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Annual Report

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2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Introduction North Metro Church, Welcome to our annual report, a collection of important numbers and moments over the past ministry year (July 2021 to June 2022) at North Metro Church. As you browse this report, we hope you are reminded of the many lives around the world and in our local community that have been impacted because of your generosity, your prayers, and your support. Most annual reports are driven by numbers but many of our wins are shaped by our vision and mission and are best seen through the life change that happens around North Metro Church because of the kindness of God. The moments and numbers shared in this annual report are all because of God’s gifts for our good and for His glory. God has exceeded our expectations in every way. Look at what we can accomplish together through God’s power!

Rob McDowell, Lead Pastor

Found People Find People We believe the Lord has entrusted us with our mission, We Help People Find and Follow Jesus, and we take that seriously. Salvations and baptisms are two ways that we’re able to acknowledge and celebrate what the Lord, in His kindness, continues to do around here.

that if you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time. So, we’re setting another God-sized goal to help another 1,000 people find Jesus

Throughout 2021-2022 we have celebrated...

BAPTISM In the past year, 22 adults, students, and kids publicly acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Savior through baptism.

“I accepted Jesus in my life and I felt free.” 4

2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T




out and being fully dependent on the Lord!


We’re going to do this by praying our guts


from the beginning of 2021 to the end of 2025.


got to help 783 people find Jesus. We know


people find Jesus by 2020 and, by the end, we


Looking back, we had a goal to help 1,000







“I want to get baptized to show others that God’s plan is right, even if it’s hard. I want to show others that I believe in God and want to live for Him.”

“I know my heart and it seems unworthy of His grace. But after some convincing, time, and understanding I came to accept that’s the whole point. I am unworthy. I am not enough. I fall short of the glory of God. And He knows that! He knows that and still wants to forgive me. He knows that and calls me to be bold and proclaim that with God I am forgiven and free. I want to be baptized because I am not enough, and yet God loves me.”

“By getting baptized, I am publicly declaring that I am a part of God’s family and I am unashamed to live for Him. This also signifies death to my old life and it announces my new life in Christ.”

“As I move toward Jesus and spend time in the word, I see more and more how much He loves me. It is in this love that is changing me from the inside out and why a public declaration through baptism is the next step in my walk.”



Follower Circles Our mission here at North Metro Church is to help

components to NMC: learning biblical truth - in spaces

people find and follow Jesus. We know there are a lot of

like NMCU; loving one another by serving - on a Sunday

ways that someone can follow Jesus, and we wanted to

morning team, overseas in Guatemala or at Saturday

make some of our favorite opportunities here at NMC

Serves, and living in community - with environments like

simple and clear. Regardless of if you’re new to NMC

connection and community groups! We believe God uses

or just ready for your next step, we love encouraging

opportunities like these to help us all follow Jesus - join us!

our body to jump into a circle with three of the biggest


2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T



Sunday Mornings

Where we gather to scatter We gather on Sunday mornings to worship together as a church body but we leave ready to scatter and reach our world. Here are a few ways our Sunday gatherings have enabled us to scatter…

PRAYER GUIDE Many of you joined together for our 28 days of prayer from August 9 to September 4. 860 people signed up to receive daily text messages to be united in prayer.



We gave the week of August

Olive, from Compassion

29th’s total tithes and offerings

International, joined us for a

of $187,907.51 to Samaritan’s

Sunday in November to share her

Purse to support their efforts

story and all about Compassion

in Afghanistan and Haiti.

International. As a church, we have sponsored 963 children all living in a community in Africa.

BOOK OF MARK In March of 2022, we set out to study

Visit our Compassion International Website

the book of Mark together in our series, According to Mark, which, in the end, will take us through 31 weeks. To go along with our teaching series, we used a series journal to


help our church body study the

In response to the bombings and

Word and pray together. We know

attack in Ukraine, we got to give

this time intentionally studying

$50,000 to Samaritans Purse.

the words of Jesus in the book of Mark has and will continue to shape our hearts and the Church.


2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T


“If we are not rooted in the Bible, we will be moved by everything else.” - Matt Johnston, Airplane Mode “Prayer is a gift from God and we are re-gifting it back to Him.” - Rob McDowell, Airplane Mode “One cannot live with pride and believe that Jesus died for the world.” - Justin Woelk, Summer Baggage “The Gospel puts on display the generous heart of our God.” - Rob McDowell “Forgiveness is giving others what God gave you.” - Daniel Hicks, Summer Baggage TE ACH IN G S E R IE S



Church Beyond the Walls We believe we have Good News to share, so we have continued to reach beyond our walls through online environments like NMC+.

N M C+ Watching Live Services ▷ Total: 25,124 views

Watching On-Demand ▷ Total: 18,000 ▷ Unique Viewers: 3,200

Viewing Devices ▷ Phones: 6,997 ▷ Computers: 3,462 ▷ TV’s: 597

Viewers in 26 Countries


2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T

PODCASTS Walk Worthy A bi-weekly podcast where meaningful conversations help us walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.

We have continued to step into the world of podcasting as a way to digitally reach NMC family and beyond.

▷ First episode: August 21, 2021 ▷ 19 Episodes to date ▷ 5,585 Unique downloads in the last year ▷ 21 Countries represented among listeners

On the Clock A bi-weekly podcast that acts as a reminder to all men that we are on the clock. ▷ First Episode: November 19, 2020 ▷ 47 Episodes to date ▷ 9,130 Unique downloads in the last year ▷ 30 Countries represented among listeners

Talk of the Town A seasonal podcast for families on the go! ▷ First episode: May 28, 2020 ▷ 27 Episodes to date ▷ 876 Unique downloads in the last year ▷ 13 Countries represented among listeners



NMCU In September of 2021, we set out on a new goal to help make disciples that make disciples and launched North Metro Church University. NMCU is part of our discipleship process where we study our Bibles to gain a big picture of Scripture. ▷ 905 students have enrolled in NMCU 101 (Fall 21, Spring 22 & Summer 22) ▷ 523 students have enrolled in NMCU 102 (Spring 22 & Summer 22)


2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T


NMCU Testimonies “Learning about God’s character and His word has helped me deepen my faith.” een b e v a h and I e f i ver 20 w o y e l t t i “M l for a C M N been o e t v ’ g I ‘ n i d com ne sai o e what m o o s s , f e I . years ong tim l a r U)?’, o f C e M r e N ( h t from i coming n r a spel e l o o G t e g h n t i eyes, r am I go u o y too n r e e v p e O ‘ n , h... it’s I’d say t u r t w ne esus.’” J f t o l u l o u b f is ore a m n r a e late to l

“W hen we heard abou t NMCU we felt like it w as a clear answer to praye r that we could be somewher e that was making God ’s word the priority.”

“I love learning about the plans, purposes, and promises of God.” NORTH METRO CHURCH




This is a celebration of the dedication parents make among our church and their friends and family to raise their children to know and love God according to His words.

Pine Cove City 2022 ▷ 25 Decisions to follow Jesus at Pine Cove City 2022



2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T

ly Famim as t s i r h C Guide 󷠭󷠭󷠭󷠭

Twenty 󷠭󷠭󷠭󷠭󷠭󷠭󷠭󷠭 ing the



of God


Students launched their inaugural event ONEday, where they gathered together at the beginning of the school year to cast a vision and build community for the year ahead.

(8-12th Grade)



30 100 56 SHIFT (5-7th Grade)


studied from January 2021 through August 2022 in Shift’s series, The Biggest Story, where they discuss a new book of the Bible each week.

33 STUDENTS in Shift Discipleship Track, allowing students to grow their faith by exploring and applying Biblical truths

went to camp for Compass Winter Weekend 2022, their first camp since 2020. 3 students made the decision to follow Jesus.

NIGHTS spent engaging 5th-7th grade students in commmunity

115 STUDENTS took over North Metro Church’s campus for their first camp back since 2019. 3 students made the decision to follow Jesus.





coached by Derek McClardy, or Coach Mac. Derek leveraged his athletic experience and discipleship skills as he coached the KMHS football and track teams.



12.5 HOURS


spent at KMHS. Although Derek McClardy is on fulltime staff at NMC, he spent almost one-third of his time shaping the next generation in the hallways and on the sports fields of Kennesaw Mountain High School.



Connection Groups In our inaugural year, we launched over 40 intentional groups that help our church form relationships within NMC around specific areas of interest. ▷ Man Camp Men’s Retreat - 97 men ▷ Awaken Women’s Retreat - 85 women

The men and women of NMC spent intentional time at retreats to gather together. They were encouraged, equipped, and sent out into their families, lives, and work spaces.

Connect 16

2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Care Group Spotlight This past year, we shared the powerful story of how God

ever did for himself. There is peace and healing that comes

continues to work through one of our care ministries,

in God’s perfect timing when you choose to take the brave

Stephen Ministry. Chris Barnett, a previous care receiver

step of being vulnerable and allow others into your life.

and now a caregiver in our Stephen Ministry shared his story

Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one, Christ-centered ministry

of how he was once hurt and lost and in a self-described pit.

that walks beside individuals that are facing a specific crisis

He was sure that God had turned his back on him. Chris

in their life. We continue to see God’s healing and freedom

shared that in the past, it was tough to open up to others

as Stephen Ministers walk with our family members through

about his troubles, but once he did it was the best thing he

their hard seasons.

“I want to see hurt men, just like I was, get well.”

Scan to watch Chris’ story

Scan to learn more about Stephen Ministry



Mobilization We believe that God extends his love to all people and is inviting them to be a part of His family, the Church. North Metro is just one small part of this worldwide family, but we want to make sure that everyone knows they are welcome, from our neighbor across the street to the nations across the world.



Mobi Trips Mobi, our mobilization truck, was bought so that we could go beyond our church walls and mobilize our church in the community, and it has done just that. This year Mobi... ▷ Took 5 trips to Lost Mountain Park for Compass at the Park ▷ Took 4 trips to local parks for Kids at the Park ▷ Brought 900 ice creams to families so that they felt loved in our community ▷ Delivered school supplies to 1 local elementary and 1 local high school donated by NMC. These two Mobi-sized loads of school supplies went to any student in need who attended either school.


2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T

given toward mobilization


Hope K Christmas

As a church, we provided gifts for children and meals for families in our community through our partnership with Marietta City Schools. ▷ 248 families served ▷ 685 children submitted Christmas wish lists ▷ 1,370 gifts given



Community ▷ 4 Saturday Serves - and 5 different local partners ▷ 387 individuals served - at 4 Saturday Serves

▷ 500 students impacted - NMC has trained and supported 30 mentors from NMC and our local community that serve 15 homeroom classrooms at Kennesaw Mountain High School

Nathan Woodward, our Kids Pastor, was named Volunteer of the Year at Hayes Elementary. The Kids team and countless other family members at NMC have made a large impact at Hayes Elementary through teacher appreciation gifts and lunches and replenishing their school supplies.

As a debt-free church, our building is completely paid off. This allows us to donate our building to our community. This year we hosted Marietta High School’s IB testing and community sports banquets.


2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Serving Spotlight

Jim Paloukos I“ heard the Spirit say, I‘ t’s time, I equipped you, you’ve done this before, the church needs you,’ so I u j mped in.” ▷is is how Jim Paloukos ended up serving in two roles around North Metro Church. If you ask around NMC and along the hallways of Town Square, you’ll hear that Jim is an abundant blessing and o j y to serve alongside. He serves in Town Square because t‘ hese kids need to hear the Gospel, no kid should be turned away from that, so I had to make myself available.’ As Jim serves the Lord and family members at North Metro Church, he not only sees God at work in the lives of those he serves but also in his own life as God continues to equip him. As he said, I“ know what we’re called to do as Christ-followers, to serve others.”



Orphan Prevention Community NMC’s International Ministry, Orphan Prevention Community, seeks to reach communities with the Gospel by working directly with local pastors and church plants. OPC assists local churches by extending their outreach efforts through nutrition and education programs. They are working in four villages: Panajachel, Xecotoj, Chuitiz, and Patzutzun.

PA N A J A C H E L , G U AT E M A L A Through Orphan Prevention Community, we’ve been working with a local church in Guatemala for several years, Templo de Alabanza led by Pastor Pablo de la Cruz. Pablo and his team have identified a local community in need of a church. Xecotoj is a small village in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, not far from Lake Atitlan. Many of its residents were relocated there after Hurricane Stan caused widespread devastation in 2005. North Metro Church has stepped in to financially support the new church, which will be the first in this community. Pablo and his church have broken ground and started construction on this new facility. We are excited to take many trips to Guatemala to continue to support the great work that OPC does. If you are interested in going, follow this QR code to find out more.


2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T

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Mobilization Partners


2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T

We joyfully serve alongside our amazing partners both locally and globally. We are trusting God to use our church, to help people find and follow Jesus!

Missionary Partners

NMC’s missionary partners are individuals or families who are carrying the Good News to the ends of the earth. We believe in these missionaries and support them financially and prayerfully in their efforts.

Tracy McHam

Kevin & Lydia Eaton

Ayla Norris

Drew Renno

Cru City

Cru Campus

Cru Campus

Cru Campus

David Potts Cru High School

Luke & Michelle Stannard

Secure Missionary Cru Jesus Film

Mission to the World




Church Plants



Grace Auburn Church was planted

Creekside Church was planted

We’re excited to support a church

and opened its doors on June

on September 8, 2019. They

plant in Scotland with Pastor Paul

1, 2018. They exist for the city,

exist to glorify God and make

Richardson. In 2021, Paul and Angela

campus, and nations to know

disciples by radically loving

began a new initiative to plant Take

and love Jesus by establishing

and simply equipping.

Hold Church in Scotland. The hope

authentic Gospel communities.

is to be light that encourages and Gregg Sizemore is the Lead Pastor

inspires people to know they are

Matt Dean is the Lead Pastor of

to Creekside Church and his wife,

loved by God and that He created

Grace Auburn Church. In 2002,

Leilani serves as the Director of

them to live a life of purpose.

Matt and his wife, April, established

Operations. They chose the North

Grace Ministries that served the

Paulding area to plant their church

community of Auburn University

because it is one of the fastest-

and focused on college students

growing communities in the county,

up until 2009 when God then took

with the vast majority not claiming

them to serve abroad in Hong

to be part of a faith community.

Kong, and Mainland, China. Now, they’re back where it all started. Matt and April have seven children: Josh, Caleb, Luke, Anna Grace, Noelle, Violette, and Elizabeth. Their son, Noah is with Jesus.



2 0 21-2 0 2 2 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Gregg and Leilani have two children, Caeden and Brielle.

Paul and Angela are the proud parents of Will, who attends college in Kennesaw, GA, and John Wesley, a High School sophomore.

ebt Free Churc


Financials Breakdown of expenses


Operations (10.41%)



▷ Operations - According to most church publications and guidelines, a great goal is to keep operational expenses under 15% of total income. In the last ministry year we were able to hold operating expenses to 10.41% of our total revenue.

Savings (31.71%) Staffing (36.97%) Ministry Expense (20.91%)

Ministry Year-End Financial Summary Income: $6,487,040 Expense: $5,230,032.77 Over(under): $1,257,007.23

▷ Savings - This is unique to NMC, in most churches, this would be loan payments but as a church that is called to be debt-free we have to save as much as possible for the future especially given these uncertain times. ▷ Staffing - According to most church publications and guidelines, staffing costs should be less than 50% of total income. Due to your amazing generosity and obedience through giving, staffing cost only accounted for 36.97% of our total revenue, a very solid measure of financial stability for our church. ▷ Ministry Expense - According to most church publications and guidelines ministry expenses should be 15% of your total expenses. This past year we were able to allocate 20.91% to ministry expenses. Which is higher than the guidelines, but is a reflection of our financial health because we were actually able to give more money away to mobilization efforts and ministry partners which are included in ministry expense.

Our stone of remembrance of the day we became debt free January 6, 2016.



2305 Ernest Barrett Pkwy Marietta, GA 30064 678.290.7830

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