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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday June 8, 2011 Contact: Kelly Steele

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald: GOP senators lying about scheme to rig primaries with fake Democrats Majority Leader reveals all GOP senators facing recall knew about the plan and even offered input on different “angles” to take MADISON – State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, perhaps unwittingly, revealed that all GOP Senators facing recall elections had knowledge of the conspiracy to recruit sham Democratic candidates to rig primary election dates for August in all six GOP recall races. Fitzgerald’s statements directly contradict claims by many of the senators facing recall elections who have said that they had no part in this conspiracy. Fitzgerald confirmed to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the targeted Republicans knew about the strategy, saying, "all of them were aware that this was taking place.” Fitzgerald also said that Republican senators have known about the plan for weeks and that it was discussed at the state Republican convention in Wisconsin Dells in May. This directly contradicts statements made by those GOP Senators themselves and their official campaigns, denying any involvement in the concerted effort and when they knew about the plan. In one case, Sen. Randy Hopper has repeatedly denied any role in the spoiler plan over the last few days. When asked by reporters about organizing spoiler candidates, Hopper said, “I have absolutely zero to do with it.” In a separate comment that contradicts Fitzgerald, Hopper campaign manager Jeff Harvey also denied any involvement and said that “Hopper first became aware of the movement to seek spoiler candidates for a Democratic primary during the weekend (June 4-5)” when the nomination papers for the spoiler candidate were released publicly. Another senator, Dan Kapanke has denied involvement in the spoiler talks and his campaign manager, Jen Harrington has claimed that the senator did not discuss it with Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald clearly said that all the GOP senators knew of the plan for weeks, and were even asking questions about the “angles on it.” Yet the senators facing recalls say they didn’t know anything about these sham candidates. Bottom line – the WI GOP continues their sleazy tactics, and the only thing we know for sure is that somebody’s lying. ### Paid for by We Are Wisconsin PAC, Phil Neuenfeldt, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s agent or committee.

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald: GOP senators lying about scheme to rig primaries with fake Democrats  

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