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he day felt like an authentic Saturday. I barely slept the night before and rose early with a laundry list of tasks on my mind. I gazed at myself in the bathroom mirror and a smirk evolved into a teeth baring grin as I realized I'm a bride. "Today, I'm getting married"–whatever that meant. I felt my heart pound, my breath quicken, my stomach churn–and straight to the toilet I went! At the time, I thought my nerves were getting the best of me because I hadn't finished my vows–and that's not proper wedding etiquette. But with every attempt I made to express the depths of my love, I would erupt into tears. I couldn't stop thinking about all of the reasons why I love him. I couldn't stop thinking about how much we've grown in the past six years–evolution is intensely beautiful. I couldn't stop thinking how I'm a better human because of him. Overwhelmed with gratitude, my stomach couldn’t handle it. Funny, I don't recall the romantic stories mentioning loving someone so much that it makes you vomit!

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In the eleventh grade, I immersed myself Tea Cake, but bein' dead from standin' still in the novel Their Eyes Were Watching and tryin' tuh laugh. But you come God by Zora Neale Hurston. With 'long and made somethin' outa me. each page turn, I soaked up every So Ah'm thankful fuh anything word and yearned for a love we come through together." that Vergible "Tea Cake" and My eyes are welling up with Janie shared. They came tears all over again. alive together. Their reIf I had to describe lationship was genuine the wedding in one and exciting–and that word, my fourth was enticing. Paired grade spelling bee with modern blues coach would be vocalists like Etta proud; I'd choose James and Amy phantasmagoric. Whinehouse, my The word itself inner-emo would reflects our quirky sculpt a partner that personalities. And made life worth livevery step down ing, who would the aisle felt like proudly stand bea dream. I would side me, and love have pinched myme with great intenself but my heart sity. I had so much beat so fiercely, I love to give, but never knew I was present. imagined a partner like I never felt more alive. B. He makes "everyday And I then realized, I feel like kindergarten." said the same thing about Right as I was getting ready playing roller derby. Thereto walk down the aisle, I fore, it would be safe to constumbled across a quote from clude that getting married is the book that gave me inspiration like playing roller derby–adrenato speak from the heart–not like I line rushes and all • had any other option. The words were Janie's unofficial vows to Tea Cake. She said, You can now refer to me as Mrs. Nehilla. "Once upon uh time, Ah never 'spected nothin', images courtesy of: top right - blue nervana photography • bottom center - paul seiler photography 17

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Oct-Nov 2014  

We Are Greensboro magazine is dedicated to serving our community by supporting our local businesses, arts & events. KEEP IT LOCAL

Oct-Nov 2014  

We Are Greensboro magazine is dedicated to serving our community by supporting our local businesses, arts & events. KEEP IT LOCAL