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Shelvey: Season so Far Stats Profile: Nathan Redmond Predicted Team Line Ups Pre Match Stats Norwich vs. Swansea 1.30pm Sun 15th Dec 2013

Norwich vs. Swansea

Jacks Away

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In this issue of Jacks Away we’ll be looking at the impact Jonjo Shelvey has had on the team along with a bit of amateur psychology.

Shelvey’s season so far 3

We’ll look at the season so far stats for Nathan Redmond, who could easily be lining up for the Swans in this match along with shot charts for both teams so far in the league this season.

Stats Profile: Nathan Redmond 7

We’ve also got pre-match stats and predicted team line-ups from Scott at ‘The Swansea Way’.

Dan Twitter: @we_r_pl

Pre-Match Stats 10

Possible Team Lineups 11

Norwich vs. Swansea

Jonjo Shelvey

To call Jonjo Shelvey’s first few months as a Swansea player ‘eventful’ would be a pretty big understatement, highlights so far have included: • A fair amount of indifference on his arrival • Big expectations after an impressive pre season • The Liverpool match that had everything • Losing possession in injury time to allow Kuban to equalise in the Europa League • Straying off his post to allow Caulker to score the winner in the derby • Doing the ‘swim-away’ to Cardiff fans after losing and not playing particularly well • 2 goals in 3 games vs. Fulham and Newcastle • Imitating a rutting stag against Debuchy

Overall though, I’d say the positives have outweighed the negatives and if he was already the finished article, he’d cost several times the £5m (+ clauses) he cost. In the next couple of pages we’ll look at his stats in the league so far and also try and guess what goes in inside Jonjo’s head.

Norwich vs. Swansea

Shelvey Stats

With 3 goals and 3 assists in the league to date, Jonjo has been involved in more league goals for Swansea than any other player. He’s also a rarity in the Swansea side as being someone who is willing to have a shot from distance. So far it’s been a bit of a mixed bag but certainly offers something different:

Shelvey’s shots in the league, some optimistic efforts in there, but the Newcastle goal shows he can score from range

I’d also argue that he is a better corner take than De Guzman and is a rarity in the side in that he’s willing to try and go pass people in the middle of the field and looks comfortable using both feet. In terms of ability he’s got pretty much all you’d want from a central midfielder but it’s the ‘Top Two Inches’ where the questions lie.

Norwich vs. Swansea

Inside Shelvey’s Mind

Just like most people think they could be a football manager, there’ll be plenty of armchair psychologists who think they know how a footballer’s mind works (and here’s my take). I’m currently reading ‘The Stupid Footballer is Dead’ by Paul McVeigh . Paul played for Spurs, Norwich and N. Ireland and talks about the increasing role in mental preparation within football. The book treads a fine line between showing how vital psychological preparation and awareness is, without going too far down the ‘self help’ route. There’s no doubt that approaching any task with the right attitude improves results but it’d be difficult to get this across (especially within the world of football) without sounding too much like a new age hippy. That said, it was interesting to hear Fabio Borini talking about how with his visualisation coach he pictured himself coming of the bench for Sunderland (as he did) to score the winner against Newcastle. In a piece this week where he was talking about the Keane-Viera documentary, Joey Barton describes how he used to get himself wound up to maximise performance. I used to ‘back myself into a corner’ because I knew I would hit a higher standard of performance. I’d recreate a situation in my head, and find a way to back myself into a corner, finding the negative connotation of something. I’d use anger as a propulsion system.

Norwich vs. Swansea

Inside Shelvey’s Mind

I certainly wouldn’t put Shelvey’s on-field misdemeanors on a par with Barton’s but there is certainly a balancing act required between energy and control. As with Michu (who’d arguably be another interesting case study in terms of body language), Shelvey wears his heart on his sleeve and I’ve seen on a couple of occasions Jonjo slap himself on the back of the head in frustration at a mistake or bad shot. It may be that like Barton he need’s to feel that pressure to play to his full potential. He’s certainly someone I’d want on my side if there’s trouble, although there’s a chance the trouble would have started because of him. He showed he’s willing to look out for team mates by getting involved in a row between Williams and Sagbo in the game against Hull, the downside of this is he ends up getting booked in something that wasn’t really his problem. Given the amount of time Shelvey’s been around in professional football it’s sometimes easy to forget he’s only 21. Some people are born mature, some become mature and some never grow up at all. Jonjo still has plenty of time to improve the good and curb the bad possibly even quick enough for a seat on the plane to Rio.

Norwich vs. Swansea

Nathan Redmond

With a deal agreed by Birmingham with Swansea over the summer as well with Norwich, this game could easily have seen Nathan Redmond turn out for the Swans. Obviously I’m biased in my preference but I can see why Redmond chose Norwich, as well as being reunited with Chris Hughton with Dyer/Routledge/Pablo to compete with, Redmond might have found his time limited (at least initially) at Swansea. Swansea’s 4th winger Lamah has played 160 minutes to date in the league.

Redmond has played 849 minutes in the league so far, starting 9 and coming on in another 4 of Norwich’s 15 games to date. Despite not being a permanent fixture, he’s had more shots in the league (33) than any player in either squad averaging 3.5 shots per 90 min played and is a long way ahead of the next highest Norwich player Leroy Fer (19).

Norwich vs. Swansea

Nathan Redmond

Judging by the stats Redmond is someone who’s willing to have a crack at goal, looking at the location of his shots there’s a degree of optimism in his efforts. As a comparison, Wayne Routledge , despite playing around the same time in the league has had only 8 shots.

Redmond’s Premier League shooting

Routledge’s Premier League shooting

Norwich vs. Swansea

Shooting by Team

When looking at the two teams overall, Swansea have had more shots (201 vs 182) but Norwich with more activity closer to goal including 4 goals from headers.

Norwich’s Premier League shooting with 4 goals from outside the box

Swansea’s League shooting, far less from an angle outside the box compared to Norwich

Norwich vs. Swansea Norwich are threatening to turn a corner, and have won three of their last five - including an impressive away win at WBA last time out. Chris Hughton hasn't been able to get Norwich ticking like Lambert did, but he'll no doubt be heartened by their record against the Swans in the Premiership. Yet to lose against the South Walians since both sides gained promotion three years ago, they'll be looking to continue that trend tomorrow lunchtime. Swansea once again fell short away at St Gallen and the general reaction would seem to indicate that the level of performance was far short of what we can legitimately expect from a Swansea side with mutlimillion pound players in the lineup.

The Swansea Way With certain players seemingly rested despite the game containing a semblance of importance, I'm unsure whether rotation can be used as an excuse, as we've spend good money on players now and there's a sizeable squad of players to choose from. Hopefully we'll break our PL duck against the Canaries and secure a win, which would be just the third in the last twelve outings for Laudrup's men.

Last 5 games (all competitions)

Norwich vs. Swansea Norwich have their fair share of injury problems, with Anthony Pilkington (hamstring), Alex Tettey (high ankle), Elliot Bennett (knee) & Robert Snodgrass (knee) all out of contention, with Snodgrass the only player listed who has any chance of featuring before the New Year. It's better news for Mark Bunn and Ricky Van Wolfswinkel though, as they could feature after recovering from ankle and toe injuries respectively.

Possible Line-Ups

The Swansea Way Swansea should have Michu back to more or less full fitness, but Bony is likely to be rested given his Europa exertions. Britton looks likely to remain sidelined with a reported broken toe, but Angel Rangel could return after recovering from a hamstring injury. Garry Monk will be out for a while after undergoing knee surgery, while Vorm also looks set to go under the knife for a similar complaint. With Alvaro Vazquez out with a groin injury, and Chico serving a one match suspension (those dives look a bit bloody stupid now don't they?), I'm wondering why we let Ki go out on loan, as another central midfielder would be pretty handy about now.

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Jacks Away Issue 2 Norwich vs Swansea  

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