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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday June 12, 2011

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From Education to Ethics, Olsen Faces Massive Constituent Backlash As Critical Budget Vote Approaches Ethics complaint ends terrible week when Olsen rammed thru proposal to limit access to his own ethics data in the future RIPON – It’s Monday, and Luther Olsen – who once called the attack on the rights of nearly 200,000 Wisconsin workers “radical” before helping ram it through the legislature in the dark of night – must wonder what is in store for him in the next five days. Olsen is coming off a brutal last week, in which his constituents left no doubt they vehemently oppose his support of the radical agenda being rammed through in Madison. The front page headlines followed a weekend that included a large demonstration last Saturday against his support of historic cuts that will gut Wisconsin’s public education system. And now, the heat on Olsen has ratcheted up substantially after he backed a change to a key Wisconsin ethics provision that makes the financial dealings of elected officials and candidates transparent. Olsen’s bill would make it difficult or impossible for ordinary citizens in the district to discover ethical breaches, such as the serious allegation he’s now facing for using his office for the personal financial gain of his wife. Under language inserted by Olsen, an amendment was passed allowing her organization new ways to raise revenue from publicly-funded charter schools, which would result in increased income for her organization. Her outfit would stand to benefit at least $7,775 per student that enrolls. “Luther Olsen’s support for an extreme budget that guts our public education system, raises taxes on seniors and working families by $70 million while offering $200 million in tax giveaways to corporations and the super-wealthy, and slashes aid to local police and firefighters is truly shameful,” said Alto resident Mary FilionZuelsdorf. “What’s even worse is that Luther Olsen is now abusing his position on the powerful budget committee for his own personal financial benefit, and passing legislation to cover up the public’s access to information that would hold him accountable,” added Filion-Zuelsdorf . “But the days of Olsen’s chicanery and unethical behavior are numbered – and in the upcoming election he will be held to account.”

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RELEASE: From Education to Ethics... - Olsen  

press release from june 12, 2011

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