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A note from John Hello North Metro Church! Welcome to November, and I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Not only do we get to eat the magical dish known as dressing, which I have learned can mean many different things based on where you are from, but hey nothing a little marriage counseling can’t fix. Thanksgiving is also the gateway to the Christmas season and that is not only one of my favorite times of year but also an exciting season around North Metro. I wanted to make you aware to save the date for our Christmas Eve services and start praying about whom you might invite this year. Our services will be on December 24 at 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00pm. This month we will be focusing on our partnership with Compassion International. For over 60 years, Compassion has been making a difference in the lives of children living in poverty. In February 2020, NMC hosted a Compassion Sunday and you knocked it out of the park! Our goal that Sunday was to sponsor 400 children in Kenya and YOU sponsored over 578 children. As awesome as this is, there are still countless numbers

of children that need to be sponsored. On November 21 we are having another Compassion Sunday with the focus being Kenya and we are praying and are expectant for what God will do. You won’t want to miss this Sunday. If you have been on campus lately you might have noticed some changes in the lobby area. We were able to make some improvements to the Connections Center. I hope you get a chance to visit our Connections Center this fall, particularly if you’re new around here! When you meet our team at the Connections Center, they’ll help you find your next step and ways to connect into the life of the church. We’re praying God uses the Connections Center to help you find your way to calling NMC your home. Grateful for you!

John Maggard

NMC Executive Pastor


CONNECT + GROW Welcome Home


Sunday, November 14 | 11:30am-12:30pm

When we serve others, we set the table for them to experience the grace of God. That’s why around here, we call our volunteers Tablesetters. Our goal is for everyone to experience the joy of serving others as a Tablesetter and serve somewhere within our church. Regardless of your schedule, experience, or gifting, there’s a fulfilling place for you to serve here! Visit the Get Involved page at to browse opportunities and take the next step to serve.

Welcome Home is designed to help you learn about everything that makes up North Metro Church and give you the next steps on how you can belong to our family. Visit the Events page at to learn more and sign up.

CARE PRAYER Prayer is powerful. It’s one of the most important things we can do as a church. Our staff and prayer team would love to come alongside you and fight for you in whatever difficulty you may be experiencing and also celebrate any answered prayers! To share your prayer requests, visit the Contact Us page at

PREMARITAL MENTORING Strong, healthy marriages start long before the wedding. To build a marriage that lasts and gets off to a great start, we encourage all engaged couples to participate in our premarital discipleship class, Merge. Classes meet Sunday afternoons for three hours on three consecutive Sundays. The Merge class is available to those who regularly attend North Metro Church and who are already engaged. Learn more and sign up by visiting the Care page at

STEPHEN MINISTRY Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one care ministry that provides support for those experiencing difficult times. Stephen Ministers are members of our faith community who are well trained in encouraging others enduring painful times such as the loss of a loved one, a marriage, a job, or one’s health. If you find

yourself in a valley of tough times, please consider using our Stephen Ministry to help you bear your burdens. For more information or to speak with a Stephen Minister, visit the Care page at

FRESH START If you’ve been hurt or wounded by someone close to you or have tried to forgive someone, but feelings of resentment, bitterness, and hurt still crop up in your life, maybe you need a Fresh Start. Fresh Start is an interactive process with a small group of women or men and facilitators utilizing biblical principles to help you become Forgiven, Forgiving, and Free. For more information, visit the Care page at

INFERTILITY & LOSS SUPPORT GROUP When God calls our hearts to grow our families, He never promises that it will be easy. He does promise to lead when we are lost. Take refuge in knowing you’re not alone. If you struggle with infertility or have experienced miscarriage or infant loss, there’s a place for you. Meetings are on the second Monday of each month from 7:00-8:45pm. To connect with the leader, visit the Care page at

WOMEN’S CANCER SUPPORT We understand hearing the diagnosis of cancer is scary and life-changing. The Women’s Cancer Support group was created to help both patients and caregivers through this challenging journey with a focus on God first. If you’ve recently been diagnosed, are a survivor, or are a caregiver, this group is for you. Group meetings are in-person, with digital options, and meet on the second and fourth Sunday of the month. To learn more, contact the group leaders by visiting the Care page at

BEAUTY FOR ASHES Beauty for Ashes is a confidential group designed to provide encouragement and hope to women whose husbands struggle with sexual addiction. We understand the devastation of a loved one’s betrayal. However, our goal is to not stay in this place of wounding, but to seek the Lord for healing and hope. This group meets twice a month, on the second and fourth Thursdays, from 7:00-9:00pm. Learn more and sign up by visiting the Care page at


Mobilization Spotlight

Thursday, November 25 On Thanksgiving morning, more than 10,000 runners will come to the Marietta Square to participate in the 19th Annual Gobble Jog, benefiting MUST Ministries. Join in on the biggest fundraiser for our local partner using our NMC code, NMC21. The code will take $10 off race registration, and North Metro Church will match all donations for MUST Ministries. For more details and to register, visit the Events page at


Jog with us to support MUST Ministries!

Register at

MUST addresses the basic needs of individuals, families, and children with facilities in the Cobb and Cherokee counties and programs in numerous other counties. MUST brings people of many faiths together to respond to God’s challenge to minister to others with compassion and love, without judgment of the beliefs, background, or circumstances of those who serve or are being served. NMC has been partnering with MUST for many years and we cherish this local partnership and the work they are doing to make a difference in our local community.


Hope K Christmas How you can get involved. Hope For Christmas (HFC) is a unique experience for families designed to provide fun, toys, and food in a meaningful way during the Christmas season. This is our fifth year of Hope For Christmas, and we get to bless 300 families through our partnership with Marietta City Schools. We want to invite you to help us this Christmas make an impact for over 900 kids!

Gift collection deadline - Sunday, November 28, 2021!

Giving Opportunities

Serve Opportunity

Consider shopping from our Amazon and Gift card Wishlist or give a donation.

Consider writing an encouraging handwritten letter to a family in our community.

For this event families will choose two items for each child from our North Metro Church - Hope for Christmas Amazon wishlist and gift card wishlist. In addition to gifts, each family will be receiving a $50 grocery gift card to aid in preparing a Christmas feast. This process also allows for anyone, anywhere, to join us in spreading hope this Christmas! Please visit the Hope for Christmas page at hope-for-christmas to see the different options for you to partner with us in making this a memorable Christmas for our Marietta City School families.

Once again, we’ve been forced to get a bit creative in the way we can serve these families in addition to the gifts and Christmas feast. Who doesn't love receiving an uplifting handwritten note during the Christmas season?! So, this year we want to provide all of our families with an encouraging letter, from your family to theirs. We will need 300 handwritten letters collected by Sunday, November 28. Letters can be dropped off in the NMC Cafe. Look for the Hope For Christmas letter collection box on the Cafe counter!


Family Christmas Guide twenty twenty-one

Pick up Sundays, November 28 and December 5

The Family Christmas Guide 2021 is coming back for its third year! While the content may not be as familiar as previous years, we can’t wait to see how families come to know and love God through intentional time together! In a season of chaos, even the best kind of chaos, we hope that you can find time to intentionally grow your family’s relationship with the one who gave it all for a relationship with us.



Families with children ages three through 4th grade.

A set of 12 cards - three for each of the four weeks leading up to Christmas featuring the names of God. Each card has a name of God on the front and a verse reference, definition of the name, and activity on the back! These are meant to be colored, hung, explored, and used as a discipleship tool for your family. Additionally, you’ll find a short video on the NMC Kids Youtube channel that helps kids understand the name just a bit more.

WHY To connect whom God is with the birth of Jesus while celebrating Christmas.

WHEN You can pick up your guide outside on November 28 and December 5 in Mobi, our mobilization truck.

WHERE Your house, table, living room, playroom... Anywhere!

HOW Spend time together as a family reading the verse, discussing the name, and completing the relevant activity. Take time to watch the video that goes with each word on the NMC Kids Youtube Channel. It unwraps the name of God in a fun, kid-friendly way!




One of our favorite things to do here at NMC is celebrating life change through water baptism. If you’re ready to take this step in your faith journey, we invite you to attend the next adult baptism class. For more information about our beliefs on baptism and to sign up for the class, visit baptism.


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12 | 5:30-8:30PM

NMC will be hosting its very first respite night for families of children with special needs and their siblings. This event will give NMC an opportunity to not only serve kids and students with disabilities but also their caregivers. Parents will have a chance for a night out while their children will get to have a night of fun on the NMC campus. Check out the details at our events page for family sign-ups or one of the many ways to serve. Got questions? Email Erin at



traveling begins, make this year’s first gift of Christmas be for yourself and join us for a night of worship. Bring the other women in your life and enjoy a spiced seasonal beverage and festive treat while taking this time to set your heart’s intentions before the craziness begins! Through narrative Scripture readings and inspirational music by our friend, EB Cole, we will begin the holiday season with joy and anticipation! To reserve your spot for Thursday, December 2, 7:00-9:00pm, visit the Events page at The cost of the event is $10. Doors open at 6:30pm.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3 | 6:30-8:00PM

Join us for our second Fun Friday event on campus at NMC. This event is for all ages and will take place on the North Metro Church campus. We will play games, enjoy snacks, help create memories, and have a lot of FUN! You can invite your community group, family, friends, or anyone you would like to attend with you. Seating will be in the Auditorium with round tables for eight. There are a limited number of tables available, so sign up today by visiting the Events page at

Before the holiday baking, shopping, cleaning, decorating, and

MOBILIZATION KMHS MENTORS You can invest in the next generation by becoming a mentor to encourage students on a monthly basis at Kennesaw Mountain High School (KMHS). As a mentor, you’ll help facilitate the social-emotional curriculum, Habitudes, by Dr. Elmore. This is an opportunity to engage students in the

public-school environment, where they spend so much time - all while equipping them with tools for healthy leadership in their world and the world around them. Take the next step by emailing our Student Pastor, Derek McClardy at

GROUPS MEN’S PODCAST | ON THE CLOCK We’ve got a great lineup of guests this fall that will be a reminder to all men that life is short, and if we’re to accomplish all that God has laid out for us, we need to live with intentionality. New episodes are released every other Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and on the web at

NMC MEN / STAY CONNECTED To stay in the loop with everything that is happening with the men of NMC, sign up to receive our periodic text message

updates by texting NMCMEN to 888. 697.1467 (you can optout of these text messages at any time).

WOMEN’S PODCAST | WALK WORTHY Walk Worthy is a podcast designed to both inspire and equip women in taking more deliberate steps towards more intimate, fulfilling Christ-centered lives–bearing fruit and awakening Scripture in their daily lives. New episodes are released every other Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and on the web at



It’s time for one of our Town Square favorites – Pajama Sunday! Kids and parents always love an excuse to wear pajamas to church, so why not devote a whole morning to it? No matter where you’re joining us from, all you have to do is roll out of bed, brush your teeth, and maybe brush your hair. Don’t forget PAGE 8

to tag @wearenorthmetro on Instagram to share your photos with us.



Our very first NMC Kids Family Table Talker is coming soon to a dining room table near you. We want to help equip families

to intentionally connect around the table. Each month’s Table Talker will feature family devotionals and discussion questions. There will also be laughter as you make memories together. As a way of encouraging families to participate, there will be a mailbox outside of Town Square where you can deposit your Table Talker once it is complete. When the NMC Kid’s Team receives the completed Table Talker, you will be sent a reward in the mail!



After a successful NMC Kids Choir last Easter, we are bringing it back, in person! On December 19, elementary-aged kids in Town Square that register will have the opportunity to join the

worship team on the stage in the auditorium for worship. They will be on stage and help lead worship during the service at both the 9:30am and 11:30am services. To find out more and to register your child for the December 19 NMC Kids Choir, visit the Events page at


SUNDAY, JANUARY 9 | 9:30-10:15AM

This 45-minute class is designed for you and your child to attend together. If your elementary-aged child has already taken the step of salvation, this class is the perfect next step! For more information about our beliefs on baptism and to sign up for the class, visit

STUDENTS MIDDLE SCHOOL - SHIFT Shift is our environment for 5-7th grade students.Through teaching, worship, games, and connections in small groups, we help students find and follow Jesus.We meet during all Sunday morning worship services in the upstairs Shift Room.



It’s time for one of our favorites in Shift – Pajama Sunday! Students and Tablesetters always love an excuse to wear pajamas to church, so why not devote a whole morning to it? We cannot wait to see you and your small group in your pajamas! Don’t forget to tag @wearenorthmetro and @nmcstudents on Instagram to share your photos with us.


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7 & 14 | 4:00-6:00PM

Shift Discipleship Track is an opportunity for 5-7th grade students to explore and grow their faith by applying biblical truths to the spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship, evangelism, and Bible study. Join us this semester for a variety of topics. The instruction will be delivered in multiple ways to reach a variety of learning styles. Learn more about this semester’s offerings and sign up by going to



Take your Sunday small group experience and friendships to the next level by participating in our small group gatherings. The night consists of dinner, games, and community. It is our hope that the relationships you build in your small group will take you all the way through high school. Check out the calendar at to find out more. These are free events and dinner will be provided.

HIGH SCHOOL - COMPASS Compass is our environment for 8-12th grade students. Through teaching, worship, events, and small groups, we help students find and follow Jesus. Follow us on Instagram @nmcstudents to stay in the know of upcoming services and events, or check out the schedule online at



Join us for our first Friendsgiving worship night! You and your friends are invited to an evening of food, worship, and community.



Who doesn’t love a good Christmas party?! Show up at Compass in your finest classy Christmas attire for a little competition and a lot of fun!



College students, join us for our new NMC College Bible Study Group, where we’ll experience community and God’s Word together. We’ll also have dinner, games, and a time of worship. For more details, visit the College page at


You Belong Here y PAGE 10

2025 GOALS As we head towards the year 2025 we are praying our guts out and being fully dependent on the Lord! He has entrusted us with our vision, to “Be

Missed “, and our mission, “We Help People Find and Follow Jesus.” To live that out, we’re setting three God-sized goals to aim for as a church.

GOAL #1: HELP 1,000 PEOPLE FIND JESUS We’re telling our friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about our great God who loves us immeasurably more than we can imagine. We



want to celebrate with you if you’ve played a part in helping someone move from death to life or if you came to faith in Christ! We invite you to share your story by visiting the Contact Us page at

GOAL #2: HELP 1,000 PEOPLE ENROLL IN NMCU Before Jesus left the disciples, He said, “Go make disciples.” A tangible way to see that hope realized is through our discipleship program,



NMCU. We’re looking to see 1,000 people faithfully following Jesus, equipped with knowledge of Scripture, to ultimately share their beliefs with others. NMCU creates disciples that make disciples.

GOAL #3: EXPAND THE KINGDOM OF GOD THROUGH FIVE NEW CHURCH PLANTS NATIONALLY AND/OR GLOBALLY Church plants are an expression of our multiplication strategy, multiplying the mission to help people find and follow Jesus.

YTD September 2021 Income: 1,520,180.98 Expense: 1,275,196.24 Over(under): 244,984.74



NOVEMBER AT A GL ANCE Sunday, November 7 Sunday Teaching 9:30am & 11:30am Shift Discipleship Track 4:00-6:00pm Compass Friendsgiving 7:00pm

Sunday, November 14 Sunday Teaching 9:30am & 11:30am Welcome Home 11:30am-12:30pm Shift Discipleship Track 4:00-6:00pm

Sunday, November 21 Compassion Sunday 9:30am & 11:30am

Thursday, November 25 Gobble Jog 7:00am-12:00pm

Sunday, November 28 Sunday Teaching 9:30am & 11:30am Adult Baptism Class 11:30am

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