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GRADUATED HOWARD HEAD Degree in Engineering. BORN Havard university. 31st July 1914 Philadelphia Pensylvania.



FIRST JOB Engineer for the Martin Aircraft Company. (Glenn L. Martin Company) As a riverter.


NEEDED A BREAK Went Skiing with friends at Stowe in Northern Vamont. Where he fell in love with skiing!

THE IDEA He used aluminium fibre glass and other aircraft material to make better skis. He found out that aluminium was stronger and more flexible than wooden ones.

UPON RETURN With friends, and the topic of performaqnce came up, and he explain he was a bad skier and his equipment didnt help him.


THE GAMBLE Used his Savings, Quit his job and set up a small workshop. Apparently his savings were $6000 of poker winnings.

18 PAIRS Howard had created 18 new pairs of ski's which were built and subsequently destroyed. However because of this , he had finally created a ski which couldn't be broken. SIX NEW SKI'S He spent the Next 5 months designing and manufacturing 6 different ski's. Using aluminum , plywood and honeycomb plastic.


RE-DESIGN AND RE-DEFINE Howard set back to work developing his ski's upon basis of his research.

PRO SKI'ER TEST Cliff Taylor tested the ski's at Tuckerman's Raevine The ski's became known as 'Cheaters'.

TWO MORE YEARS A further 20 pairs were made.


HEAD WAS BORN Howard used his Surname Head to create his new ski brand.

BREAKTHROUGH Howard had finally created a ski which was Stronger, Faster and Easy to use.

9 MORE YEARS OF IMPROVEMENTS By 1959 Most racers were using Head's Ski's.


JEAN CLAUDE KILLY Jaun Claude Killy wore HEAD Ski's.

DIVERSITY Howard added an activewear section to Head Ski. As he wanted to diversify. TENNIS Head launced a tennis division.

56,000 Sales of ski's.




US OPEN The first ever metal racket was used. IMPRESSIVE RESULTS One third of top 10 finishers in the world cup wore HEAD Ski's


FIBREGLASS HEAD Introuduced a fibre glass metal ski

COMPANY SOLD Forced to sell HEAD to AMF which is the american machine and foundry for 16 Million Dollars.

EARNINGS Howard earnt $4.5 million from the sale of Head.

HOWARD RETIRES Planning a Multi Millionnaire lifestyle, he moved to a Baltimore Suburb.

LOVE FOR TENNIS He built a Tennis Court and payed for $5000 worth of tennis lessons. He wasn’t very good, and was told to practice with the PRINCE tennis ball machine.


CURIOUS He took the machine apart and found lots of ways to improve it.

SUGGESTIONS He went to the price company office with his suggestions

2 MAJOR ACQUISITIONS Meanwhile. Under AMF control, Head Sports bought 2 companies.'Tyrolia' an Austrian manufacturer of Ski binding and poles, and 'Mares' An Italian manufacturer of Scuba gear. WORKED FOR PRINCE He then worked for Prince for a year and eventually bought 25% of the company. He was the Chief Design Engineer and Chairman

SWEET SPOT Howard was still a poor player and analysed that it was the small sweet spot that was the problem. The racket would twist in his hands if it didn't hit the correct point.

THE IDEA Howard needed to make the racquet bigger.. a racquet that was 20% wider would be 40% less likely to twist in his hand. He made a Prototype which improved his game. DEVELOPMENT Spent the next 2 years working on trying to increase the racket sweet spot.


NEW RACKET INTRODUCED Prince classic was introduced which was Howards Idea. It had a massive impact upon players rankings. It was the first over-sized metal tennis racket.

SELLING THE IDEA Prince really liked it and Howard spent the next year developing it for the pro's. Arthur Ashe wins Wimbledon with a HEAD composite racquet.



PRINCE DOMINANCE Prince rackets were soon adopted by more than 700,000 players. and grabbed 13% of the tennis market in less than 4 years.

FOOTWEAR Head diversified into Athletic footwear.

PRINCE SOLD Prince racket company was sold to Cheesebrough in 1982.

MINSTAR INC. AMF was acquired by Minstar Inc.




Howard Head Died aged, 77.

HTM Management buys out Head, Tyrolia, and Mares, forming HTM.

1989 1991

The U.S. patents for the laminate skis and over-sized tennis racket are still in the name of Howard Head.

ANOTHER SALE! HTM is sold to Austria Tabak. A tabacco company.


With HEAD equipment Patrik Ortlieb wins the Worldcup Downhill Championship TITANIUM/GRAPHITE The 1st ever Titanium/Graphite racquet was introduced by HTM. OHAN ELIASCH Johan Eliasch convinced the Government to sell HTM for just under $1 billion.

DACOR HTM acquired Dacor, a pioneer in the diving industry.

1995 1996 1997 1998

MORE ACQUISITIONS Penn Tennis Balls and snowboard makers Blax and Generics were acquired by HTM.

HEAD introduces the HEAD Intelligence Racquet Smarter Racquet - Better Game.


HEAD N.V HTM was reorganized as Head N.V. The company's shares began trading on both the Vienna Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange.


HEAD introduces the Intelligence X Technology, the next level of intelligent racquet technology. HEAD introduces the Liquidmetal Technology - Pure Engery - Perfect.



HEAD introduces HEAD tennis ball. HEAD introduces a new Corporate Identity with a newly-designed logo and a new corporate color orange.



HEAD introduces CrossBow™ Technology.


HEAD introduces an innovation in skiing: the Torque Turning Technology. HEAD introduces a revolution in ski boots: the new Flex Walking Sole and Auto Ski Walk.


HEAD presents YOUTEK™ technology.

SUPERSTAR SIGNING HEAD Signs World No. 3 Novak Djokovic.


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The Genealogy of the HEAD brand  
The Genealogy of the HEAD brand