe-inspired by your first taste of Cambodia’s ancient history! Take some Ime to weave your way through the crumbling temples, standing as a silent tesImony to the grandeur of the once mighty Khmer Empire. A celebrated UNESCO World Heritage site it was once the world’s biggest city, spanning over 280 football pitches

Boots on, backpack loaded, Ime to go. Over the 2 and a half days you’ll be hiking in the surroundings of the sacred Kulen Mountain. Drop in on waterfalls, monasteries, caves and visit an Angkorian elephant statue along the way. Admire the giant reclining Buddha at the top of Kulen and reward yourself with a refreshing dip in the waterfall. At night you’ll camp out under the tropical night sky and wake up to the unmistakable calls of the jungle.

in size and built over 900 years ago, either way these sprawling ruins will stay with you forever a]er today. Set your alarm early and catch the orange and red glow peeking out from behind the majesty of the main temple building at sunrise. This spine Ingling moment is one of South East Asia’s treasures.

Help cook the evening meal, chat to the locals and be rewarded with deeper glimpse into rural Cambodian life. As you wander through the lush vegetaIon passing Iny seBlements where modern life has not yet arrived, remember to look up, breathe deep, and take it all in. Drop by the jungle clad ruins of Beng Mealea before heading back to Siem Reap.


Meet your Community SUPPORT EducaIon IniIaIve

Start early, and head out to meet your community. EducaIon remains vital to the government’s drive to pull Cambodia from a low-income to a middle-income country by 2030. Get involved with grass root iniIaIves, led by local communiIes to improve access to a quality educaIon and pracIcal vocaIonal training for the next generaIon. You could be repairing classrooms at a rural school, building pig pens and chicken coups for families, or toilets to improve sanitaIon. Living alongside your community you could be cooking and eaIng together, so roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. As well as the physical tasks, this is your opportunity to be immersed in the warmth and hospitality of Khmer culture. Embrace the chance try basket weaving,, play football, help with homework, meet people, make friends. Take and leave a lasIng impression. These are the stories that will stay with you.

13-18 Trek the hills of Ratanakiri

Trekking 15hrs/ 26km Carry your kit Hammocks

Time to get trek ready again. Jump on a bus and raBle your way east to the town of Banlung. Your team just got bigger. Meet your local guides and welcome them the family. Dive into one of the South East Asia’s most bio-diverse regions, where the humidity of the forest has nurtured wonders of nature. Encounter giant trees and oodles of rice paddy fields. Hop on a longtail boat and navigate up river keeping an eye out for Macaques along the way. Leaving civilisaIon behind, set off in to the jungle, climb to a viewpoint and reap the reward – a sweeping vista over the jungle canopy below. In the evenings help out your cook team and learn how it's done local style. Rig up your hammock, unroll your sleeping bag and check out the stars. Fall asleep each night to the rhythmic croak of the cicadas. Get involve learn some bush cra] skills and spend some Ime with one of the 12 indigenous tribes who sIll call the highlands home. Immerse yourself - you won’t regret it.


Explore Phnom Penh

Arrive in Cambodia’s elegant but chaoIc capital, Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh, sits at the confluence of 3 major rivers and is home to freneIc markets, tree lined boulevards, gliBering spires and a chic French colonial vibe. Head to Cambodia’s most important and harrowing Khmer Rouge museums to truly understand this country’s history. The Security Office 21 (or S-21) a former school that became an integral insItuIon of the Khmer Rouge regime, is one of this country’s memorials to those esImated 2 million who perished. There is history here that can’t be taught in the classroom and be inspired by the resilience and determinaIon of the Cambodian people to survive.

21-22 Travel home

There's just enough Ime to pack in your last adventure, hunt down some presents and enjoy your final team meal. It doesn’t have to stop here, share your story with challengers from around the globe. Find us @weworldchallenge and conInue the story.

In Cambodia 50% of primary school children do not go on to complete secondary school and 35% of children are forced to work to support their families.

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Cambodia 3 week itinerary  

Cambodia 3 week sample itinerary

Cambodia 3 week itinerary  

Cambodia 3 week sample itinerary