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Tenants Panel Terms of reference




The Tenants Panel is responsible for ensuring tenants’ views are taken into account in developing and implementing livin’s policies and strategies and for ensuring appropriate wider consultation and communication takes place with the community.


The Tenants Panel will have a strategic link to the Board and will work with livin on a range of issues including policy development, service standards and delivery of services.


Promote the interests of all residents without prejudice of age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, race or political, religious or other opinions, with view to shaping and improving livin services to meet the needs of all residents.




Membership of the Tenants Panel is open to all tenants of livin.


The Tenants Panel will consist of a maximum of twenty five livin tenants. (Board members and livin staff are not eligible). If a Tenants Panel member rescinds his/her livin tenancy they will be required to resign from the Tenants Panel immediately.


All members shall have an equal vote.


All members should actively seek to represent the various needs of livin tenants and members must not discriminate against any individual or group.


Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a reasonable manner when attending meetings or any other functions in connection with livin. Any member may be suspended from the Panel for failure to observe this, or for any other conduct not in line with the aims of the Panel. Any member so suspended has the right of appeal before expulsion from the Panel.


Responsibilities of the Chair


The Chair of the Tenants Panel will be determined annually by the Members of the panel.


The responsibilities of the Chair are set out below and will be kept under review. They also apply to any Vice Chair acting as Chair.

The Chair shall have the following responsibilities: (a)

(b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g)


To ensure the efficient and proper conduct of the Tenants Panel, ensuring that all participants are given the opportunity to express their views before any important decision is taken but at the same time to ensure that only those who are eligible to speak (e.g., those without a conflict of interest) and vote, are invited to do so. To establish a constructive working relationship with, and support livin Board and its Committees, Senior Management Team and staff. To ensure that the powers and authority delegated to the Tenants Panel are appropriately discharged To ensure that the Tenants Panel receives professional advice when it is needed. To be satisfied that the minutes of Tenants Panel meetings are approved by the panel as an accurate and complete record. To be satisfied that all Tenants Panel meetings have been properly convened by notice to the members, and that all meetings are quorate. To guide the Tenants Panel through agenda items in the order they appear (unless modified with the agreement of the meeting), ascertaining the ‘sense of the meeting’ and summing up the general agreement on a particular conclusion. To give immediate rulings on complaints or queries relating to the procedure and conduct of the meeting, the Chair’s ruling being final, adjourning any meeting of the Tenants Panel for the purposes of restoring order or where required to do so by a majority of members.




Meetings will be held monthly (normally the third Thursday)


The Chair of the Tenants Panel in consultation with members will call additional meetings as and when required for the Tenants Panel to fulfill its duties.


Tenants Panel meetings should generally last no longer than three hours, however, on occasions it may be necessary to hold longer meetings. Where this is the case the Tenants Panel member will be given advance notification.


Members will be given not less than 7 (SEVEN) days written notice of all meetings .


The quorum for meetings shall be ten (or half of the Tenants Panel), whichever is lower.


Members shall adhere to the Conduct of Business or Standing Orders attached.




Decisions of the Tenants Panel shall be made by simple majority decision with each panel member having one vote. [If there is an equality of votes then the Chair of the panel shall have a casting vote.]




The Tenants Panel will receive regular feedback to ensure they are kept aware of the impact their involvement has had on livin services.




The Tenants Panel will report on its performance to the wider tenant body in a variety of different ways including on livin’s website, through the local press and the Annual Report to tenants.


At least annually the panel shall review its own performance and terms of reference and consider best practice.


Training and Development


To aid the Tenants Panel in fulfilling its responsibilities a training and development programme will be developed and implemented. This will involve a combination of internal and appropriate external input.




The Tenants Panel may: •

Co-opt additional members for an agreed period to provide specialist skills, knowledge and experience.

Terms of reference for tenants panel  

Terms of reference for tenants panel