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DAY 1-4 Arrive in Kuching

Soak up your first sites and sounds of Borneo in Kuching, on the edge of the Sungai (river) Sarawak. Take some ?me to walk along the riverfront and get used to the intense tropical heat. Get the lowdown from your ground team and start planning. Booking is essen?al as you’re travelling during peak season. Upgrade your senses with a walk around Kuching’s famous night market. Breathe in the heady scent of hot dusty tarmac, local street food and nearby jungle. If you’re up for some chill ?me, head to one of the close by beaches, or take journey through the amazing scenery on a bike or kayak. Take part in a unique workshop run by our partners which will equip you with the skills and insight you need to undertake community interac?ons that are both ethical and effec?ve, enabling you to think for yourself about what it means to be a responsible traveller.


Trekking in Bako Na-onal Park Travelling 2hrs Trekking 12hrs/20km Hostel Partly catered


Niah Caves Na-onal Park


Trekking in the Kelabit Highlands Travelling 1hr Trekking 17hrs/26km Hammocks Self catered Carry your kit

A short bus ride and boat journey will get you from Kuching to Bako. Be sure to shop around to get the best deal. Top ?p: Get ahead of the game. Change money and get food supplies in before you head to Bako. Prepare to have your mind blown by the vast natural beauty of Bako Na?onal Park. Covering more than 27 square km of land, follow trails and plank walks to discover 12 different ecosystems, including mixed dipterocarp forest and mangrove forest, beach vegeta?on, cliff vegeta?on, Kerangas or heath forest, padang or grasslands and peat swamp forest. Keep your eyes peeled for the star of the show, the big-nosed, pot bellied proboscis monkey or comedian of the rainforest – a species that can be found exclusively in Borneo.

Top ?p: The proboscis monkeys are rare and live deep in the jungle. Keep quiet and you might just spot one! Wind your way to Miri by boat, a brief overnight stay in Bintulu and bus. Travelling by bus is a great way to glimpse everyday life and appreciate the diversity of Borneo’s landscape. Catch your breath. Miri’s a good place to prep for your next adventure and take a wander around local shops, stalls and markets.

These vast limestone caves are archaeological treasures and contain evidence of some of the earliest human habita?on in South-East Asia. You’ll take a small boat across the river, make your way through the swampy rainforest before you get to the ‘Great Cave’. A true site to behold.

Top ?p: Wear strong shoes and don’t forget your torch – the boardwalks and cave routes can be slippery.

Up your trekking game. Next up we head to the Kelabit Highlands, a stunning hanging valley nestled in jungle-clad mountains. Intense heat and moisture makes for a ?ring trek, but it’s worth it for the truly awesome scenery. Take in the majes?c ancient trees and listen to the cha^ering chorus of jungle sounds. Remember to stop. Breathe deep. Put this in your memory bank.

Top Tip: Stock up on supplies in Miri as you won’t find many shops in Bario.

Top ?p: Boost your fitness in the months before your trip. Trekking in a tropical climate demands endurance and a high level of fitness. Boots on, backpack loaded, ?me to go. Over the next few days you’ll be trekking for around 5-6 hours a day with your kit on your back. Food and sleep are your fuel.

Time to travel to the beau?ful and remote jungle town of Bario by ?ny twin-o^er plane. Hold on ?ght and take in the incredible bird’s eye views.

Having shopped smart, you've got your supplies. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in to cooking up a storm for your team mates. As well as a few nights in tradi?onal longhouses, you’ll need to rig up your hammock and get ready for a night under the stars. Before you head to bed, remember to look up at the sky and take in the magic. Make your way to Kota Kinabalu via a night in Lawas, a ?ny place that sits in a sliver of Sarawak between Sabah and the Temburong district of Brunei. Jump on a bus bright and early the next day to Kota Kinabalu (or KK as the locals call it).

19-23 Meet your Community

SUPPORT Educa?on Ini?a?ve SUPPORT Sustainable Income ini?a?ves SUPPORT Welfare Ini?a?ves


Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilita-on Centre

High rates of rural to urban migra?on in Borneo mean that standards of living in many remote communi?es have seriously declined. Our projects focus on working alongside villagers to make basic infrastructure improvements such as senng up rainwater collec?on tanks, water filters and a system of pipes connected to community buildings so that villages have a clean, hygienic and reliable source of water. We hope that by suppor?ng these remote communi?es, locals will stay and con?nue to live their tradi?onal way of life. Life in these communi?es brings its own set of challenges and the need for progress. You are guests, for a short ?me, in a host community. The language, daily rou?ne, facili?es and cultural sensi?vi?es will all be different to what you are used to. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Work with locals on their agenda. What is their tradi?onal way of life? What can you do to help? Ask ques?ons and get involved. Your project

will make a meaningful contribu?on to a community driven ini?a?ve. Beyond the hard gral, this is your opportunity to feel the warmth and hospitality of Borneo. Living alongside your community you could be cooking and ea?ng together as well as working and playing together. Embrace the chance to get to know people, learn to cook a tradi?onal dish, help with homework, make friends. Take and leave a las?ng impression. These are the stories that will stay with you. Warmed by your experience, pack up, say your goodbyes and head to Sepilok.

Prepare to be blown away. Sepilok is one of the few places in the world where you can get up close and personal with the famous 'man of the forest' in its natural habitat. Orangutans used to roam across Southeast Asia in their droves, but are now sadly an endangered species. The SORC raises them and teaches them to survive in the jungle, as well as caring for injured orangutans brought to Sepilok. While in Sepilok, you can also check out Borneo Sun Bear Conserva?on Centre (BSBCC), the only sun bear conserva?on centre in the world, or pay a visit to the Rainforest Discovery Centre, also nearby.


Kinabalu Na-onal Park Travelling 6hrs Trekking 14hrs/18km Hostel Fully catered

Important: It’s a good 5 hours from Sepilok to Mount Kinabalu so factor this in when planning your trip. Take your trek to the next level. At 4095m high, Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and the island of New Guinea. Make the most of a buffet-style dinner on your first night at the Park HQ in prepara?on for a 7am start. From HQ, we wind our way to Laban Rata (3273m) for supper and rest un?l it’s ?me to summit. Start early. 2am to be precise. Headtorches on. It's ?me to summit Mount Kinabalu. Make sure you’re on your way by 3am as it’s another 3km from Laban Rata to the summit at Lows Peak (4095m). You’ll start out on steps but quickly find yourself on bare rock. Don’t worry, the thick white rope is there to guide you to the summit. Remember: the best view comes aler the hardest climb. Watch the 6am sunrise in awe and record the memory with those all important summit shots. Important: It’s freezing at the summit – don’t forget your hat, gloves and a jacket. Borneo is also home to Southeast Asia’s highest mountain: Mount Kinabalu 4,095m and its sacred

29-30 Some rest and relaxa-on in KK

Travelling 2hrs


Heading home

Back to KK before heading home. Don’t miss the night market on the sea front. Popular with locals, join them in feas?ng on huge por?ons of delicious foods from around the world. Pay a visit to the local mall and Fillipino market for those last minute gils and souvenirs. If you’re up for a last minute trip, catch the boat from Jesselton Port to one of the awesome coastal islands. Part of the Tunky Abdul Ramen Na?onal Park, choose from Sapi, Manukan or Mamu?k for the chance to kick back on a paradise-like beach.

There's just enough ?me to pack in your last adventure, hunt down some presents and enjoy your final team meal. It doesn’t have to stop here, share your story with challengers from around the globe. Find us @weworldchallenge and con?nue the story.

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Borneo 4 week itinerary  

Borneo 4 week sample itinerary

Borneo 4 week itinerary  

Borneo 4 week sample itinerary